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September 2017
1 Why It's a Mistake to Try to Stop Growling

‘Why Won’t You Play With Me?’

2 It's All Fake - But Conscientious Pet Parents Still Flock to It

What Kittens Do at Night

3 Dr. Ian Billinghurst’s Targeted Nutritional Therapy, Which Includes a Ketogenic Diet, Can Kill Your Dog’s Cancer

Malamute Pup Learning to Speak 'Human'

4 4 Telltale Signs That Something Ugly Is About to Occur Between Dogs

Entertain Your Cats With a 50-Box Maze

5 Does Your Cat Show This Dog-Like Conduct? It's Abnormal and Foretells a Problem

Time-Lapse Spider Web Construction

Giant Larvacean ‘Sea Tadpoles’ Filter Ocean Water at Incredible Rates

6 Don't Mistake This for a Superfood, a Few Slurps Could Kill Your Pet

Dance of the Sugar Plum Kittens

7 These Adorable Dogs Are Stealing People's Hearts Like Crazy - Do You Have One Yet? If Not, Head to Your Local Shelter

Kitten Wants to Play, Dog Wants to Nap

Is Owning a Potbellied Pig Legal?

8 How Dogs Show Empathy and Comfort Each Other

Dog's Pleading Eyes Beg, 'Keep Up the Good Massage!'

9 Causes Tumors, Major Organ Damage and Premature Death - Is Your Pet at Risk?

Cat Responds When Asked, 'Who's a Good Boy?'

10 Is Your Pet Vomiting? Could Be From This

Alaskan Malamute and the Watermelon

11 If You Love Dogs, You'll Be Fascinated by This Study

Sleeping Kitty Stretches, Trying to Wake Up

12 For Your Pet's Sake, Don't Touch This Prescription Food With a 10-Foot Pole

‘Want a Nut?’ Parrot Mimics His Owner Perfectly

Why Foxes Are Crucial for Keeping Down Rates of Lyme Disease

13 Definitely Not the Long-Term Death Sentence You May Think It Is

Kitties Have the Sweetest Motors!

14 This May Work for Dogs, but Never, Ever for Cats

Precious Kitten and Lovable Dog, Both Golden

Pet Ownership May Act as the Glue That Holds Neighborhoods Together

15 This Type of Canned Food Is Well Worth the Extra Cents

Husky Puppy Claims a Tennis Ball

16 The Common Symptom of Many Pet Disorders

Cole and Marmalade: Bathroom Escapades

17 Bacteriophages: Nature’s Answer to Killing Pathogens in Fresh Pet Food

Playful Corgi Puppies

18 You May Think It's Paradise, but It's a Breeding Ground for Aggression

Rescue Kittens Protecting Grandpa Mason

19 How to Help Make Your Home a No-Feuding Territory

Giant Walking Stick: An Amazing Marvel of Nature

All About Hedgehogs: Seven Facts About These Adorable Animals

20 The Hidden Causes of Behavioral Issues That Hardly Anyone Suspects

Dalmatian Puppies Having Fun in Their Ball Pit

21 What Your Dog's Licks Really Mean

Gotcha the Cockatoo’s Nighttime Ritual

The Many Healing Capabilities of Therapy Dogs

22 This Breed Tops the List for Intelligence, in Spite of These Quirky Disorders

One Cool Cat!

23 Relax? Or Hit the Panic Button When You See This in Your Pet

Adorable Twin Bunnies Pose for the Camera

24 Fermentation: An Ingenious, All-Natural Way to Eliminate Pathogens in Raw Pet Food

Corgi Puppy Meets His First Tennis Ball

25 One of Dog Owners' Biggest Challenges

Luna Rose, Adorable Scottish Fold Kitty

26 They Peeled Back the Layers of This Myth, Guess What They Found?

Gecko Wins Smile of the Year

Rhinos Airlifted to Safer Locales to Escape Poachers

27 This Growing Movement Is Pitting Vets vs. Pet Owners

Dog Looks Just Like Gizmo

28 One Popular Pet to Never Adopt Unless You're Fully Prepared

Gotcha the Goofball Cockatoo

Dog Gyms Provide Mental and Physical Stimulation for Pets

29 Who's Friendlier, a Hand-Raised Wolf or a Dog?

Once a Rescue Kitten, Now He’s Family

30 Why I Almost Never Recommend This Popular Go-To Food

Dog Plays Dead to Avoid Going Home