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March 2017
1 3 Skin Conditions That Can Cause Your Pet Extreme Pain

Kitty Enjoys His Bubble Chair

2 This Body Part Gives You a Window to Your Pet's Soul

Signs a Pet’s Injuries Are Due to Abuse, Not an Accident

Dog Is Excited When His Marine Mom Comes Home

3 This Doggie Checkup Requires No Money, and No Vet Can Possibly Duplicate It

Gus and Ted, Good Buds

4 Don't Get a Puppy From Here - You're Practically Guaranteed a Sick Animal

Dog Wants Non-Stop Belly Rubs

5 Does Your Elderly Pet Have a Good Quality of Life?

Cat Gets His Dish Back — ‘Oh No You Don’t’

6 Is Your Dog Reckless, Uncontrolled and Making You Crazy? Could Be This

‘Stealth Finnegan’ — Red Light/Green Light

7 Researchers Studied Cats' Eating Behavior and You Won't Believe What They Found

Mysterious Fungal Disease Strikes US Snakes

River Otter Sliding Down Snowy Hill

8 Your Guide to Avoiding and Treating the Top 5 Genetic Diseases

Cats Finally Get to See the Basement

9 Sailors Considered These Gypsy Cats Good Luck - Are You Lucky Enough to Own One?

Horses Use Touch-Screen Computers to Show Off Their Intelligence

Unbelievably Adorable Kitten

10 Most Dogs Hate This - How to Turn It Into a Pampering Session Instead of Dread

Persian Kitties, Side by Side

11 Boycott This Unethical Pet Food Brand, Riddled With Lies and False Claims

Adopted Puppy Returns to Visit His Mom

12 This Hidden Threat Is Making Pets Sick All Over the Country

Cat Stares at Human to Wake Him Up

13 Why Does Your Dog Sleep so Much?

Don’t You Want to Be Friends?

14 Aggressive Behavior Often Gives These Subtle Warning Signals

What Makes Frog Tongues So Sticky?

Piglet on the Loose!

15 This Is What Loving Pet Parents Do When Their Pet Feels Rotten and Is Near Death

Dog Becomes Emotional When He Gets a New Toy Pig

16 People Mistakenly Think These Animals Feel No Pain or Emotions

UK Vets Save Bird Who Swallowed Tweezers

Don’t Try Taking the Cat’s Laptop

17 12 Dogs That Were Born to Run

Choco Ball and the Pop Can Box

18 Never Ever Pet Your Cat Here - She'll Surely See You as Her Mortal Enemy

Cats Look Just Like Bread… Bagel, Anyone?

19 Between 50,000 and 100,000 of These Dogs Are Abandoned or Sacrificed Each Year as Breeders Chase the Elusive ‘Messiah’ of Spanish Greyhounds

Adorable Blind Dog Prances in the Snow

20 Dogs Love Bones More Than Just About Anything, but Please Avoid This Mistake

Cockatiel Shows Off His Math Expertise

21 A Simple Trick to Spice Up Your Indoor Pet's Life

What Do Komodo Dragons Have in Common With Your House Pets?

Baby B-Rad Is the World’s Cutest Three-Toed Sloth

22 New Study About Animal Longevity Turns Up Weird Anomaly

Tiny Bulldog Sleeps With His Stuffed Pig

23 Does Leaving Your Pet When You Travel Give You the Jitters?

Short-Legged Munchkin Cats: Adorable or Unethical?

Cat Puts Herself to Sleep in Her Own Little Bed

24 This Novel Therapy Helps Injuries Heal While Easing Pain

Holland Lop Bunnies Like Fun and Adventure

25 6 Human Foods That Are Toxic and Potentially Fatal for Your Pets - Can You Name Them?

Frenchie Left Alone Just Five Minutes and This Happens

26 These Must-Have Tests Could Save Your Pet's Life

Clever Cat and Lucky Dog!

27 Why Does Your Excited Pet Do His Happy Routine?

Cockatiel Whistles Sweet ‘Good Morning’ Song

28 Help Your Pet Avoid the Pain and Suffering of These 5 Diseases - It's Simple

Giraffe Populations Plummet, Now Listed as a Vulnerable Species

Amazing! Guy Waves at Lizard, and Lizard Waves Back

29 What Never to Do for Your Melancholic Dog

Cat Mumbles to Himself When He Spies Birds on the Patio

30 6 Reasons to Adopt One of These Often-Shunned Pets

Do Children Form Stronger Bonds With Their Pets or Siblings?

Lop-Eared Bunny and Puppy Meet for the First Time

31 Is Your 4-Legged Pet More Human Than Dog?

Cat Is a Chronic Nail Biter