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January 2018
1 Some of the Most Overlooked Ways to Give Your Pet an Astonishing 2018

Chickens and a Cat Slipping on Iced-Over Pond

2 One of the Most Deadly Pet Mistakes You Can Make

Parrot Particular About Head Scratches

Certain Sharks and Rays to Get Better Worldwide Protection

3 One of the Most Untreated Types of Pain in Dogs

‘Bratty’ Australian Shepherd Doesn’t Like the Word ‘No’

4 Conflicted About Getting a Pet Because You Think You're Too Old?

Maine Coon Kitty Fascinated by Snow

Meet the Good Dogs Making Air Travel Less Stressful

5 Walk Through These Doors, Your Odds for Good Care Vanish

Golden Retriever ‘Digs in’ for a Mud Bath

6 If Your Vet Shames You Like This, High-Tail It Out of There

German Shepherd and Cat Play Hide-and-Seek

7 Toxic Levels of This Nutrient Is Shockingly Common in Pets - And Potentially Fatal

Husky’s in His Element With the Season’s First Snowfall

8 The Most Outlandish Way Your Dog Mirrors Your Emotions

Blue British Shorthair Loves Being Brushed

9 Still Buying Kibble? Please Heed This Safety Warning

Wildlife Flourishes in Scotland’s Protected Coral Reefs

Clever Raccoons Outsmart Intelligence Tests

10 Keep Your Pet Out of Harm's Way Till Fully Protected From These Robust Bugs

Tiny Girl and Big Dog Play Hide-and-Seek

11 Not for Everyone, This Rare Breed Lives Life at Its Own Pace

Cockatiel Serenades Dog During Lunch

Popular ‘Grumpy’ Cats Face Increased Health Risks

12 The New Generation of Pet Owners, How They're Strikingly Different

Cat Gives Husky a Naptime Massage

13 How Your Pet Grieves When She Loses Her Best Buddy

Chihuahua Overjoyed When Human Comes Home

14 Turns On and Off — And Can Infect You and Other Pets Even While Asymptomatic

Maine Coon Kitty’s First Snow

15 Got an Overly Hungry Dog? Please Do This First

Dog Reacts to Getting a New Bed

16 This Pet Health Bombshell Should Horrify You, yet Almost Everyone Ignores It

Macaw Climbs Big Stairs by Himself

Shrews Shrink Their Skulls to Survive Winter

17 Serious Wake-Up Call for Dog Parents Who Ignore This

Rats Are Nannies to Rescue Kittens

18 They Can Be Demanding, Chatty and Even Bossy — But Boy, Are They Ever Fun

Dog Returns Pillow and Steals It Back Again

Catios — Cat Patios — Are All the Rage

19 These Things Can Affect Your Pet's Feet Like a Badly Fitted Shoe

Cute Little Lovebird Loves His Head Rubs

20 Fatal to Some Pets and Risky for Others — Do You Still Do This?

Shiba Inu Puppy so Happy When His Human Comes Home

21 Your Dog May Go Nuts for This, but a Little Goes a Long Way

How Cats Communicate

22 How to Silence Your Dog's Obsessive Barking

Inquisitive Lovebirds: Compilation

23 New Study Suggests Pet-Friendly Ways to Lower Asthma Risk

Dog Caught Reveling on the Bed

Caterpillars Whistle Alarm Calls to Scare Away Birds

24 Two Breeds Added to Heart Disease Risk List

Veterinarian Treats Homeless People’s Pets at No Cost

25 A Telltale Sign Your Cat Is Stressed

Husky and Human Play Their Own Brand of Hide-and-Seek

Cats Were Domesticated at Least Twice

26 Riskier Than You're Told — This Habit Can Shorten Your Pet's Life

Cockatiel Serenades the Household Cat

27 If You Love Your Pet's Slobbery Kisses — Should You Worry About Infection?

Dog’s Adorable ‘Snack’ Face

28 All Animals Instinctively Do This if Possible — Do You Give Yours the Chance?

Baby Beagle Cutest Howler Ever

29 Your Pet's Aging Symptoms: Are They Cognitive or Medical?

Cockatiel Protects Sleeping Cat

30 12 Simple Ways to Build an Indelible Bond With Your Precious New Kitty

Bat Knows Human Is Helping Him

Some Turtles Survive Winter by Breathing Through Their Butts

31 Please, Do Not Ignore These Telltale Signs of Hypothermia

Cat Joins Sleeping Huskies