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June 2018
1 Shelters Are Full of These Wondrous Pets, Can You Adopt One?

Norbert Misses on the High Five

2 Does Your Vet Live Up to These Standards?

Kitty 'Digs' the Sea Shore

3 Be Aware, That Bump Could Be a Malignant Tumor

Parakeet Mimics Siri

4 Humans and Dogs Share More Than Just a Special Bond — There's Also This

Tonka Tries to Fetch Baby’s Ball

Weekly Pet Quiz: Fasting for Dogs, Thiamine Deficiency & Lyme Disease

5 Bad Advice for Hairballs, Avoid It for Your Pet's Well-Being

Scottish Highland Bull Gets His Hair Brushed

Are Wolves More Cooperative Than Dogs?

6 The Best Way to Train Your Dog? Not What You've Probably Been Told

5 Signs You Work With Cats

7 How Tame Is Your Pet as Judged by These Qualities?

Why Oil the Bird Feeder Pole?

Comfort Dogs Give Hope to People in Crisis

8 Too-Common Condition Triggers Paralysis - Especially in This Breed

Bulldog Answers 'Yes' Before Hearing the Question

9 The Effective Pain Treatment Your Vet May Not Want to Talk About

German Shepherd Is the 'Wake-Up Call' for Kids

10 Dogs Love These but They Can Crack Teeth and Become a Choking Hazard

Parrot Mimics Owner's Hacking Cough

11 2 Dogs Found Dead After Eating This From Their Yard

French Bulldog Is Ready for Anything!

Weekly Pet Quiz: Mast Cell Tumors, Hairballs and CBD Oil

12 Just a Drop Killed Two Cats, Never Treat Fleas or Ticks With This

Friesian Horse Acts Just Like a Kid

How Many Calories Do Dolphins Eat Daily?

13 5 Mistakes Which Can Make Your Dog Depressed, Are You Guilty of Them?

Kitty Backpack Is Like a Little Space Capsule

14 Don't Scold Your Dog for This, Says Animal Behavior Expert

Short and Sweet Munchkin Kitten

Why Are Dogs Studied More Often Than Cats?

15 These 'Warrior Dogs' Intimidate Even Bears and Lions

Shih Tzu Puppy Knows Tricks

16 How Millennials Treat Their Pets Versus Generation X and Baby Boomers

Police Dog Jango Has Requirements

17 The Tragic No. 1 Reason Cats End up in Shelters

Dog Obsessively Digs Up and Drags a Rock

18 This Red Flag Practically Screams That Your Dog Is in Pain

German Shepherd's Billy Joel Sing-Along

Weekly Pet Quiz: Toxic Mushrooms, Dogs Jumping & Millennial Pet Parents

19 You'll Never Know What Your Cat Is Capable of if You Ignore This

The Same Four Bears: Another Visit

North Atlantic Right Whales May Be 'Functionally Extinct'

20 One Simple Way to Tell if Your Dog Is an Optimist or Pessimist

Guy Asks Kitty, 'Who's a Good Boy?'

21 Kitty Toy Alert: These Toys Can Harm Your Cat or Even Prove Deadly

'Kids' in Jammers: Goat Kid P.J. Party

Tiny Chihuahua Becomes Smallest Heart Surgery Patient

22 Germ Warning: Lab Tests Reveal Stunning Levels on These Pet Items

'Norbie': Cutest Canine Ever

23 What Do Dogs Eat When Given a Menu?

Jealous Dog Wants to Join the Couch Potatoes

24 This Common Feline Behavior Is Really a Red Flag

Kitty’s Mind Blown by Sparkling Water

25 Dozens of Dog Deaths Now Linked to This Pentobarbital-Tainted Food

Swimming Corgi Butt

Weekly Pets Quiz: Pet Toys, Overweight Pets and Pain Management

26 No Infection, but Kitty Can't Go? Try This Now

Chance Encounter: Bear and Human

Kenya Announces Death Penalty for Poachers

27 How Long Is Too Long to Leave Your Dog Alone?

Dog 'Cleverly' Hides Behind a Flower Pot

28 Moving to a New Home With Your Dog? Avoid These Mistakes

Parrot Chats — When He Feels Like It

United Bans Nearly 50 Types of Dogs and Cats After Animal-Related Incidents

29 Condition Can Be Fatal, Linked to Eating Dry Dog Food

Dog Is Only Partly on the Couch

30 One of the Biggest Mistakes Pet Owners Make That Cuts Lives Short

Cockatiel and His Jazz Groove