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March 2016
1 These Magnificent Creatures Can Only Be Found in Two Places in the World

Stunning 1,500-Mile Eel Migration Route Uncovered for the First Time

Top 10 Weirdest Animals Compilation

2 Here's Where Your Vet Checks Your Pet for Signs of Disease

Cat Named Elliot Could Be Nicknamed 'Jaws'

3 If Your Pet Stops Doing This, Get Help Fast! It’s a True Emergency

The FBI Is Now Keeping Track of Crimes Against Animals

Dachshunds Play Cops and Robbers

4 These Unique Birds Eat in a Very Unusual Way

Animals That Saved Humans Compilation

5 10 Historic Dog Breeds That Have Served Nobility and More - Is Yours One of Them?

Boxer Dog Jealous When Mom Kisses Dad

6 Keys to Understanding and Communicating With Your Dog, Part 2

Little Boy Finds Long-Lost Cat at Rescue Center

7 If Your Dog Could Talk, He'd Say "Don't Pet Me Here"

Baby Chihuahua Mimics Baby Goats

8 Ever Tangled With a Bloodsucker? You'll Welcome Their New Job

Mysterious Clouded Leopards Threatened by Illegal Hunting and Trade

Mama Polar Bear Nuzzles New Bear Cub

9 Missing These Red Flags Now Could Make You Very Sorry Later

Kitten Stands Waiting for His Bed

10 6 Steps to Save Your Pet's Life in a Disaster

Hundreds of Hummingbirds at Feeder

11 The Specialness of Black-and-White Cats

West Highland Terrier at the Baltic Sea

12 10 Cute and Cuddly Small Dogs That'll Tug at Your Heart

Cute, Bouncing Lamb Is an Internet Hit!

13 You'd Probably Call This Treatment Gross, Yet It's Safe and Incredibly Effective

Cutest Kittens Ever Compilation

14 Do You Feed Your Kitty This Favorite Food? 2 Reasons to Stop It Today

Dogs Waking Up Their Owners: Compilation

15 They May Tear Up Your Yard, But Read This Before You Wage War Against Them

Coywolves: The Incredibly Adaptable Hybrid That’s Adjusted to Both Rural and City Life

Rare Footage of Asian Elephants in Cambodia

16 Calling All Dog Owners! Darwin's Dogs Need You

Cutest Little Kitten!

17 Did You Know That This Makes Your Cat's Heart Leap for Joy?

Can Pigeons Detect Breast Cancer?

Two Pups Frolicking in the Snow

18 This Tiny Dog Makes No Bones About Bossing Big Dogs Around

Tiny Tortoise Comes When Called

19 Hardly Anyone Considers This When Choosing a New Pet

How Long Can You Stand Puppy Kisses?

20 The Surprising Way You Can Get This Superbug From Your Pet

Is It a Real Pet or a Plush Toy?

21 Do You Know the Best Way to Break Up a Dogfight and Come Out Unscathed?

Talking Cockatiel Chats About the 'Pretty Bird'

22 This Might Sound Like Welcomed News, But This Animal's Sharp Decline Is a Disaster

Alien-Like Water Bears Contain the Most Foreign DNA of Any Animal

Icky Facts About Cute Animals

23 Causes Your Pet's Cells to Starve to Death, Even While Surrounded by Nutrients

Chihuahua Dog Race and Party

24 This Can Emotionally Scar Your Pet for Life - Avoid at All Costs

Should Employers Offer Paid Pet Bereavement Days?

Dog Smiles on Cue

25 The Eternal Creature That Ages in Reverse, yet Never Dies

Cute Pet Rats Collage

26 Is Your Dog an Optimist or Pessimist? A Simple Way to Tell

Lounge Lizards... No, Really!

27 This Pet Injury Can Be Very Scary and Painful for Your Pet

Two Pups Pose for the Camera

28 How to Steer Clear of the 'Made in the USA' Sham

Pets at the Door: ‘Please Don’t Go…”

29 This Popular Pastime Kills Up to 20 Million Healthy Animals Each Year

Manatees May No Longer Be Listed as Endangered

Incredible Footage of Florida’s Mullet Migration

30 Successfully Saves Animals From a Lifetime of Paralysis

Oh-So-Cute Baby Bunny Compilation

31 Pets in the Bedroom: Helpful or Harmful for Sleep?

Top 15 Most Terrifying Animals