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June 2017
1 Despite Their Name, You’ll Never Guess Where These Dogs Hail From (Not Denmark)

Cat and Squirrel Match Wits

Emotional Service Dogs Induce Calm by Lowering Cortisol Levels

2 A Major Recipe for Injury - Vets See No Shortage Every Year at This Time

Sleeping Dog When He Hears His Name

3 How to Have a Yard That's Both Beautiful and Dog-Friendly

Happy Cat Life Times 2

4 The Key Sign of an Excruciating Autoimmune Disease You Wouldn't Want to Ignore

Parrot's Laugh Is a Real Thigh-Slapper

5 How Many of These 11 Pet-Feeding Tips Do You Follow?

Kitty Sister Gets Toy for Her Brother

6 Your Cat Is Far More Trainable Than You Think - Here's Proof

Cute Beagle Hugs Owner, Then 'Slaps' Him

Clever Bees Learn How to Use Tools

7 Itchy, Inflamed Ears? Don't Make These Common Mistakes

Fuzzy Duckling: ‘Never Give Up!’

8 Looks Like a Bobcat but Acts Like a Dog and Begs You to Call Her Adorable

Squirrel Outside Antagonizes Cats Inside

Dog Hospice Gives Dying Dogs Unconditional Love

9 The Invisible Toxin With Life-Threatening Outcomes – Be Watchful

Corgi Is Sad When His Toy Falls Down the Stairs

10 4 Causes of Miserably Itchy Skin – Does Your Pet Show Signs of Any of Them?

Bentley the Bulldog: His First Swim

11 Avoid This Mistake - Thwarts Nearly Every Attempt to House Train Your Pup

Cute Blue Parrot: ‘Tickle, Tickle’

12 10 Best People Foods to Share With Your Beloved Pet

Cat Looks Like a Werewolf

13 This Miserable Condition Can Affect Your Pet, Even If She's Housebound

Girl Sneaks Calf Inside

A Sweet Treat May Boost Bees' Mood

14 Summer Killer Alert: Please Don't Let Your Pets Breathe, Touch, Eat or Drink Here

Bentley Drinks (a Lot of) Pool Water

15 9 of the Fastest-Bonding Cats You've Never Considered

7-Week-Old Border Collie Pup Herds Sheep Like a Pro

Canine Cancer Is Leading to New Discoveries in Human Cancer Treatment

16 The Seasonal Dilemma Most Pet Owners Face Every Year

Cats’ Kitchen Counter Capers

17 This Human Beverage Protects Against Cancer - In Both You and Your Pet

Adopted ‘Senior’ Cat Brings Love Home

18 Spreads Like Crazy and Makes Your Pet Miserable - Is It Serious?

Dog Is a Cuddle Bug With His Human Mom

19 10 Ways to Tell If Your Dog Is Happy

8-Year-Old Must Be a Bird Magnet

20 Your Vet Could Be Totally Wrong If She Claims This

Golden Retriever Puppy Attack

Porpoises Slow Down Their Heart Rates to Match Their Dives

21 One of the Nastiest Parasites That Could Latch Onto Your Dog

Guard Cat Scarier Than Any Dog Yet

22 The Most Dominant Fish in the World, Full of Baffling Perplexities

Girl Plays Hide and Seek With Great Danes

Contagious Yawning Might Strengthen Your Bond With Your Dog

23 Why Your Adult Dog Doesn't Respond to Your Baby Talk

Orcas Follow Jet Ski in New Zealand

24 The Germ Incubator That Many Pet Parents Overlook

Dogs Lie Side by Side With a Toddler Who ‘Reads’ to Them

25 It's Time to Put a Stop to the Mindless Over-Vaccination of Pets

Bentley the Bulldog in His Wading Pool

26 Sure to Boost Your Bond With Your Special Canine Buddy

British Shorthair Kittens Playing

27 Recommended Treatment for These Dreadfully Itchy Ailments, With a Stinky Caveat

Cute Vocal Cockatiel

Is This the Secret That Makes Cephalopods so Smart?

28 When Your Dog Honks, He's Not Trying To Be a Goose - Here's What's Going On

Sad Puppy Dog Eyes

29 Great Exercise, Fun and Bonding Too, for You and Your Dog

If Cats Spoke With Human Voices

When to Seek Acupuncture or Chiropractic Care for Pets

30 If Your Dog Isn't One of These 12 Born-to-Run Breeds, Better Leave Him Home

Cute Dog Is so Grateful for Her New Bed