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February 2018
1 Want To Be the Talk of the Dog Park? Choose This Striking Breed

Cockatiel Bangs to the Beat of His Own Drum

Ancient Cliff Drawings Depict Dogs on Leashes

2 Hate These Despised Animals? These Startling Facts Might Change Your Mind

Newfoundland Pup Doesn’t Appreciate Being Disturbed

3 How to Help Ease the Emotional Burden of Caring for a Dying Pet

Has This Pup Had Too Much Coffee or What?

4 Doggy Breath? Please Don't Make This Mistake

How to Catch a Cat

5 Does Your Pet Display Any of These Odd Sleep Behaviors?

Sweet Chihuahua Boops the ‘Grump’ Out of Sleepy Pup

Weekly Pets Quiz: Heart Disease, Damaged Paws and Barking

6 Ditch These 5 Pet Menaces Today

Parrot Named Einstein Does Voices

Personality May Determine Whether Elk and Magpies Become Friends

7 Breakthrough Treatment Saves Pets From Euthanasia — Could It Help Yours Too?

‘Wakey Wakey’ Not Working for This Pup!

8 Most People Are Badly Mistaken About How to Help These Little Creatures Thrive

Cat and Dog Don’t Nap Well Together

Live Alone? Getting a Dog May Be Good for Your Heart

9 Immeasurable Heartache Saved With This Single Act of Love

Basset Hound Puppy Pretends He’s Supposed To Be on the Couch

10 Pet Owners Ditch This Nightmare After Studies Suggest It's Useless

Parrot Orders ‘Lights On’ With Voice-Controlled Device

11 Many Pet Parents Now Demand This, Saving Their Pets From Potential Agony

Little Girl and Her Dogs Don’t Want to Wake Up

12 30 Percent of Dogs Show These Anxiety Triggers — Are Any True for Your Pet?

Fluffy Kittens Play-Fighting

Weekly Pets Quiz: Sleep, Dental Disease and Household Hazards

13 Orthodox Wisdom Says to Restrict This as Your Pet Ages — Study Says Don't

This Pup Is the Noisiest Snack Eater!

Equine Intelligence: Nine Insights Into the Way Horses Think

14 Triggers Doggie Dandruff and Skin Problems, Do You Let Any of These Things Slide?

Cockatoo Sings ‘I Love You’ Song

15 Dogs Can Often Increase Your Physical Activity, but Here's a Much Bigger Benefit

Boxer Wants a Spot Near the Fire, Too

Do Hedgehogs Make Good Pets?

16 Does Your Dog's Mouth Appear to Have an Odd Blue Tint? Be Aware of This Disease

Cats Versus Toddler

17 Itchy Skin? It's Time to Buck This Outdated Advice

Newfoundland Outsmarts Owner

18 Causes Sudden Limping and Pain, Then Disappears Just as Quickly

How a Cat Prepares for Winter Weather

19 Surprise, Surprise: These Highly Regarded Dogs Can Be a Royal Pain to Live With

Basset Hound Howls Like a Cow

Weekly Pet Quiz: Heart Murmurs, Anxiety and Titer Testing

20 Which Is Smarter, Your Cat or Your Dog? Here’s What the Latest Study Says

Gorillas React to Their Reflection

Young Fish Poop Is a Fountain of Youth for Older Fish

21 Triggers Spinal Disc Ruptures, Severe Pain, Nerve Damage, Even Paralysis

Parrot Laughs Like a Cartoon Villain

22 Happy Accident Leads to One of the Most Elegant-Looking Animals Ever

Dalmatian Pup Looks After Baby Kittens

Horses, ‘Cowboy Up!’ Program Help Veterans Tackle PTSD

23 This Human Food Favorite Poses a Major Dilemma for Our Dogs

A Tale of Three (Dog) Houses

24 Just Dropping One of These on the Floor Could Poison Your Pet

Australian Cockatiels in the Wild

25 Why Does Your Pet Run Her Face Along the Couch or Floor? Could Be This

Grumpy Chihuahua Wants His Own Bed

26 This Annoying Doggy Behavior May Actually Be a Call for Help

Black Palm Cockatoo Grooves to the B-52's

Weekly Pet Quiz: Dog Intelligence, IVDD and Chocolate

27 A Necessity for Your Pet's Safety, Even If She Despises It

Incredible Leafcutter Ants Cross Amazon Bridge

Ravens Remember When They’ve Been Wronged

28 Never Ever Punish This — It's Not a Behavioral Problem, It's a Medical One

Husky Argues About Stealing Shoe