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February 2016
1 Watch Out for This Breaking Food Fad That Can Pummel Your Pet's Health

Dachshunds Play Star Wars Battles

2 Odd Factors With a Surprising Link to Extinction

Atlantic Puffins, Vultures, and Other Birds Increasingly at Risk of Extinction

Wild Sea Otter Has Pup in Seaside Aquarium

3 You'd Never Eat These Poisonous Mushrooms, But Your Pet Might

Builder Turns His Home Into Kitty Playland

4 Serotonin Syndrome in Cats Can Be Fatal If Not Caught Immediately

Why the Smallest Animals Have the Longest Sperm

Newfoundland Jealous of Family's New Foster Pup

5 The 8 Most Confident Dog Breeds - Do You Have One at Home?

Kitty Uses Protective Cone as a Fountain

6 “Smart Feeder” - The New Gadget Your Pet Can Live (Very Well) Without

Little Vs. Big: Pup Takes on the Big Dog

7 12 Signs of Feline Leukemia Virus That You Must Catch Early

Pit Bull Living Near Freeway Is Rescued

8 What If Your Dog Attacks His Food Like It's His Last Meal on Earth?

Kittens Are… So Much Better Than Chocolate!

9 When This Species Gazes Towards the Sky, It Can Be a Sign

Let Your Pet Sleep Indoors at Night So 'Kissing Bugs' Don't Bite

Funny, Fuzzy Ferrets Compilation

10 A Tell-Tale Sign of Gut Disease That Few People Recognize

Learning Bunny Body Language

11 Baby Boomers Buck 'Tradition' of Pet Ownership Declining With Age

Butterfly Visits a Flower

12 Don't Be Insulted by This Kitty Behavior - It's Actually a Big Sign of Trust

Rocky: Dog Can Identify His Toys

13 Lovebirds Are the Epitome of Valentine's Day

Top 15 Cutest Baby Animals

14 Conscientious Pet Parenting

Bunny Takes a *Quick* Nap

15 9 Out of 10 Pet Owners Don't Realize This About Their Pet

Shih Tzu Gets the 'Zoomies' While Kitty Watches

16 Fish Don't Live in a Zombie State so Don't Treat Them Like They Do

Injured Bald Eagles on the Rise in Minnesota

Entertaining Parrots Compilation

17 Vanishing Dog Breeds - 10 Favorites You Never See Anymore

Do Cats Like Kisses?

18 Diagnosing Itchy, Uncomfortable Skin - What's Going on With Your Pet?

Sheepdogs Guard 'Little Penguins' From Foxes

Rocky and His Squeaky Toy

19 Live in a Condo or Apartment? This Quiet, Low-Energy French Bulldog Could Be Perfect

Cute, Funny Owls Compilation

20 Before You Adopt a Pet, Make Sure You Can Say Yes to These 9 Things

Kitten Rescued From Storm Drain After 33 Hours

21 Curious About Cannabis for Your Dog or Cat?

Ferrets at Play

22 No More 'Door Dashing' Dogs - 9 Ways to Stop Your Escape Artist From Bolting

Frozen Kitten Rescued

23 Platypuses Are So Peculiar, Early Scientists Thought They Were Being Tricked

Did Modern Snakes' Ancestors Live on Land or in Water?

Wild Otter Mom Cuddles Her Newborn

24 Pet Dental Products Can Contain Cancer-Causing Agents, but They Still Fly Off Store Shelves

Kitty in the Cupboard

25 6 Life Lessons From Your Cat

Pet Tortoise Compilation

26 Never Pet Your Cat in This Spot - They Hate It!

Lonely Shelter Pup Ecstatic When He's Adopted

27 Your Cat Might Love Walking, Though She'd Never Let On

Never Release These Exotic Animals in the Wild

28 Keys to Understanding and Communicating With Your Dog, Part 1

Celebrity Cat BUB, Exploring

29 The One Pet Food Ingredient I Strongly Suggest You Avoid

Pets You Can't Own... But You Wish You Could