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October 2017
1 What All Dogs Need Daily, yet It's Widely Ignored

Pusic the Cat Is a Soccer Celebrity

2 This Status Can Trigger Sudden Death for Dogs

Giant Alaskan Malamute Thinks He's a Puppy

3 Why You Should Let Your Kitty Be the Control Freak She Wants To Be

Surrounded by Killer Whales

Ants — Not Humans — Were the First Farmers

4 Your Dog's Memory May Be More Human-Like Than You Think

Twin Kitties Sleep Side by Side

5 Brought to the US by Helen Keller, This Popular Breed Almost Died Out

Cockatiel Meets His Stuffed Nemesis

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Demand Rescue for Pets

6 5 Common Canine Mouth Problems - And How to Spot Them

Golden Retriever Picks Up Her Toys on Command

7 5 Fall Hazards to Steer Your Pets Clear Of

Kitty Guesses Which Hand and Gets Treats

8 My Journey to Becoming a Holistic Veterinarian

Golden Retriever Puppies Frolicking

9 5 Raw Food Mistakes to Avoid With Your Dog

Fluffy Big and Little Kitties Meet for the First Time

10 It's Like a Pandora's Box for Your Poor Pet

Hyllus Gigantus, the Largest Jumping Spider in the World

Are Killer Whales Splitting Into Distinct Species?

11 Almost 100 Percent of Dogs Exposed to This Will Get Infected

Why Cats Love Their Cat Trees

12 Dogs and Cats Are Dying Daily Because Their Owners Aren't Aware of This

Cockatiel Chats With a Stuffed Yarn Yoshi

Pet Turtles Responsible for Multi-State Salmonella Outbreak

13 Boycott Food Brands With This Labeling Trick

Puppy and Bunny Become Friends

14 This Food Additive Pushed My Rottie Into Liver Failure - Don't Let It Happen to You

When Pusic the Cat Demands Attention, It’s Not for Himself

15 Major Heads-Up: Please Don't Ignore This Odd Vocal Change

Woman Saves Stranded Dogs After Hurricane Maria

16 Your Dog Loves This, but Don't Expect These Researchers to Affirm It

Maru, a Cat, and Her Box Fetish

17 Turns Your Cat's GI Tract Into a Jumbled Mess, Makes Him Feel Lousy

Husky’s Mad at Mom, but Still Can't Resist Singing Her Favorite Song

How Long Do Elephants Sleep?

18 These Upsetting Symptoms Come and Go - When Should You Be Concerned?

Cats Charge for Toilet Paper: A Parody

19 These Creatures Emerge From the Earth Every 13 or 17 Years

Little Girl Loves Her Pitbull Pup

Pet Birds Need Regular Vet Care Too

20 Wonderful for Your Pet, but Shunned by Traditional Vets

Cole, Marmalade and the Cat Bank

21 If Your Pet Suffers Itchy Skin Consistently, Suspect This First

Oh-So-Cute Before and After Pet Pics!

22 These Dogs Are Deaf (One Is Also Blind) … but You’d Never Know It

Colt, an Amazing Service Dog

23 Watch Out for This Medication, It's Too Easy to Overdose

How Cats See Their World

24 Don't Ignore These Sickness Red Flags in Your Cat

Husky Named Baby Loves Getting Attention

Animals in Need of Tree Hollows as Homes

25 This Could Make You Laugh Like Crazy - Especially If Your Dog Starts Barking Too

Smart Dog Knows Her Toys by Name

26 These Creatures of the Deep Are Feared and Fascinating

Pit Bull With Dwarfism Has the Best Daddy

Consumer Demand May Drive Healthier, More Ethical Pet Food

27 10 Ways to Show Your Dog Love, No Matter How Crazy Life Gets

The Amazing Crab Shell Exchange

28 Single Greatest Cause of Diabetes, Arthritis and Kidney Disease

Service Pups on Their First Day of Work

29 The Pet Superfood You Probably Haven't Heard About

Stranded Baby Seal Is Rescued

30 Popular Pet Food Maker Sued for High Lead Levels — Is Your Pet at Risk?

A Boy’s Best Friend: His Dog

31 Give Your Pet a Break Today — Do This Loving Gesture

Pumpkin-Hat Kitties Ring the Bell for Snacks

Sea Turtle Populations Are Making a Comeback