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April 2016
1 Despite Their Ferocious Image, These Dogs Are Kind and Gentle in Nature

Chihuahua Upset When His Toy Gets Washed

2 Please Don't Ever Adopt a New Pet Till You Take These 5 Simple Steps

25 Reasons Why Two Pets Are More Adorable Than One

3 Confused About Health Supplements for Your Pet?

Fluffy Bunnies in Their Fluffy House

4 FDA’s Dire Warnings Create a Laughingstock

Hamster Agility Course – Dumptruck vs. Porkchop

5 Finally Caught on Camera - The Last Member of Its Species in the Wild

Arctic Snowy Owls Spotted in Michigan and Wisconsin

Fawn Follows Her Human Everywhere

6 Despite the Law, Here's Proof Your Pet Probably Doesn't Need This Vaccine

A Basketful of Kittens!

7 It’s Wonderful for Healing, so Why Is This so Very Uncommon?

Guinea Pigs Pass on Heat-Induced Epigenetic Changes to Offspring

Don’t Touch the Pug’s New Toy!

8 The Signs That Your Pet Is Paying Attention to You

Himalayan Kitten Learns Basic Commands

9 If Your Cat Does This, Always Assume There's a Problem

French Bulldog Puppy Surprise

10 Does Your Pet Do This When Walking or Exercising Hard? Don’t Ignore It

Tiny Bunny Babies, Napping

11 Don't Ignore This 'Red Flag' - It Creates a Monstrous Storm Inside Your Pet

Tiny Hamster in His Tiny Playground

12 The Much Misunderstood Creature That We Couldn't Live Without

Polar Bears’ Daily Routines Revealed Via ‘Fitness Trackers’

Baby Elephant Rescued From Mudhole

13 Dog Breeds That Need Extra TLC When Facing Surgery

Epic Battle: Baby Kitty Vs. Turtle

14 Dog Escapes Kennel to Comfort Crying Puppies

French Bulldog Plays With His Pups

15 These Invisible Roommates Will Take Your Breath Away

Top 10 Most Venomous Spiders

16 The Pocket Pup That's a Descendent of Large Sled Dogs

Newborn Bunnies Grow Up!

17 Flower Essences: Helping the Mind Heal the Body

Pet Sanctuary Cares for Aging Dogs

18 These 2 Popular Proteins Can Cause GI Upset and Allergies

Kitten vs. Spider

19 Animal Lovers Are Horrified by This Travesty

New Fossil Discovery Sheds Light on Hippos’ Origins

Orphaned Gorillas Sing as They Eat Banana Leaves

20 It's Like Trying to Pull Air Through a Flattened Straw - Is Your Dog at Risk?

Hamster Has Her Own Little House

21 Sumptuous but Poisonous: Don’t Let Your Pet Find Her Way Into Trouble This Spring

10 Habits That May Break Your Kitty’s Spirit

Bunnies Following Their Human Mom

22 Jumping Jiminy: You Won’t Believe How High This Animal Can Jump!

Border Collie’s Job is to Keep the Runway Safe

23 Don't Let Your Dog Have His Treat If He Does This

Mittens the Cat Gets a Surprise

24 This Parasite Can Keep Re-Infecting for Up to 6 Months - For You or Your Pet

Wesley, a Golden Retriever, Gets Braces

25 Ignore This Pet 'Gold Standard' - It Can Leave Your Pet Sickly

Cute Baby Bunnies on Trampoline

26 This Misunderstood Farm Animal That's Playful Like a Dog

Wolf Myths Continue to Threaten Gray Wolves

Sea Shepherd Crew Rescues Entangled Humpback

27 Pummels Pets With Debilitating Defects Not Found Elsewhere in Nature

He Surprised His Girlfriend With a Kitten...

28 California Calls on Residents to Decrease Mountain Lion, Coyote Encounters

A Puppy Named Lombard in Training as a Guide Dog

29 This Sad Mistake Could Mean a Lifetime of Health Problems for Your Pet

Bunny Adopted by Mama Cat

30 People Think This Shows Love for Their Pet - This Study Proves Otherwise

Rich Surprises Sara with a Puppy