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January 2017
1 This Is How Visionaries Cuddle Their Puppies When They're Very Young

A Cat in His 'Roomba Seat'

2 Does Your Pet Have Allergies or Is It Something Else?

Guilty French Bulldog Tattled on by His Friend

3 6 Creative Ways to Transform Your Cat Into an Indoor Athlete

Woodpecker Drumming Differentiates ‘Wimps’ From ‘Tough Guys’

Cheerful Cockatiel Chirps and Whistles

4 Makes Your New Pup Feel Unsafe, Unloved and Insecure Right From the Get-Go

Kitty Loves His Boy... All Over Him!

5 Why Has Veterinary Care Become so Expensive?

Dogs Help You Make Friends of Strangers

Golden Retriever Pup Wants the Cat to Play

6 Even the Most Careful Pet Parent Can Easily Make This Trendy Mistake

This Dog Knows How to Have Fun

7 Live in This State? Your Pet Can Now Be Treated by EMTs and First Responders

Shiba Inu Puppy Reacts to Her First Roomba

8 When You Buy Pet Food, Are You Being Pet Fooled?

Clever Cat Climbs Rock Wall

9 Do You Buy Pet Food From Any of These 6 Con Artists?

Bentley Whines for the Human to Fetch His Ball

10 No Wonder Cats Love These Classes so Much

Remarkable Immune Function of Alpha Female Hyenas

Girl and Pony: 'I'll Scratch Your Back If You Scratch Mine!'

11 Endorsed by Vets, It Triggers Cancer, Dysplasia and More

Cockatiel Love Song

12 Agility Training: Let Your Dog’s Natural Instincts Run Wild

Kitten Shares Huge Dog's Water Bowl

13 This New Year's Resolution Could Be a Godsend for You and Your Dog

Dog Gets Walk-By Massage… From a Fringed Purse

14 This Unsavory Pet Food Additive Could Destroy a Myth Cherished by Most Pet Parents

Brand New Baby Horse Joins His Mom in the Barnyard

15 Don’t Ignore This Odd Behavior, It Can Be a Sign of a Medical Emergency

Bichon Frise Wants His Bed ‘Just Right’

16 The New Functional Food That's Anything but Healthy or Functional

Cockatiel Knows His Movie Theme Songs

17 Tiny Specks on Your Pet's Skin That Won't Wash Off — What Now?

More Companies Offer Paid Pet Bereavement Days

Young Horse Knows How to Get His Butt Scratched!

18 The Real Reason Why Dogs Eat Poop — and How to Make Them Stop

Golden Retriever Stands Up for His Carrot

19 America’s Newest Dog Breed — Intelligent, Whimsical and Very Fluffy

Domestic Violence Shelters Adding On-Site Kennels for Pets

Cockatiel Learns the Art of Door Knocking

20 Why Does Your Dog Scoot?

Kitties in the Kitchen… Uh Oh!

21 Could This Be a Fountain of Youth for Your Aging Pet?

Mama Horse Consoled by Stuffed Pony

22 No Kill? No Problem!

Do Cats Miss Us When We Leave?

23 When Is Your Puppy No Longer a Puppy?

Dog Says No, She’s Not Mad

24 Your Tiny Fluff Ball’s First 5 Weeks — 5 Big Milestones You Don’t Want to Miss

Australian Rodent, Bramble Cay Melomys, Now Extinct

Couple Videos a Moose Licking Salt Off Their Car

25 Does Your Pet Drink Tap Water? Please Heed This New Warning

Pets Sense New Baby’s Upcoming Arrival

26 Dogs Mimic Their Owners' Facial Expressions

Pets Meet the New Baby for the First Time

27 This Dog Magician Proves You Don't Need Treats to Train Dogs

Bulldog Tackles His Mom

28 These Stroke Symptoms Can Come on Like Gangbusters, Even in Pets

Malamutes Realize Grandma’s in the House

29 Erratic Movements, Wobbliness and Twitchy Muscles - What's Going On?

Cute Blue Bell Dachshunds

30 A Really Bad Idea for Households With Multiple Pets, No Matter the Reason Why

Rescue Kitty Loves Hugging His Human

31 5 Things to Toss Right Now for a Healthier Pet

Greenland Sharks Live to Be 400 Years Old

Rare Sight: A Swimming, Three-Toed Pygmy Sloth