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July 2017
1 Watch Out for This New Pet Food Ingredient - It Can Pile on the Flab

Kitty Making an Announcement

2 Thirsty, Tired Pet? His Liver May Be Trapping This Mineral

Labrador Barks for Belly Scratches

3 Busted: 55 Times Worse Than Giving Your Pet Water From Flint, Michigan

Cat Chat Goes on Forever

4 Don’t Let Your Pet Slurp This Holiday Favorite – Only Bad Consequences Result

Dog-Spangled Banner

Lizards' Gut Microbiome Slashed by Rising Temperatures

5 These Painful, Oozing Sores Appear Suddenly and Are Hard to Get Rid Of

Pug Protests When He Thinks He’s Been Left Behind

6 Endearing Pets You Probably Never Considered

Kitty Loves Being With His Favorite Human

Canine Family Tree Sheds Light on Modern Dog Breed Development

7 This Mistake Could Make Your Pet a Target for Cancer

Stealth Puppy and His Unexpected Surprise

8 My 7 Go-To Natural Remedies for a Happy, Healthy Pet

Kitty and Puppy — So Sweet Together

9 Beware of This Life-Threatening Condition and the Telltale Signs That Foretell It

Boy Cries With Joy When Reunited With His Dog

10 Don't Ignore This Odd Behavior - It Can Be a Sign of a Major Medical Emergency

Cute Little Seal Hitches a Kayak Ride

11 Bred for Their Deformity, These Poor Creatures Can't Even Jump

Cat Loves ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ in Unique Ways

Birds Take Short Snoozes When They Fly

12 Are You Unwittingly Poisoning Your Pet?

Sleepy Beagle Puppy Not Ready for a Walk

13 Could Be a Very Noisy Sign of Love - And Maybe She's Calling You Home

Remora Fish ‘Grooming’ Diver’s Head

Are European Dogs Born Well-Behaved?

14 This Can Kill Your Pet in Minutes, yet It's Easily Avoidable

Snuggly Pug Sleeping With His Eyes Open

15 Keeps Your Pet From Absorbing Nutrients - And You Won't Believe How Trendy It Is

Kitty Likes Her Canine Brother’s Wrestling Style

16 This Problem Can Mean Misery for Your Pet (and You Too)

Pit Bull Pups: Nap Time With Big Brother

17 Turns Your Dog Into a 4-Legged Thug in a Shockingly Short Time

Fascinating, Colorful Ribbon Eel

18 The Holistic Red Flag Most Pet Owners Don't Yet Know About

Bengal Cat Approves of ‘the Girlfriend’

Hundreds of Captive Desert Tortoises Need Homes

19 Buyer Beware - More Important Than Ever With This Hotbed Issue

When You Set Up a Tetherball in the Forest

20 The 7 Most Annoying Comments You Can Make to a Cat Owner

Cicada Emerges From His Shell

Snakebites in Pets Are Up This Summer

21 The Muscle-Building Amino Acid Every Dog Needs and Few Receive

Cute Dog and Baby Goats Playing

22 Has Your Vet Told You to Do This? Be Very Careful

Caesar Likes Typing, Too

23 One of the Best Ways to Flush Toxic Wastes From Your Pet's Body

Dog Reacts to Her Own ‘Silent but Deadly’ Vapors

24 Major Dog Chew Recall - Do You Give Your Dog Any of These 5 Brands?

Feral Cat Becomes ‘Grandpa’ for Rescue Kittens

25 Fatal Tick-Borne Disease on the Rise in 17 US States

How to Warm Up a Baby Kangaroo

UK’s Last Resident Orca Pod May Be Killed Off by PCBs

26 The Best Food for Pets With Tummy Troubles - Not What You've Probably Been Told

Pug Rests Among Stuffed Animals

27 These Stone-Age Dogs Are Still Popular in Europe, but a Rarity in the US

Affectionate Kitty Gives Gentle ‘Love Bites’

Pet-Friendly Hotels on the Rise: What to Know Before You Book

28 7 Things You Must Know Before Taking Your Dog on a Boat

Pup Masters '5-Cup Shuffle'

29 What's That Awful Smell? Skip These Common Mistakes and Banish It for Good

Pit Bull Brothers Are the Cutest Pups Ever!

30 Is Your Pet Undergoing This Painful Tooth Remodeling Process?

Former Feral Grandpa Mason and His Foster Felines

31 Why Your Dog Incessantly Sniffs and Pees on Walks

Dog Can Sleep and Play With Fidget Spinners at the Same Time