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October 2016
1 Simple Stress Busters that Make Vet Visits Far Easier Than You Ever Dreamed

Dog First Tests the Water, Then Takes the Plunge

2 The New 'Dog' Twist on a Vexing Human Problem

Golden Retriever Shares Bed With 2 Kittens

3 Does Your Dog Instantly Obey These 3 Critical 'Life or Death' Commands?

Cute Puppy Sees His Mirror Image

4 Please Don't Let These 'Little Indulgences' Progress to Full-Blown Disease

'Werewolf' Cat Discovered in South Africa

Curious Owl Checking Out the Interloper

5 What's Behind Your Pet's Chronic Licking?

Keep Your Pup Hydrated on Hot Days

6 Are You Making This Lethal Songbird Mistake?

Swinging Kitten Condo

7 Photograph Your Pet Like a Pro and Be Rewarded With Stunning Images

Pug Puppy Might Think He’s Meryl Streep

8 Whoa: A 900 Percent Increase in ONE Disease in Just 5 Years - What's Going On?

Dog Confused by Puppies in a Phone

9 These Popular Human Snacks Used to Be Safe for Dogs

Pit Bull Tiptoes Past the Cat

10 Dogs Love These Chews, but They Fracture Teeth Like Crazy

Fast Cat Scramble

11 This Common Blunder Can Make Your Cat Stressed, Unhappy and Sick

Healthy Bears May 1 Day Help Unhealthy Humans

Small Hedgehog Gets a Tummy Massage

12 Scientists Studied Dog Drool and You Won't Believe What They Found

Orlando Cat Café Now Open!

13 This Goofy, Clownish Pet Doesn't Live Up to His Harsh Name

How Our Dogs Make Us Better People

Godzilla-Like Iguana Has Razor-Sharp Teeth

14 The Pet Food Term Owners Now Avoid Like the Plague

Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the Shower

15 A Hidden Vaccine Side Effect That Many Pet Owners (and Vets) Never Suspect

Meet a Tiny French Bulldog Puppy

16 Could Neutering Be the Cause of Your Dog's Health and/or Behavior Problems?

Polydactyl Cat Gives Thumbs Up

17 Your Dog Barks Every Day but What Is He Saying?

Gypsy the Pup Loves the Big Slide

18 Cat Owner Survey Ranks Aggressiveness as the No. 1 Behavior Problem - Do You Agree?

Is a Universal Snakebite Antidote Coming Soon?

Deer Migration You Have to See

19 Scary Lumps and Bumps: What I Learned in Vet School Versus What I Do Now

100 Shelter Animals Given New Pet Beds

20 Treating Homeless Dogs’ Breast Cancer May Shed Light on Human Cancers

Here’s How to Keep Your Cat Happy

21 What May Be Behind Your Pet's Unsightly Tear Stains

Have You Ever Seen a Dog This Happy to Arrive at the Dog Park?

22 The Mosquito Threat Far Worse for Your Pet Than Zika

Daredevil Ibex Climb Near-Vertical Dam in Italy

23 One of the Most Frightening Events You Could Witness in Your Pet

Casey and Sassy Adore Their New Cat Tower

24 Why Your Aging Pet Needs Your Attentive Care More Than Ever

Pomeranian Aspires to Play the Piano

25 5 Shortcut Blunders That Can Lead to Disaster for Your Cat

Tropical Toucan Spotted in Southern California

Moose Named Karen Gets Kisses and Carrots

26 Keep These 3 Items at Home — They're Instant Home Remedies

Guinea Pig Isn't Sure He Wants to Share His Cucumber

27 Be Aware: There's a Deadly Virus on the Loose Striking These Pets

Dogs and Cats Used in Research to Get a Chance at Adoption

Donated Oxygen Mask Helps Save Cat

28 Can Strike Terror in the Heart of Your Pet - Especially If You Overlook This

Fluffy Pup Is a Master Of Disguise

29 How Did These Breeds All End Up 'Naked?'

Baby Kenyan Sand Boa in His New Sandbox

30 What You Need to Know About the Distemper Virus

Kitty Is Happiest at Bed-Making Time

31 Forgotten 'Leftover' Is Highly Dangerous and Sorely Tempting for Your Pet

Pirate Cat on the Prowl