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November 2016
1 25 Red Flags That Spell 'Pain!'

Is a Koala Protection Act Needed to Save Koalas?

Young Man Teaches Orphaned Coyote Pup to Howl

2 Nearly Half Still Believe This Painful but Persistent Dog Myth - Do You?

Kitten Falls Asleep When He Gets Kisses

3 Should Dogs Have Their Own Bill of Rights?

Why Your Pet Needs a Blood Test

4 Many of Our Military Are in Desperate Need of This - Could You Help?

Maru and Hana Love Their Circuit Toy

5 The Garden Threat That Few Pet Owners Know About

5 of the Cutest Puppy Piles

6 Kills Your Pet's White Blood Cells, Leaving Her a Sitting Duck for Deadly Virus

Hosico the Cat Tries Sleeping in a Carton

7 6 Myths That Can Scare and Confuse Your Pet (or Worse)

Golden Retriever Fetches the Mail, Daily

8 The Shrinking Kitty Syndrome - Why Your Aging Cat Is Losing Weight

Snake Fungal Disease Spreading Rapidly Across the US

Orphaned Owl Babies Rescued

9 How the Shape of Your Dog's Head Influences His Behavior

Cats and Dogs, Snuggling

10 10 of the Healthiest Breeds You Could Ever Wish For

Animals Provide Astonishing Benefits for Emotional and Mental Health

Maru Patiently Tackles the Swing

11 There’s a New Study Out on Dog Reward Behaviors, and Guess What It Found?

Swimming Squirrel Surprises Kayaker

12 The First 'Rule' of Moving With Your Pet

Fluffy Newfoundland Demands His Belly Rub

13 Have You Ever Wished Your Pet Could Talk? Animal Communicators Are Fluent in Petspeak

Kitty Mom Cuddling Her Kittens

14 These Testing Mistakes Mean Death for Any Animal That Fails

Bulldog Is an Awkward Sleeper

15 5 Things These Independent Companion Pets Need to Thrive

Crocodiles’ Eyes Are Uniquely Suited for Ambush Hunting

Iguana Named Buddy Thinks He’s a Dog

16 An Odd Sign of Heart Disease You Won't Want to Ignore

Kitten Cuddles His Human to Sleep

17 Shelter Pets Get a Taste of Freedom With ‘Field Trip’ Programs

Innovative Pups Play Fetch With Themselves

18 Are You Making This Common Pet Food Storage Mistake?

Adventurous Kitten Caught by Her Mum

19 You Don't Think Twice About This for Yourself - Why Not Your Pet?

Surprise Ending to Dog and Human Hide and Seek

20 Does Your Pet Show This Sign of Aging? Be Aware, It Could Mean Cancer

Snapchat Dog Filter Transforms Cat

21 Why Does Your Pet Get so Excited When You Walk Through the Door?

Maybe This Pup Wants to Go on a Walk

22 Put an End to Tormenting Itchy Skin and Incessant Scratching

Why Handling a Wild Animal Can Be Deadly

Pet Rat Demands TLC

23 A Telltale Sign Your Dog Has Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Human Says 'Meow,' and Kitten Says It Right Back

24 Vikings Brought These Mystical Creatures Onboard Their Ships, and They're Still Popular Today

A FAST Scan Could Save Your Pet’s Life After an Accident

Pup Wants to Sleep but Her ‘Bae’ Wants Kisses

25 Perilous to Your Pet's Wellbeing — Yet Widely Ignored by Their Humans

Scottish Fold, Hosico, Stuffing Her Fluff

26 Extra Special TLC Therapies Many Pet Owners Now Embrace

Caracal Kitten Climbs Human

27 Anesthesia Can Be Fatal to These Dogs — Is Your Dog on This List?

Determined Pup Figures It Out

28 FDA on a Witch Hunt Against Commercial Pet Food? A Little Spritz of This Makes Pet Food Far Safer

The Cat Just Got His Dog Back

29 Making This Diabetes Mistake Can Be Like Pouring Gasoline on a Fire

Mega Library of Bat Sounds May Help Conservation Efforts

Scientists Flip Out Over Cute Baby Octopus

30 A Very Common Canine Ear Problem but It's Easily Avoidable

Dog and Human Do the ‘Trust Fall’