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May 2018
1 My Longevity Checklist: Are You Doing the Right Things?

Pelican Waits in Line To Be Served at a Fish Store

UK to Ban Wild Animals From Circuses by 2020

2 Exposes Highly Sensitive Nerves and Can Take Months to Heal

Huskies Argue Over Who Should Be Nearest Their Human

3 Hysterically Funny Breed Emerges From a Place You’d Never Expect

Parakeet Shows Off His Vocabulary

Want to Bond With Your Dog? Use ‘Dog Speak’

4 Your Dog’s Bucket List Is Far More Hilarious Than Yours

If the Shoebox Fits, These Cats Will Own It!

5 Spritz This Kitchen Staple on Your Pet to Nix These Pesky Parasites

Pomeranian Puppy Falls Asleep Under the Brush

6 Want Your 4-Legged Friend to Adore You for Life?

Cockatiel: Tap Dance Fever

7 Dogs Taught to Play a Computer Game, You'll Never Guess What Happened Next

Feline Infatuation

Weekly Pet Quiz: Probiotics, Corneal Ulcers and Fleas

8 The Loving Action Every Cat Needs — Skip It, and You’ll Live to Regret It

Kids Play With Baby Gray Whales

Why Do Birds Preen?

9 Dogs Love This More Than Just About Anything - And It's a Health Ally

How a Dog Teaches a Baby to Walk

10 One of the Smartest Cats on Earth

Colorful, Chatty Parrots Are Brothers

The Biggest Mistakes Pet Owners Make

11 Often Leads to Extreme Aggression - Do You Make This Mistake?

Cat Claims New Rug, so Don't Try Moving Him!

12 Linked to Seizures, Bloat and Bladder Stones, Is Your Pet Still Eating It?

Sleepy Dog Needs a Chill Pill

13 Turns Your House Into a Frightful Mess, and Means Pain and Discomfort for Your Pet

Offspring-Protecting Animal Moms

14 This One-Way Seasonal Menace Can Kill Your Pet

Cat and Boy, 12 Years After

Weekly Pet Quiz: Bones, Aggression and Soy

15 Many Cats Have a Rigid Upper Limit and Will Push Back Against This

Week-Old Baby Goats, Playing

Should You ‘Rescue’ Wildlife?

16 This Breed Is More Predisposed to Devastating Disease

Sleepy Corgi Hears ‘I Love You’ and Responds ‘Whatever’

17 These Tiny Pets May Steal Your Heart, but Please Don't Ignore These Special Needs

Kiwi to Pixel: You Have the Right to Remain Silent

Does Sleeping With Your Dog Interfere With Your Sleep? The Verdict Is In

18 Your Dog Will Love This 2-Minute TLC Treatment

Ragdoll Cat Timo Loves Cuddles

19 Telltale Signs Your Pet Is Tormented by This Overlooked Misery Maker

Dog and Baby Play Hide-and-Seek

20 Severely Limits Ability to Eat and Can Quickly Progress to Starvation

Norbert Running: Poetry in Motion

21 Pet Food Companies May Swear by This Advice, but I Suggest You Don't

Mama Cat and Kittens: Sweetest Ever

Weekly Pet Quiz: Foxtail, Ear Hematomas & Seasonal Allergies

22 This Cruel Procedure Means Excruciating Pain That Will Haunt Your Pet

Baby Octopus: 'I'm a Sucker for You'

Microplastics Pose a Significant Risk to Whales, Manta Rays and Whale Sharks

23 Considering a Small Dog? Don't Fall for These Myths

How to Find Your Dog

24 Here's Help to Save Your Pet if Choking

Watch Your Water Glass — Kiwi Wants a Bath!

Floridians to Vote on Greyhound Racing Ban

25 New Study Proves These Dogs Live a Life of Torture, Even in a Loving Home

Puppy 'Humble-Brags' About His New Neckerchief

26 Rejuvenating and Energizing for Your Older Pet - Sends Aches and Pains Packing

Westie Practices Her Combat Readiness Moves

27 A Way of Life for Wild Canines, This Could Be a Godsend for Your Dog

'Beach Kitty' Loves Swimming

28 Still Scolding Your Dog for This? You're Hijacking One of Her Most Brilliant Abilities

This Golden Retriever Really Missed His Human!

Weekly Pet Quiz: Declawing, Choking & Geriatric Pets

29 This Deficiency Can Prove Fatal if Not Addressed Quickly

When Bears Come a Little Too Close

Eastern Cougars Finally Declared Extinct

30 Can Trigger Chronic Kidney Disease Later in Life — Is Your Pet at Risk?

Cole and Marmalade: First Meeting

31 If Your Pet Could Talk, She'd Beg You to Get These Things Out of Your Home

Benjamin, a Cockatiel, and His Never-Ending Song

Newfoundlands Excel at Water Rescues