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August 2017
1 This Trendy Diagnosis Only Half the Vets Believe In

Robotic Spy Pup Films Dynamics of Wild Dog Community

How Opossums May Silently Help Prevent the Spread of Lyme Disease

2 What All Dogs Need Every Day, Without Fail

Pug Pup Snuggling With Stuffed Mouse

3 Laughter, Chatter and Insane Humor - Is This Undervalued Pet for You?

Intense, Affectionate Kitty Named Jake

Gluten-Sniffing Dogs Are Game Changers for People With Celiac Disease

4 You'll Never Guess What These Dogs Did When Treated Unfairly

Seafaring Pup Enjoys Napping and Cuddling

5 The CDC Weighs in on Raw Food - Should You Believe Them?

Bengal Cat Welcomes Human Home

6 Quickly Leads to Death If You Ignore This Threat

Dog Is the Key for Autistic Boy

7 These 3 Pillars Hold Your Pet's Life and Longevity in Highest Esteem

Baby Raccoons Befriend a Fisherman

8 Mistakes Owners Make That Shorten Pets' Lives

Little Chihuahua Begs for Kisses

Environmental Enrichment Is Crucial for Exotic Pets

9 Dog Ownership Benefits for Seniors

Cats Experience Dominating Siblings, Too

10 Want a Taste of the Wild Side? This New Breed May Fit the Bill

Dog Plays Hard to Get

Weird and Wacky Dog Laws That May Surprise You

11 The TLC Your Pet Yearns for During Her Last Weeks and Days on Earth

Barnyard Animals Go Running to Line Up

12 If a Dog Fails This Test, He Won't Make a Good Service Dog

Cute Little Bird Gets Cotton Swab Massage

13 Urgent Brain Function Alert for Beloved Pets

'Happiest Dog' Has Her Reasons

14 Half of All Dogs Relinquished to Shelters Share This Trait

Pet Parents at

15 Still Common in the US, yet Banned in Several Countries - Why Is This Happening?

Husky Zeus Howls, No Matter What 'Mom' Says

Do Wolves Raised by Humans Turn Into ‘Dogs?’

16 These Tumor Symptoms Can Come On Quickly, Without Warning

Timo, the Ragdoll Cat, Is Nervous About a Visiting Kitten

17 This Lovable yet Much Overlooked Animal Makes an Excellent House Pet

Friendly Little Puffin Pops By to Say Hello

Dogs From Irresponsible Breeders, Puppy Mills Have More Behavioral Problems

18 Do This Several Times a Week to Slash Your Pet's Bacterial Load

Three Little Pugs, All in a Row

19 No Wonder Your Pets Love It so Much When You Do This

Rescued Farm Animals Love 'Norma’s Universe'

20 Without This, You May Be Depriving Your Dog of Comfort

Signs That Show Cats Are Scientists

21 One Crucial Thing That Adoption Shelters Can't Tell You

Guy Smiles, Dog Smiles

22 Why Your Cat Avoids Being Held

This Octopus Can Walk on Land

Great Ape Sanctuary Gives New Life to Rescued Apes

23 These 3 Life-Shortening Diseases Probably Aren't Even on Your Radar

Cat Uses Husky as a Heated Bed

24 These German Dogs Are Truly Multi-Taskers

Kittens Watch Smurf Video

Irish Wolfhound Gives Birth to Identical Twin Puppies

25 This Company Tried to Donate Dog Food Laced With Euthanasia Drugs

What a Husky Mom Does When Pups Fight Over Toy

26 Three of the World’s Top Trainers Share the One Thing They Wish You Knew About Training Your Dog

Rescue Kitten Ruffs Up Cute Pomeranian

27 Mystery Illness Comes on Like Wildfire and Can Be Deadly — What to Know Now

Kitty Asks Politely for Human to Pet Him

28 New Study Finds Key to Faster, More Effective Dog Training

Puppy Playing With a Blackberry

29 If Kitty Could Talk, She’d Ask You to Avoid This Mistake

Pony Smiles — Really Smiles — While Being Petted

How Do Flamingos Stand on One Leg — Even When They’re Sleeping?

30 The New Trick Pet Companies Want You to Fall For

Instant Besties — New Kitten and Golden Retriever Puppy

31 Why Sleeping With Your Pet Can Be so Challenging

Every Day, Cat Waits for ‘Dad’ to Come Home

Racing Greyhounds Test Positive for Cocaine