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September 2016
1 The Most Popular Breeds for a Home Without Pet Hair

‘Unadoptable’ Cats Find Homes via Working Cat Programs

Pitbulls Cuddle and Wag Their Tails

2 If Your Pet Finds Her Way Into This Trouble, Here Are 10 Ways to 'Doctor' Her

How to Administer CPR to a Pet

3 This Deadly Outdoor 'Green' Menace Can Be Fatal for Your Pet

Pup Reluctantly Gives up a Sock

4 If Your Nauseous Pet Could Talk, She'd Ask You for This

Baby Quaker Parrots ‘Step Up’ for Lunch

5 Do You Know These 19 Signs That Scream 'Emergency Care Now!'?

Bubba Gets a Kitty

6 Don’t Ignore Teeth Grinding in Cats – It’s A Major Sign Of Pain in Your Pet

Declining Pollinator Populations Could Threaten the Global Food Supply

Parrot Thinks He’s a Cat

7 Watch for the Obscure Early Warning Sign of This Quick Killer

Two Dogs Wrestle Over Squeaky Toy

8 Federal Explosives Detection Dog Survives Two Life-Threatening Conditions

Opossum Named Pogo Enjoys His Banana in Slo-Mo

9 Is It a True Rescue Shelter or an Imposter? How Can You Tell the Difference?

Cole and Marmalade Get New (Catnip) Toys

10 Fleas Hate the Smell and Taste of This Kitchen Staple - Spritz Your Pet With It Today

Tiny Puppy Snuggles Up With Huge Mastiff

11 Treat Dog Ear Hematoma Promptly or Your Home Could End up Looking Like a Crime Scene

Hummingbird Feeding Frenzy

12 Why Do Wolves Do This So Much Easier Than Your Dog?

Link the Cat: ‘Time to Get up Now'

13 When Your Cat 'Stiffs' You on This, Here's What She's Really Saying

Six Fascinating Facts About Chickens

Squirrel Is Way Too Smart for This Dog!

14 This Extract Rivals Antibiotics in Preventing Urinary Tract Infections

World’s Cutest Kitten Gets Tummy Kisses

15 The 5 Most Dramatic Dog Breeds, Hand-Picked by Veterinarians

The Butterfly With Spectacular Color Vision

Opossum Babies Eating Watermelon

16 Pets Love This More Than Almost Anything and It's Terrific for You Too

Young Orangutan Adopts a Hound Dog

17 Spending Too Much on Pet Care? 3 Ways to Cut Back

Cute Baby Chinchilla Gets His Fur Brushed

18 I’d Never Recommend These Treats, or Offer Them to My Pets

Sleeping Kitty Meows When Kissed

19 Want a Fun 4-Legged Running Buddy? Read This First

Dog Disrupts Push Up Challenge

20 Don’t Adopt One of These Low-Maintenance Pets Till You Check Off These 5 Points

Rare Genetically Pure American Bison Discovered in Utah

Cute Budgie Naps on a Laptop

21 This Twice Yearly Test Could Help Save Both Your and Pet's Health

Feisty Dog’s Hind Legs Are Wheels

22 Feline-Centric Tunes May Be Music to Your Kitty's Ears

‘I Feed This Robin Every Day, Now He Waits for Me’

23 If Your Pet Suddenly Yelps, This May Be Why

French Bulldog Puppy Loves His Stuffed Animal

24 Extremely Lethal to Pets yet Found in Most Homes and Often in Harm's Way

Pit Bull Sings to Her Own Reflection

25 Implant Radioactive Substance, Abandon for 7 Days — Could You Do This to Your Pet?

Pokeweed the Cat Likes Sitting Upright

26 A Very Serious Issue for This Predisposed Breed — and a Sensible Solution

Rescued From a Puppy Mill, Harleigh Begins to Trust

27 These Common and Costly ER Visits Can Be Easily Avoided

The Man-Made Reason Why Honeybees Are Dying

‘Gator Casually Strolls Through Neighborhood

28 Is Your Pet Incessantly Itchy? Could Be 1 of These 2 Things

Boxer Tries to Get Boxer Statue to Play

29 Women Cat Owners Enjoy a 40 Percent Lower Risk of Stroke

11 Dog Breeds That Capture the American Spirit

Mama Skunk and 4 Babies Connect With Bicyclist

30 The 7 Most Commonly Stolen Pets - Is Yours One of Them?

Puppy and Kitten: First Encounter