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July 2016
1 7 Life-Saving Steps That Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

Pug Puppies Follow Crawling Toddler

2 Help Make Your Pet Hostile Toward Fleas and Ticks

2 Kookaburras Lock Beaks Over Lunch

3 Makes Your Pet Feel Rotten, If Only for a Fleeting Moment

The Most Helpful Dog Ever!

4 Warning: This Makes Many Dogs so Scared They'll 'Flee for Their Lives'

Mama Bear and Cubs on Highway

5 What Your Cat's Coat Color Can Tell You About Her Behavior

17-Year Cicadas Emerge in the Eastern U.S.

Rottweiler Loves Her Trampoline!

6 Makes Your Dog a Sitting Duck for Injury Even Without 'Extreme Sports'

Mama Raccoon and Babies Head Home for the Night

7 Should You Give Your Dog Food Toys?

Puppy Knows: 'Who's Your Best Friend?'

8 Simple (but Ignored) Way to Add Many Years to Share With Your Devoted Pet

Dolphin Plays With Dog in the Ocean

9 Enticing to Pets, Just One Container Could Kill a Large Dog

Bulldog Puppies and Their Parents Play

10 One Disease Where Holistic Modalities Can Almost 'Work Miracles'

Sleepy Parrot Too Tired to Wake Up

11 7 Tell-Tale Emotional Signs That Dog Owners Often Miss

Cats Who Forgot How to Cat

12 The Popular Feline Stress-Buster I Can't Recommend

Rare Fossilized Lizards Preserved in Amber for 70 Million Years

Legacy French Bulldogs: 6-Week-Old Cream Babies

13 Why Are These Popular Dogs Dying So Much Younger Than They Used To?

Chicken Caught Sleeping on the Job

14 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Greeting a New Dog

Pet Care Benefits Kids With Type 1 Diabetes

Parrot Step Dances to Irish Music

15 You May See Your Pet as Your Child, But Do Family Courts Agree?

Husky Throws a Hilarious Hissy Fit

16 6 Natural Ways to Repel Fleas and Ticks

'Freak' Two-Headed Bearded Dragon Eats Insects With Both Heads

17 Why Do so Many Vets Fail to Catch This Disease Early?

Cat Looks Alarmed When His Tail Becomes a Toy

18 These 2 Popular Proteins Can Cause GI Upset and Allergies

French Bulldog Puppy Sleeping Flat on Her Back

19 This Routine Procedure Could Soon Become a Criminal Animal Cruelty Offense

An Update on All Things Bees This Summer

Beautiful Horses in Icelandic Field

20 Help Keep Your Pup Happy When She's on Crate Rest

Where He Crawls, Puppies Follow

21 Michigan Court Paves Way for Support Dogs in the Courtroom

Newborn Pigs Play in a Carpeted Room

22 What Your Vet Should Never Do If Your Pet Is Fearful

Sleeping Dog's Tongue Wiggles When He Sleeps

23 6 Out of 10 Human Infectious Diseases Start in This 'Unlikely' Place

Wolf Fully Recovered and Loving Life

24 This Could Cause Your Pet to Suffocate - Without Advance Notice

Apple Capers in the Parrot Sanctuary

25 3 Commands and 1 Question to Ask Before Traveling With Your Dog

Cute Kitty Thinks She's a Dog

26 Older Kitties Love It When You Do These Things, Even If They Won't Show It

New Discoveries Shed Light on Ancient Birds

Eagle Taking a Quick Bath

27 They Studied Dogs That Had Extreme Longevity and Guess What They Found?

Boxer and Baby Love Each Other!

28 6 Ways This Simple Kitchen Ingredient Can Do Wonders for Your Dog

World's Oldest Albatross Hatches Chick at Age 65

Kitten Climbing a Guy's Leg

29 Gentle Dogs Seek Escape From Abuse and Captivity - Can You Help?

Dogs Trying to Keep Their Human From Leaving

30 Eating Just ONE of These Can Be Fatal to Your Pet

Kitten: Sneak Up. Confuse. Escape.

31 Please Don't Wait for This First Symptom to Digress Into Full-Blown Heart Failure

Feisty Kitten With Two Dalmatians