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November 2017
1 Like an Expanding Balloon in Your Pet's Tummy, This Can Kill in Only Hours

Grown-Up, Rescued Blue Jay Repays the Favor

2 A Well-Hidden Secret, This Loving Breed Dates Back to 1578

Kittens Attack to Say 'Thanks'

Size Matters for Survival: Largest and Smallest Species at Greatest Risk of Extinction

3 If Your Lonely Pet Could Talk, They'd Ask You for This

Chicken Runs Across the Barnyard for His Daily Hug

4 If This Grows or Changes, Please See Your Vet in the Next 24 Hours

Rescued Beavers Find Love in a Sanctuary

5 How and Why Our Dogs Get Sick

Rescue Cow Is a Cuddle Bug

6 What Kind of Food Is the Best Medicine for Sick Dogs?

Guy Can't Believe It: He's Getting a Corgi

7 A Healthy Gut = A Healthy Dog

Surfing Seal Catches a Wave

How Do Poison Frogs Resist Their Own Toxins?

8 Dogs Fed Kibble Have Elevated Levels of Metabolic Stress and Systemic Inflammation

Boy and Pit Bull Puppy Grow Up Together

9 A Raw Food Meal Plan May Fine-Tune Your Dog's Immune System

Patient Boater Rescues Tangled Baby Blue Heron

The No. 1 Reason Why People Walk Their Dogs

10 Dogs Helping Dogs: Scent-Detection Dogs Sniff Out Canine Disease

The 'Real' Reason Cats Toss Their Toys Under the Stove

11 Help Us Prove the Right Nutrition Can Prevent and Heal Disease in Dogs

Tiny Alpaca Rules the House

12 This Virus Is a Law-Ordered Death Sentence If Your Pet Becomes Infected

Cockatiel Singing to an Infant

13 Aging Myths That Can Make Your Dog Suffer Needlessly

Kitty Gets Tucked Into Bed, Out Like a Light

14 Do You Make This Feeding Mistake With Your Senior Cat?

Abandoned Pup Chooses His First Dog Toy

Is Panda Tourism Harmful to the Animals?

15 Looking for a Playful, Loyal Running Buddy That Will Guard You Too?

Cockatiel Surprise

16 This Quintessential Breed Is Almost Perfect in Every Way

Pup Helps Family Clean Up After a Hurricane

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Pet for Your Family

17 These Surprising Dog Breeds Are Like Cousins, but They Don't Look Like It

Making a Bed With a Cat in the House

18 How to Recognize Early Signs of Cognitive Decline

Happy Dog Is Reunited With Human ‘Dad’

19 It's Toxic to Most Life - Including Your Precious Pets

Cockatiel Tries to Wake Up His Buddy

20 New Study Sheds Light on Canine Aggression

Cole and Marmalade Make Videos to Help Other Cats

21 Perfectly Normal for Dogs, a Red Flag for Cats

Feisty Pup 'Piglet' Turns Challenges Into Triumphs

New Species Alert: Giant Tree-Dwelling Rat Identified

22 Tail Language: Want to Know What Your Pet Is Thinking?

Pet Birds Have Different Reactions When Excited Owner Returns

23 15 Thanksgiving Foods Your Pet Will Love

Dog Loves New Rescues at Farm Sanctuary

How to Care for Oral and Vision Health in Rabbits

24 One of the Worst Premium Food Purchases You Could Make for Your Pet

Cat Barters to Stay in Bed Longer

25 8 Things Every Pet Foster Parent Needs to Know

Woman Can’t Stop Saving Dogs

26 Bizarre Behaviors Triggered by Altered Hormones

Abandoned Puppy: A Rescue Story

27 8 Out of 10 Pet Foods Now Contain This Dubious Ingredient

Is Kitty Being Naughty or Just Persistent?

28 The Secret Love Language of Cats: How to Know You're Adored

Ferret Fisticuffs at Breakfast

Windows Act as ‘Blind Spots’ to Bats

29 What the Latest Research Says About Babies Raised Around Pets

Cockatiel Learns to Sneeze

30 The Most Dreaded Spiders in the World

Dog Buddies Elated To Be Together Again

Can Your Pet Get Sick From You?