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August 2016
1 One of the Most Vexing Problems Dog Owners Face

Kitten Jumps Like a Kangaroo

2 People Think These Pets Are Inherently Unhealthy, but That Is a Myth

Diving Behavior of Arctic Beluga Whales Revealed

Mountain Lion and Her Kittens

3 When Your Pet Makes This Scary Honking Sound, What's Really Going On?

Dr. Karen Becker's Webinar: A Look at Animal Aging and Dying

Dalmatian Interrupts Yoga Routine

4 It's Easier to Spend This Key Time With Your Fur-Baby Than Ever Before

Pet Ownership Saves Nearly $12 Billion in US Health Care Costs

Playful Cat Tries to Capture Toy Fish

5 Don't Read This Unless You Want to Save Serious Money on Vet Bills

Dad Comforts Mama Dog After the Puppies Arrive

6 Why Your Dog Eats Poop, Rolls Around in Gross Stuff and Other Baffling Things

Sweet Little Yorkie Petting His Human

7 Why Your Pet's Allergies Are Getting Worse - and 7 Ways to Help Stop Them in Their Tracks

Cat Flails His Tail, Because He Can

8 Why Do So Many People Still Believe This Disproven Dog Myth?

Bulldog Grooves to Wham! Song

9 Makes Your Pet Feel Rotten - Linked to This Everyday Mistake

Top Ways to Prevent Bird-Window Collisions

Baby Beaver Takes a Bath

10 Be Aware: This Popular Landscape Plant Can Kill Pets in Minutes

Kitten Is a Happy Hopper

11 Eight Empowering Pet Apps

Dogs Trying to Lick a Slug Off a Glass Door

12 Ignoring This Could Shave Up to 2.5 Years Off Your Pet's Life

Little Cockatiel Likes His Head Rubbed

13 Can Your Dog Overdose on This Daily Essential?

Toddler and Bulldog Are Best Buds

14 What's Causing These Itchy Irritating Lesions on So Many Pets and People?

How to Get Your Kitten to Sleep

15 This 'Love Principle' Applies to Your Dogs as Well as You

One Happy Dog

16 It Can Take Years to Resolve This, so Go the 'Ounce of Prevention' Route

Giant Pandas Have More Cubs When They Choose Their Own Mate

Brand New Bunnies Cuddling as They Sleep

17 Your Dog Might Love This on a Hot Summer Day - But Watch Out for These Caveats

4-Month-Old Rosie Cat on Leash With Huskies

18 These ‘High Personality’ Cats Compared to Clowns and Magicians

Huge Win for Dogs: New Anti-Tethering Law Passed in Phoenix, Arizona

Paralyzed Dog Returns to Full Function

19 One of the Most Important Pet 'Survival Skills' You Could Learn

Please - Don’t Declaw Your Cats

20 Don't Ignore These Warning Signs of Pet Abuse

Birds Tease Baby Elephant

21 Revealed: The Root Reason So Many Pets Today Are Sick

Bengal Cat Talks to Her Kitten

22 This Time-Honored Way to Calm Kids Soothes Scared Dogs Too

Corgi Pool Party!

23 5 Things to Never Do If You Want to Change Your Cat's Behavior

'Lost Lion' Population Discovered in Ethiopia

Cutest Mob of Kittens Ever!

24 13 Telling Signs Your Dog Is Suffering From Doggie Dementia

Little Girl in a Pool, Playing With Huskies

25 Can You Compost Your Dog’s Poop?

Shy Siberian Kitten on Her First Night Home

26 Just Sniffing This Poisonous Plant Could Be Deadly to Your Pet

Clever Collie Masters Dog-Proof Container

27 Don't Leave Your Pet at a Boarding Facility Till You Read This

Ninja Cat Can Bounce Off Walls

28 Should You Say 'No' to Standard Heartworm Protocol?

Birds Need Their Buddies

29 Makes Your New Pup Feel Safe, Secure, and Loved Right From Day 1

Cute Kitten Chases Tail That's Not There

30 The Behavior That Likely Surprises Cat Owners More Than Anything Else

Populations of World's Largest Gorilla Decline by 77 Percent

How Dogs Open Refrigerators

31 You'd Completely Miss This, but These Dogs Pick It Right up - Could Save Your Life

Cat Stars in Rocky Parody Video