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May 2017
1 What Many Dogs Want Just as Much as Treats

Royal Kitty in His Palace

2 Here's Why You Don't Give Your Kitty a Belly Rub

Baby Goat Learns How to Walk

Manatees Are No Longer Endangered, but There’s a Downside

3 5 Signs of Pain That Owners Often Overlook - Are You Missing Them?

Newfoundland Still in Trouble for Stealing a Cupcake

4 Dogs and Cats Couldn't Be More Different - Here's How They Compare

Parrot Imitates the Neighbor’s Dog

Owning a Dog May Lower Your Blood Pressure

5 Do These Appear on Your Pet’s Face? 5 Causes and What to Do About Each

Cute White Kittens, Always Hungry

6 Aging and Disease Hate This - And It's Not the Least Bit Toxic

Dog Makes It Crystal Clear: ‘I’m Ready to Play!’

7 Don't Ignore This Condition - It Could Lead to Brain Damage

Jimi, a Sweet, Gentle Kitten

8 Mycotoxins Are Raging - Avoid These 8 Common Ingredients Now

Chunk Loves His New Bed

9 The Unexpected Life-or-Death Disease That's Probably Not Even on Your Radar

Boy Napping With His Pet Duck

Mice Have Been Living Alongside Humans for 15,000 Years

10 Ditch These 6 Outdated Urban Legends, and Your Pet's Care Will Blossom

Tweety Demands Bedtime Cuddles

11 Annoying Everyday Habits? Now There's a Fix for Almost Anything

Wide-Eyed Kitten Gets Belly Rubs

10 Best — and Worst — States for Your Pet’s Health

12 10 Things You Should Know and Do Before Entering Any Dog Park

Husky: When You Can’t Wake ’Em, May as Well Join ’Em!

13 Don't Expect Your Pets to Survive Chaos Unless You Do This

Cockatiel’s Morning Song

14 Forget Harsh Chemicals - These Oils Deter Pests Like Armor

Cat Spazzes Out in New Cat Tree

15 Looking for Human-Grade Pet Food? Here's Why It's Near Impossible to Find

Hummingbird Pool Party

16 New Study Confirms This Is the Worst Food to Feed Your Cat

Beaver Herds Cows in Saskatchewan Field

80 Percent of African Forest Elephants Lost to Poaching

17 Pets Are Germ Carriers - But Is That a Blessing or a Curse?

While the Parents Are Away, Dog Goes Wild All Day!

18 When Your Cat Converts Her Water Dish Into a Floor Puddle, Here's What She's Really Saying

Video Captures Whale Shark Off Florida Coast

Brewery Becomes First US Company to Offer Paid Pawternity

19 Even the Most Meticulous Pet Parent Can Be Misled by This Trend

Yoga With Kittens

20 Tiny, Silly and Very Needy, These Little Treasures Deserve All Your TLC

Dalmatian Has a Plan to Keep Kid at Home

21 Ready to Put Your Money Where Your (Pet’s) Mouth Is?

Cat Mesmerized by Optical Illusion

22 What’s Wrong With Feeding Fresh Food to Your Pet?

Lovebird Loves His Own Personal Shower

23 Are You Unknowingly Feeding Your Pet Carcinogens?

Peacock Spider’s Courtship Ritual Is Quite Impressive

Minnesota Bats Stricken by White-Nose Syndrome, Suffer Devastating Losses

24 Do Better Diets Support Longer Lives?

Golden Retriever Teaches Pup to Swim

25 CANWI Do It? With Your Help, Yes We Can!

Diver Meets a Cute, Friendly Spotted Seal

Hairless Dogs, Revered Since Ancient Times, Enjoy Modern-Day Following

26 These Chemical Compounds in Pet Food Are Linked to Age-Related Disease

Pitbull ‘Sounds Like a Coyote’ When Boy Plays Harmonica

27 Have We Surrendered the Health of Our Pets to Convenience Food?

Rescued Bear Named Cody in His Own Pool

28 This Critical Feline Condition Can Remain Hidden for Years, and Then...

Budgie Balances on a Tennis Ball

29 This Popular Pet Food Trend Could Put Your Pet's Life at Risk

Cats: Wild, Wacky and Wonderful!

30 If Your Kitty Sends You This Message, See Your Veterinarian Right Away

Bentley the Bulldog and the Sprinkler

Beneficial Earthworms Are Being Destroyed by Annual Plowing

31 It's All the Rage in the Pet World - And a Boon for Our Favorite Animals

Great White Shark Surprise