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December 2017
1 Should I Get My Older Pet a Young Playmate?

Rescue Squirrel Changes Everybody’s Plans

2 8 Terrific Reasons to Adopt One of These Lovable Animals Today

Ripley Loves to Fetch

3 How Your Pet Silently Screams That She Needs More Oxygen

Border Collies Attempt to Break World Record

4 Animal Crimes Hit 50-Year High – What’s Going On?

Cat Sweetly Comforts Little Girl With Hurt Toe

5 When Your Cat's Meowing May Be a Red Flag in Disguise

Go-Getter Lion Plays Fetch Like a Dog

Mother’s Milk May Act as a Placenta in Wallabies

6 More Than Just a Fad, These Could Help Save Your Pet's Vision

Cat and Husky Bodyguard Go Kayaking

7 What's That Dreadful Smell? Do This and Banish It for Good

Cute Wombat Thinks He’s a Dog

New Law Helps Abandoned Animals Find New Homes Faster

8 Is This the Remarkable New Pet Food Trend of the Future?

Chihuahua Has a Surprise in Her Snuggle Sack

9 The Worst Season for Missing Pets - Do This Now to Help Protect Yours

How to Entertain a Praying Mantis

10 Favorite Household Products You Should Pitch in the Trash Today

Bulldog Puppy Has the Cutest Bark

11 Why Your Dog Often Acts Like a Human

Cole and Marmalade Learn to Fight Like Siblings

12 Two Factors That Can Drive Your Cat's Diabetes Risk Sky-High

Filming Sharks in Protected French Polynesian Waters

African Wild Dogs Sneeze to Vote ‘Yes’ to a Hunt

13 The Human Procedure That Could Give Your Sick Dog a Normal Life

Bulldog Tries to Protect Actor From Bear Attack

14 A Dog With Cat-Like Qualities, This Easy Breed Is a Charmer

Hercules, a Lovebird, Is Jealous of a Digibird

Unraveling the Mysteries of Dog Intelligence

15 Love This Breed? Watch Out for This Potentially Debilitating Anomaly

Itty Bitty Kitty Kisses

16 Nearly 1 in 4 Owners Add This to Their Pet's Food - Do You?

Compilation: Dogs and Humans Enjoy Hide-and-Seek

17 This Surgery Could Give Your Pet a New Lease on Life

Husky’s Version of a Whitney Houston Classic

18 This Emotional Ploy Has Been Quietly Duping Millions of Pet Parents

Cats Fight the Battle of the Box: Mind Over Matter

19 Please Pay Attention to These Life-Threatening Symptoms

The Incredible Teamwork of a Little Clownfish

Eels Make Extraordinary Migration by Tapping Into Earth’s Magnetic Fields

20 New Canine Vaccine Rules Rolled Out — Can You Guess What They Now Endorse?

Kitty Cuddles and Kisses

21 This Kitty Is so Beloved, Rare and Healthy That You'll Be Challenged to Find One

Alex the Cockatoo Talking to His Plush Friends

Why Some People Don’t Walk Their Dogs

22 The Major Orthopedic Risk Factor Most Dog Owners Have Never Heard Of

Pit Bulls and Their Surprising Foster Siblings

23 19 Red Flag Symptoms That Silently Scream, 'True Pet Emergency'

Most Adorable Kitten Ever

24 This One Small Step Could Boost Your Pet's Comfort

Cat-Proofing the Christmas Tree

25 Santa’s All-Girl Reindeer Team?

Dog Dances to Christmas Music

26 This Can Emotionally Scar Your Pet for Life — Please Avoid at All Costs

Cockatiel Responds How He Wants

Humans Recognize Emotions in Different Animal Calls

27 Most Dogs Will Suffer From This, Give Yours a New Lease on Life

Cats Responding to Snow

28 These Dogs Are so Smart, They Almost Have a Sixth Sense

Puppies Responding to Snow

1 in 3 Employees Wish They Could Bring Their Pet to Work

29 Watch Out, These 3 Food Industry Buzzwords Spell Trouble

Finding a Cat in His Bed, Dog Takes Appropriate Action

30 Without This, Your Pet's Skin and Coat Can Suffer

Maine Coon Kitty Loving on a Toddler

31 25 Signs Your Pet May Be in Pain

Bulldog Shakes His Bottom, He’s so Excited to See ‘Daddy’