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April 2018
1 Tempting to Pets, Tragedy Alert

Pup Enjoys His Own Easter Egg Hunt

2 The Problems With Heartworm Preventives — They Don't Prevent Anything

Budgie Imitates Zipper Noise

Weekly Pet Quiz: Twitchy Cat Syndrome, Thunder Phobia and Feline Hyperthyroidism

3 Nearly Half of Cat Owners Named This Their Primary Behavior Problem — Do You?

Baby Goat Has the Cutest Voice!

Why Windows Pose a Threat to Bats Using Echolocation

4 What You Need to Know as Lyme Exposure Sweeps Across the Nation

Famous Cat Has a Birthday Blast

5 The Mistakes Pet Parents Make Before a New Baby Arrives

Cockatiel Dons His Dancing Shoes

Kooikers and Grands: Two Newest Dog Breeds to Join the AKC

6 Watch Out, Euthanasia Meds Found in Another Pet Food

Kitty’s Bedtime Ritual

7 Don't Mistake This for Love, It Could Rob Years Off Your Pet's Life

Bulldog Hercules Rings Bells to Go Out

8 Dogs Show These 3 Telltale Behaviors Just Before They Bite — Can You Spot Them?

Parakeet Named Kiwi Schooled by Siri

9 The Loving Action Every Dog Needs but Too Few Receive

Cute Kitten Gets a Spit Bath

Weekly Pet Quiz: Euthanasia, Easter Dangers and Obesity

10 Results of This Study Are Appalling, Be Careful

Little Koala Gets Tickles and Cuddles

‘Solitary’ Pumas Actually Have Complex Social Lives

11 7 Breeds Prone to Dental Disease - Is Your Dog One?

Parrot Is Seriously Stuck on Ice Cream

12 The Striking Kitty Reminiscent of Your Favorite Chocolate Bar — With Personality to Match

Dog Is Sad His Buddy Won’t Play

Veterinarian and Heart Surgeon Team Up to Save Lab Puppy With Heart Defect

13 7 Things You Should Never, Ever Do With a Shy Dog

Oriental Shorthair ‘Honks’ for His Supper

14 Finally, Conventional Vets Agree These Are a Boon for Pets, Too

Golden Retriever so Excited Over New Puppy

15 Your Pet's Nose Is a Barometer of Health (Don't Fall for This Myth)

If You Lay It Down, This Bird Will Throw It Off!

16 Do You Buy Your Pet’s Food From This Con Artist?

Rufus Helps Jet 'Sit' to Get His Treat

Weekly Pet Quiz: Biting, Dog Socialization and Supplements

17 Often the First Sign Your Cat Is Sick, Please Don't Ignore It

Young Bat Squeaks as He's Being Petted

Intelligent Orca Whale Can Say Human Words

18 Makes Your Pet Suddenly Dizzy and Act Drunk

Why Cats Love Cat Trees so Much

19 Breeders Cross Two Popular Dogs to Create the Latest Fashion Mutt

Dog's Hilarious Reaction to Crying Baby

Tax-Deductible Savings for Pet Owners

20 Makes Your Dog a Troublesome Thug in Very Short Order — Unless You Do This

Cockatiel Enjoys His 'Window Box'

21 These 10 Medications Are Poisonous for Pets

Husky Can't Hide It: He's Jealous of the Cat!

22 This Popular Supplement Can Turn Your Pet's Gut Into a Yeasty Mess

Alaskan Malamute Teaching Little Sis to Howl

23 Watch Out, These Mistakes Can Make Separation Anxiety Worse

Call These Cats the ‘Marm Alarm!’

Weekly Pet Quiz: Warm Noses, Poisoning and Body Conditioning

24 Brings Out Kitty's Best, Gives Her the Time of Her Life and Boosts Your Special Bond

Baby Goat Copies Little Girl

‘One in a Million’ Yellow Cardinal Spotted in Alabama

25 5 Classic Signs of Canine Aging You Should Never Ignore

Dog Complains About Her Difficult Day

26 Genetic Mutation Leads to One of the Most Desirable Cats Ever

Cockatiel Makes Kitchen Music

Does Your Dog Need a Massage?

27 Telltale Signs You’ve Been Ignoring Your Dog for Too Long

Cat Is Happy and Knows It!

28 Pet Parents Are Finally Ignoring This Advice — Are You?

Rescue Dog Plays ‘Mom’ to Foster Kitties

29 10 Gut-Wreckers That Can Make Your Pet Feel Miserable

Dog Wearing a GoPro in River Plays Fetch

30 Discover Your Adoptive Pet's Most Outlandish Traits — Before You Adopt

Unique Cat Has a Unique ‘Meow’

Weekly Pet Quiz: Prebiotics, Separation Anxiety and Pet Health