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May 2016
1 Plant Medicine: A Softer, Gentler Approach to Healing

Teacup Yorkie Teases the Neighbor Cat

2 This Is One of the Worst Reasons to Get a Dog

Clever Hacks Fur Cat Owners

3 With Venom 15 Times Stronger Than a Rattlesnake's, Keep Your Pet Away From This Insect

Surprising Relatives of Horseshoe Crabs

Top 10 Newly Discovered Wildlife Species

4 This Common Heart Problem Can Affect Many Breeds

Cockatiel Whistles to Dog Having Lunch

5 Are You Avoiding This Pet-Bonding Experience?

Lonely? Pets Are Incredible “Social Lubricants”

Tiny Pup Wants to Play

6 Hate These 'Dirty' Birds? These Startling Facts Could Change Your Mind

GoPro Catches Corgi Puppies at Georgia Tech

7 These People Lose Their Dogs Repeatedly, and That’s What Makes Them So Special

The Function of Cats

8 What Do Birds and Cows Have in Common?

Cockatiel ‘Nanners’ Talks and Whistles

9 Even Vets Are Changing Their Feeding Advice for Cats Over 7

Yorkie Sings for His Treats

10 Banned in 1975, yet These Pets Still Sicken People

New Frog Species Discovered in Bromeliad Plant

Parrot Amused by Paper Towel

11 What 'Hairy Teeth' May Be Telling You About Your Pet's Health

Cat Scratch Fever – Apparently!

12 Rodents Show Empathy and Console Their Friends

Fluffy Great Pyrenees Puppies

13 Should You Ever Take in a Stray Kitten?

Cockatiel Whistles to Entertain Bunny

14 Have You Prepared Your Pet Emergency Kit Yet?

Cat Surfs on Ice… Sort Of

15 Nutrition and Your Pet’s Health

Four Years After, Soldier Is Reunited With His Dog

16 The Calming Signals Most Humans Miss From Their Pets

Kitties Play Hide and Seek With a Pup Named Lola

17 If Your Cat Does This Longer Than 3 Weeks, Please Don't Ignore It

99 Percent of Seabirds Will Be Eating Plastic by 2050

First 'Kid' on the Farm Is Quite 'Hoppy'!

18 Why Do Some Dogs Get Cancer More Than Others?

3-Week-Old Yorkie Pups and the Guinea Hens

19 If Your Pup Enjoys the Dog Park, She May Absolutely ADORE This

Llamas and Alpacas Shine as Therapy Animals

A Lion, Tiger and Bear – Best Friends

20 Avoidable Mistakes Owners Make When Their Dog Meets Another

Mama Goat Makes a Great Mountain for Her 'Kids'

21 The Underlying Cause of Disease That Hardly Anyone Considers

Pup Sees His Own Reflection for the First Time

22 The ABCs of Homeopathic Nosodes

Eaglets in Their Nest Via Video Cam

23 Nearly Half of Dog Owners Consider This the Hardest Part of Owning a Pet, Do You?

Tiny Pup Lola, Busy on the Farm

24 This Condition Can Starve Your Pet, No Matter How Much She Eats

SeaWorld Announces the End of Killer Whale Breeding Program

Meet Prince, a Very Communicative Cat

25 What's Behind the Epidemic of Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease?

Mastiff Pups Play Hide-and-Seek With Their Dad

26 Dog Gazes Trigger Release of 'Love Hormone' Oxytocin

Cyclists Chased by an Ostrich

27 Dogs Are Tops, but These Other Pets Are Super Anxiety-Busters, Too

Toy Yorkie's Hilarious After-Bath Dance

28 What 56 Percent of Owners Do With Their Pets: Avoiding Tragic Mistakes

The Swaddling of the Baby Sloths

29 Empowering Pets to Heal Themselves Through Self-Medication

Orphaned Chihuahua Mix Adopted by Mama Cat

30 How Vets Stop Their Own Dogs From Peeing in the House

Little Girl 'Operates' on Incredibly Patient Dog

31 Don't Let Your Cat Do This, It's a 'Virus Magnet'

Once Starving, Cinderella the Tiger Now Has Two Cubs

The 9 Deadliest Insects on Earth