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January 2016
1 5 Basic Steps to Boost Your Pet's Health This Year

Baby Pygmy Goat Learns How to Hop

2 This Once Existed Only for Puppies. Then Someone Realized Cats Need It Too...

Great Dane Sad He Can't Go out to Play

3 Diskospondylitis is the Most Common Cause of Back Pain in These Types of Dogs

Office Cats Help at Work

4 Got Cats and Dogs? Do This in a Pinch, But Don't Make a Habit of It

The Dog Plundered the Compost... Now Where Is He?

5 Careful... This Can Lead to an Untreatable Infection in Your Pet

50 Remaining NIH Research Chimps Granted Their Freedom

Adorable Baby Owls Find the Camera

6 Ear Cropping: Never Make Your Puppy Endure This Cruel Procedure… No Matter What

"Linda, Listen" Revisited - Dog Version

7 When Your Vet Advises This Dental Cleaning Procedure, How Should You Answer?

Find Your Perfect Pet Match Online-Dating Style

Cat Carries Rolls of Toilet Paper Upstairs

8 According to Legend, Priests Have Reincarnated Into Birman Cats

Dog Trying to Get a Carrot Through the Doggie Door

9 10 Behaviors That Stress Your Cat Like Crazy... Some May Surprise You

Clever Cat Uses His Paws to Eat

10 Some Vets Suggest Euthanizing Kitties for This, But Don’t Buy the Lie

Brilliant Bird!

11 Antifreeze-like Ingredient Found in Pet Treats’ Latest Recall

Dog Sings “Hello” Along with Adele

12 Experts Peek Into the Private World of a Giant Panda, and Guess What They Found?

How Did Giraffes Get Their Long Necks?

Baby Sloths Learn to Climb Using Rocking Chairs

13 Owners Relinquishing Purebred Pug and Shih Tzu in Record Numbers

8 Signs Your Cat Is an Alien

14 First-Ever Discovery of Contagious Yawning in Birds

Responsible Dog Steps into Puppy Squabble

15 This Happens 3 out of 4 Times Before a Dog Bites Your Face

Pit Bull Trained to Find Newborn Baby

16 8 Signs Your Dog Needs More From You

Cat Punches Stuffed Tiger – A Lot

17 Are Essential Oils the Answer for Your Pet?

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Dog

18 A Must for You, But Too Much Vitamin D Could Kill Your Pet

Cats and Cucumbers: Don’t Be Mean to Your Cat

19 Are You Ignoring This Important Wake-Up Call?

Hong Kong's Rare Pink Dolphins Are Fighting for Survival

Magpie Mimics Child's Laughter to Perfection

20 Your Pet Needs Probiotics, But Please Don't Share Yours

Adorable Bulldog Puppies, Lucy and Otis

21 5 Nutrients That Make Your Pet Move Like a Puppy Again

Can Your Dog Tell If You’re Happy or Mad?

Massaging Kitty Paws

22 Crave a Lap-Warmer? This Love Bug's for You

Paco, the (Cute) Talking Chihuahua

23 The Rule for Service Dogs: Don't Touch or Distract Them

Vincent the Cat Gets Prosthetic Legs

24 How to Calm Even the Most Hyperactive Pet

Adorable, Determined Cat, Saved by Science

25 One of the Greatest Mysteries About Cats Explained

Sebastian, a Newfoundland, Sensitive About Criticism

26 Nearly 3 Out of 4 Types of Fruit Could Vanish if Pollinator Continues to Decline

New England Cottontail Removed From Endangered Species List

Cheerful Snowy Owl Always Has This Face

27 Want to Spare Your Pet From Cancer? Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Cat Fetches Better Than Many Dogs!

28 "Citizen Scientists" Capture U.S. Wildlife on Camera to Aid Smithsonian Research

How the Dog Upstaged the Baby

29 Rare Deep Sea Squid Swims in Bay

30 Fun Games You Can Enjoy With Your Dog While Contributing to Science

Remote-Controlled Fish Balloon Entertains Cats

31 One Hundred and One Reasons to Get Out of Bed

Trap Your Cat Using Circles