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June 2016
1 Ticks Hate This More Than Chemicals and It's Not Toxic

Cats Pretending to Be Turtles

2 These Types of Dogs Are Underrated, but They're Among the Best Kind

What Does It Take to Be a Search and Rescue Dog?

Costa Rica's 'Land of the Strays' a Paradise for Dog Lovers

3 When Your Dog Does This, They're Screaming 'Don't Trust This Person'

Baby Ducks Enjoy a Waterslide

4 Say No to Pet Food Containing Any 1 of These 3 'Mash Ups'

Crazy Cat Licking the Vacuum

5 Watch Out for This Obscure Seasonal Freeloader

Fierce Chihuahua Vs. Polite German Shepherd

6 The Behavior You Don't Want to Discourage, No Matter How Bad It Gets

Baby Elephant Scared to Cross Stream — So Cute!

7 What May Be a Sign of Feline Happiness Can Also Be a Red Flag

Poison Dart Frogs Lose Their Toxicity When Raised in Captivity

Cats Mesmerized by Street Performer

8 The 'Unlucky 7' Actions That Can Shorten a Dog's Life: How Many Are You Doing?

Sweet Stray Dog Adopted by Police Department

9 NYC Rehab Program Gets Abused Dogs Ready for Adoption

Baby Barn Owls Grow and Learn to Fly

10 Three of the Healthiest Oils for Your Pet

Stealth Cat — House Cat With a Wild Side

11 Does Your Pet Lick His Paws? It Could Be a Sign of Something Serious

Dog and Duck — An Unlikely Friendship

12 Why I Won't Touch These Top-Selling Kitty Litters

Cat and Lizard: Cuddle Buddies

13 Nearly 1 in 3 Dogs Suffer From This Often Easily Fixed Issue

Soldier Comes Home and Surprises His Dog

14 Two Innocent Mistakes That Could Set the Stage for Kidney Disease

Why Do Young Whales Frequently Breach?

Ducklings Rescued by Police as Mama Hovers Nearby

15 Why Is This Single Organ One of the Hardest Hit Disease Locations?

Labrador Puppy Tries Fetching Her Ball

16 Only the Noble Could Own This Pet During the Middle Ages

Signs and Symptoms of Lead Poisoning in Dogs

Short Film Festival Winner: ‘An Unseen World’

17 A Telltale Sign Your Pet Feels Heartfelt Empathy With You

Newborn Puppy, All Alone, Finds a Home

18 The Toys I Strongly Advise Against Giving Your Pet

Unbelievable: Man Rescues Dog, Dog Rescues Hummingbird

19 Here's an Odd Sign of Heart Disease You Don't Want to Ignore

Adorable German Shepherd Pup

20 New Dog Training Technique That Rivals Clicker-Training

Orphaned Koala's First Birthday

21 Does Your Cat Act More Human Than Animal? It May Not Be Your Imagination

New Ghost-Like Octopod Discovered Living in the Deep Sea

Cute Little Hamster Eating Under the Covers

22 Your Pet's Kidney Failure — Where's It Really Coming From?

Birdfeeder Chipmunk’s Guilty Response

23 ‘Fat Vincent,’ the Overweight Dachshund, Is Now ‘Skinny Vinnie’

Puppy Learns to Swim in the Tub

24 A Top Reason for Euthanasia - How to Help Avoid It

Tiny Meerkat Loves His Tummy Rubs

25 When You Do This, Your Dog Likely Thinks 'Please Stop'

Bulldog Puppy Can't Get Enough Kisses

26 2 Meds Some Vets Recommend That Can Make Your Pet Feel Worse

English Cream Golden Retrievers — First Pool Day!

27 Does Your Dog Live for Feeding Time? This Might Be Why

Golfers Stunned as 15-Foot Gator Ambles By

28 A Third of Cats Have This by Age 6, but You Likely Don't Know

World's Smallest Porpoise at Risk of Extinction by 2018

Cat Infuriated When New Family Pup Shows Up!

29 Both Dogs and People Score a 'Win' When You Do This

Pooped Pup Falls Asleep Sitting Up

30 One of Your Dog's Most Awesome and Striking Natural Talents

Humans’ Love Affair With Dogs Dates Back to Prehistoric Times

Home Video of Baby Koala, Growing Up