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December 2016
1 Ancient Cats Hung Out With Farmers and Sailed With Vikings

Dog Is a Kitten Whisperer

2 This Incredible Nose Could Save 15,000 Lives Per Year

Smart Dog Knows Right Where the Treats Are

3 Steer Clear of This Admired Vet Protocol — Follow This 'LA Example' Instead

Dog and Cat an Unlikely Pair at Animal Shelter

4 Holistic Healing for Horses From All Walks of Life

Pair of Pups Scare Off Wild Bear

5 Don't Touch This New 'Novel' Ingredient With a 10-Foot Pole

Cat Plays ‘Whack-a-Finger’

6 The Lump You Never Want to Ignore

Can Dolphins ‘Talk’? New Study Reveals Sophisticated Dolphin Language

Parakeets Kissing and Making Kissing Noises

7 This Strange 'Symphony' Can Signal Trouble, so Please Don't Ignore It

A Guy Surprises His Dog

8 What Your Choice of Pet Really Says About Your Personality

Pigeons Help Monitor Air Pollution in London

Rescue Pig and Kitten: Best Friends

9 You May Not Have to Worry About Ticks and Lyme With This Critter Around

Puppy Doesn’t Bark, He Talks, Sort Of

10 The Problem With Seizure Medications and a New Therapy to Consider

Tiny Kid Walks His Giant Dog

11 If Your Pet Just ‘Ain’t Doin’ Right,’ These Little Glands Could Be the Source of the Problem

Cats and Kittens and Their First Snowy Day

12 Don't Fall for the 'Grain-Free' Trick Pulled by Some Pet Food Makers

Baby Sophie Befriends Shorkie Named Wicket

13 When the Years Strike 10, Will Your Pet Have Any of These Common Conditions?

Little Rock Zoo a ‘Nursing Home’ for Older Elephants

Underwater Beaver Lodge Gets a Trespasser

14 This Painful, Potentially Dangerous Human Condition Can Affect Your Pet, Too

Dog Finds Cat on His Bed, Takes Appropriate Action

15 Sugar Gliders: Think Long and Hard Before Falling for This ‘Impulse Buy’

Why Cat Videos Own the Internet: A Compilation

16 Doing This Will Help Your Dog's Brain Sing With Joy

Giant Dog, Tiny Dog Tug-of-War Upset

17 One of the Least Savory Aspects of Pet Ownership That You May Not Know About

A Playful Alaskan Mink, Up Close

18 The Hidden Urinary Condition That Often Only Your Pet Knows About

Cuddled Kitten Falls Asleep

19 Even Some Traditional Vets Know About These 3 Healing Foods - Do You?

Toddler Hugs Dog After He Broke Her Cereal Bowl

20 Fail to Give Your Precious Kitty This and You're Practically Guaranteed a Sick Cat

Housing Development Threatens Rare Songbirds

The Beautiful Queen Triggerfish

21 This Breed Is so Damaged These Pups Can't Even Fit Through the Birth Canal

Most Loveable Cat in the Rocky Mountains

22 This Sad Mistake Sets the Stage for Relinquishment and Euthanasia

US Airports, Restaurants Become More Dog-Friendly

German Shepherd Loves the New Kittens

23 This Aggressive Cancer Is Quite Sneaky and Often Strikes Without Warning

Foiled Again — Kitties Want to Help Wrap Gifts

24 You'll Bond Incredibly Well With Your Pet When You Open Up to This

Grumpy Humphrey the Puppy Loves Kittens

25 10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Reindeer

Santa Kitty Owns the Catwalk

26 How to Ward Off Problem Peeing

Gray Kitten Is Seriously Adorable

27 This Single Daily Decision Could Make or Break Your Precious Pet’s Health

Surprising Ways Goats Are Like Dogs

Whistling Cockatiel Now Sings

28 Pitch These 5 Items in the Trash for a Safer, Happier Pet

Bulldog Tries to Catch Fart Noises

29 5 Beloved Dogs You’ll Never See Again

MP3 Players Bring Anxiety Relief to Shelter Dogs

Bella Cat Meets New Puppy Sibling... Yawn

30 When Your Dog Does These Things She Could Be Screaming, ‘I’m Sick!’

Kittens Make Everything Better

31 This Alarming Condition Has Now Escalated for 5 Years in a Row — What’s Going On?

Puppy Pushes Toddler on Swing