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April 2017
1 Does Your Pet Show Any of These 7 Signs of This Debilitating Disease?

Pup Shows Puppy in the Mirror How Fierce He Can Be

2 Want a Healthier, Happier and Longer-Lived Pet? Here’s Where to Start

Gus and Ted, Just Hangin’

3 Potentially Toxic for Your Pet – Watch Out for This Popular Preventive

Dog Caught Doin' the Crime

4 This Deadly Indoor Habit Can Be Fatal to Your Pet

Are Your Home Goods and Food Threatening Endangered Species?

Rocksy the Raccoon Knocks on the Door for Food

5 Lyme Disease: Should You Be Concerned?

Chika Nails Her Puss in Boots Audition

6 The Curly-Haired Cat Breed People Are Going Nuts Over

Beloved Therapy Dog Suffers From Stroke: Would You Know the Signs?

Dog Learns How to ‘Trust Fall’

7 If Your Pet Is Going Bald (Even in Spots), This Could Be Why

Cat Does Tricks Better Than Most Dogs

8 Just a Tiny Amount of This Poison Can Kill - And It's Found in Many Homes

Wife Gets Super Surprise: A Plethora of Puppies!

9 Don't Let Your Vet Tell You This Is Normal Behavior - It's Not

Gus the Cat, Talking in His Sleep

10 Dogs Often Do This Just Before They Bite - Can You Spot the Tipoffs?

Golden Retriever Excited to Go to Work With Mom

11 This Serious Disorder Is an Invitation for Love, Not Rejection

Why Horses Stopped Living in Forests and Moved to Grasslands

Fans of Featherless Bird Send Her Custom Sweaters

12 Commonplace in Europe Since the 1980s, This Could Dramatically Improve Your Dog's Life

Kitten Keeps Pouncing on Elusive Shadow

13 9 Pet-Proofing Mistakes That Small Pet Owners Often Make

Your Dog May Judge You If You Treat Others Unfairly

Peppa the Puppy Versus the Stairs

14 Avoid Tragedy: Check Your Pet for This Underlying Condition

Thor, a Cat With a Tiger’s Fur

15 You Probably Do This for Yourself, yet Ignore It for Your Pet

Tiny Pup Loves to Shop

16 Exciting Innovations in Cancer Treatment for People and Pets

Cute Bunny Is Super Energetic

17 Too Many Pets Are Permanently Lost This Way

Cockatoo Sings ‘Hello’ — Sort Of

18 The Worst Pet Food for Toxic PDBEs

Vaquitas, World’s Smallest Porpoise, Moves Closer to Extinction

Gator Crossing: A Daybreak Procession

19 The Strange Rot That's Killing Dogs - What You Need to Know

Bentley the Bulldog and the Scary Flower Pot

20 The Toxic 10: Tolerable for You, but Toxic to These Pets

Working Dogs ‘Talk’ With the Help of Wearable Computers

Crab Ride: A Sea Urchin Hitchhikes

21 The Most Important Decision You Make Each Day - Your Pet's Life Depends on It

Kitten's Favorite Spot to Nap

22 Little-Known Ways to Go Green With Your Pet

Golden Retriever Gets a Face Rub

23 You Asked, We Answered: Most Asked Questions From 1 Million Facebook Fans

Parakeet Brothers Have a Conversation

24 Detecting Your Pet’s Pain Level Is Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible

Sleepy Bulldog Doesn't Want to Wake Up

25 All About Diarrhea: My Best Secrets for Treating It at Home

US Ban to Protect Eagles From Lead Poisoning Revoked

Orphaned Baby Kangaroo Is So Adorable!

26 Ignoring This? Please Don't - It's Like Dropping a Bomb on Your Pet's Health

‘Wanna Go in the Car?’

27 These 10 Dogs May Herd Sheep Even Better Than Shepherds

Why Your Cat Needs a Cat Patio, or Catio

Huge Octopus Attacks GoPro

28 Beware: Can Cause Liver Failure and Death Within Hours

Pet Crow Is Named Jon Snow

29 The Surprising Way Children View the Death of a Pet

Who Needs a Bed When You’ve Got Friends?

30 How to Raise Healthy, Happy and Long-Lived Backyard Chickens

Parrot Keeps Asking ‘Really?’