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March 2018
1 The Take-Along Dog That Adapts Perfectly to Your Lifestyle

Bunny Annoyed With Human for Putting Toys in His Bed

Fitness Trackers for Pets: Fad or Fabulous?

2 This Fills Animal Shelters, Avoid This Mistake to Save Your Pet

Lovebird ‘Loves’ His Indoor Birdbath

3 Based on a Complete Myth — And Makes Your Pet Obsessive About Food

Bulldog Needs His Ears Cleaned, but He Wants Something Else Instead

4 How to Turn Your Finicky Feline Into a Foodie

Cats and Cat People When It’s Cold Outside

5 The Fresh Food That More and More Cat Behaviorists Recommend

Cat Runs in Every Time Dad Shaves

Weekly Pet Quiz: Puppy Socialization, Fiber and Corneal Ulcers

6 A Feline Expert Shares Her Dos and Don'ts for Caring for Cats With Kidney Disease

Siamese Displeased With Breakfast, Apparently

Cats Help Prevent Asthma in Young Kids

7 If You Haven't Heard About CBD-Rich Hemp Oil for Cats, It's Time You Did

Kitty Tucks Herself Into Bed

8 Two Crazy Cat Ladies Want to Help You Help Your Cat Stay Healthy

Kitties Chatting It up on a Window Ledge

Working Cat Programs Match Ornery Cats With Suitable Homes

9 A Brilliant Way to Boost Circulation to Every Cell in Your Cat's Body

Cole and Marmalade: Best Clips From 2017

10 If Your Cat's Behavior Is a Problem, Do More of This

'Problem Kitty' or Adorable Genius?

11 5 Powerful Cat-Care Tips Your Kitty Will Thank You For

Kitties Experience Their First-Ever Catio

12 After 365 Days and Over 25,000 Miles, the Documentary I Co-Produced Is Ready for Release

Cockatiel Does ‘Big Eagle’

Weekly Pet Quiz: Diets, CBD Oil and Behavior Problems

13 Is Fierce and Ferocious Itching Driving Your Pet Nuts? What to Do Next

Bulldog Is Sensitive About His Size

How Do Alligators Survive in a Frozen Swamp?

14 You'll Love Your Pet Even More, Once You Hear About This Swedish Study

Lovebirds Are Pretty and Perky

15 One of the Smartest Dogs on the Planet, Created by Crossing Two Breeds

Smart Siamese Cat Adept at Opening Doors

Therapy Cats Ease Travelers’ Airport Stress

16 Found in Dogs: Odd Symptoms Similar to Humans With This Brain Disorder

Naptime: A Girl and Her Puppy

17 Pet Food Company Finds Startling Findings — But What Did They Do With It?

Cockatiel Crushing on Guy’s Wife

18 Pets Find These Hazards Irresistible, Make Sure Your Home Is Clear

Great Dane Can’t Hide His Jealousy of New Puppy

19 The Worst Dog Treats You Can Buy

Cole and Marmalade: From Kittens to Cats

Weekly Pet Quiz: Benefits of Owning a Pet, Aussiedoodle Dogs and Optimal Pet Health

20 Stunning Findings About Cats and Their Often Baffled Owners

Cockatiel Whistles Movie Theme Song

How Wild Animals Survive Freezing Winter Weather

21 Stern Warning to All Pet Parents Who Walk Their Dogs Just About Anywhere

Cat Crashes His Bike in His Dreams

22 These Special Kitties Easily Rival Some of the Smartest Dogs

Why Pups Love Laundry Day

Service, Therapy and Emotional Support Animals: What’s the Difference?

23 8 Signs Your Pet Is Bored Silly

A Thirsty but Patient Cockatoo

24 The Horrid Signs of an Internal Fungal Infection article

Bossy Basset Hound Named ‘Moose’

25 Makes Your Pet Act Crazy, Chase Her Tail and Even Self-Mutilate

Parrot: This Slipper’s Mine Now!

26 One of the Most Important Commands to Teach Your Dog

Call for ‘Babies’ Causes a Swarm of Kittens

Weekly Pet Quiz: Dog Treats, Boredom and Overdose

27 Ask Your Vet to Run This Test Annually After Age 7

Why You Can’t Nap With a Bulldog

Rat Poison on Marijuana Farms Poses Lethal Threat to Spotted Owls

28 Want Another Dog? Make Sure You Can Say Yes to These 5 Questions

Baby Pomeranian Not Large, but ‘In Charge!’

29 This Dog Wins a Gold Star for Its Diverse Traits

Baby Sphynx Cat Rides on Daddy’s Back

What Does Your Dog Remember? More Than You Might Think

30 What to Do Before Your Pet Hits This Seasonal Panic Button

Young Golden Retriever Pampered After Surgery

31 Causes Fast-Acting Death Within Days and Has No Antidote — Keep It Far Away

English Bulldog ‘Plops’ on Sleeper