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February 2017
1 5 Triggers That Can Turn a Drooler Into a Water Machine

Dalmatian Puppy Gets a Massage

2 The Rule for These Dogs: Let Them Do Their Mission, Fast!

Donkey Love: Little-Known Facts About Donkeys

Kitten Messes With a Sleepy Pup

3 If These 10 Breeds Are so Smart, Why Are They Such a Handful to Take Care Of?

Alaskan Malamute Is Mama’s Baby

4 Have an Allergy to Animals? What to Do Next

Chinese Spider Masquerades as a Leaf

5 Whole Food Nutrition: A Healing Prescription for Pets

Golden Retriever ‘All Wet’ After Rolling in Grass

6 You May Completely Misread This Fun-Loving Message From Your Dog

11 Signs Your Kitty Is a Happy Cat

7 This Can Turn Your Cat From Healthy to Helpless in a Shockingly Short Time

Why Do Sloths Live Life in Slow Motion?

Pug Goes Berserk When He Finds Long-Lost Uncle

8 Urgent Food Poisoning Alert for All Dog Owners

Cool Cats Living the Life of ‘Chill’

9 Pets Provide Invaluable Support to People With Mental Illness

Selfie Video With the Cutest Dog Ever

10 Why Are so Many Dogs Going Gray as Early as Age 1?

Cutest Ever Kitten Wrestling

11 Telltale Signs Your Cat or Dog Suffers From OCD

Highly Vocal Cockatiel Having a Good Day

12 A Vet's Dire Warning: This Favorite Product Can Cause a Life-Threatening Emergency Down the Road

Cutest Toy Poodle Puppy

13 A Major Heads-Up: Don’t Feed This to Your Dog

Cats Mesmerized by a Metronome

14 2 Totally Quirky Behaviors Your Cat Wishes You Understood

A Valentine’s Day for the Dogs (or Cats)

Lovey-Dovey Pets Compilation

15 This Alarming-Sounding Therapy May Actually Be a Godsend to Suffering Pets

Two Chow Chows Fooling Around

16 This Rare but Smart Canine Companion Makes a Good Protector

The Subtle Ways Horses Ask Humans for Help

Tiny Kitten, Dreaming

17 3 Things Never to Do When Picking Up Your Dog

Purring Kitten Turns Feisty

18 Dementia: A Very Serious Problem for Our Beloved Pets – And How to Prevent It

Girl Explains Dog ‘Took Responsibility’ for His Actions

19 Good Vibrations: Healing Your Pet (and Yourself) With Energy Medicine

Golden Retriever Smiles Herself Out of Trouble

20 Your Dog Hates It When You Do These 10 Things

Cat Loves Climbing the Mailman

21 Dogs Get This Special Care Five Times More Often Than Cats, but Why?

Old World Fruit Bats May Have Once Relied on Echolocation

Polar Bear Cubs See the Sun for the First Time

22 Families Are Relinquishing These Dogs in Record Numbers – But Why?

Puppy Comforts Older Dog Having Bad Dreams

23 Dogs Help Researchers Unlock Genetic Links to Human Disease

Gus Knows Exactly What He Wants

24 Don't Ignore This Warning Sign That Something Is Wrong With Your Pet

Golden Retriever Says ‘Hello’

25 6 Questions You Should Ask Before Adopting a Shelter Pet

Bengal Cat Trying to Get Sleeping Canine to Play

26 Diarrhea Home Remedies Straight Out of Mother Nature's Handbook

Golden Retriever Pup Grooms Kitten

27 What If Your Dog Drives You Crazy With These 2 Undesirable Behaviors?

Pup Snitches When Asked: Who Stole the Cookie?

28 This Soft and Cuddly Pet May Be a Godsend for Those With Special Needs

Red and Eastern Wolves May Actually Be Coyote Hybrids

Twilight Blackbirds Swarm Over Houston Highway