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July 2018
1 Major Heads-Up: Please Don't Ignore This Odd Leg Behavior

Hosico Takes Play Very Seriously

2 Dog Dies Less Than 24 Hours After Eating This Coveted Treat

Malamute Husky Puppy Howls for the First Time

Weekly Pet Quiz: Cat Vomiting, Obesity and Recalled Pet Food

3 Buyer Beware, This Pet Food Mineral Damages Kidney Function

Human Helps Injured Gosling Survive

Wolverine Mom and Kits Spotted in Washington

4 Protect Your Dog From Stress-Inducing Fireworks

Norbert Is Ready for the Fourth!

5 Save Yourself Untold Heartache and Anguish - Avoid This Crossbreed

Bird Photobombs Weather Report

The 6,000 Dogs 'Working' at Amazon Get Access to Some Cool Perks

6 Do Therapy Dogs Really Enjoy Their Job? You May Be Surprised

Tonka: But I Didn't Want a Bath!

7 8 Signs Your Dog May Have a Urinary Tract Infection

Ducks Stop on Red and Go on Green

8 Nature's Answer to Inflammation, Help Safeguard Your Pet's Health and Longevity

Timo Wants to Stay in the Garden

9 Dogs Fed Grain-Free Kibble May Be at Risk for Heart Disease

Shadow Likes Getting 'Bites' of Water

Weekly Pet Quiz: 4th Of July Hazards, Therapy Dogs and UTIs

10 7 Red Flag Symptoms That Foretell This Painful Colon Condition

Bat Hospital: Feeding the Residents

This Owl Had an Extraordinary Survival Story After a Very Bad Day

11 The Life-Changing New Vet Care Pets Are Raving About - Does Your Vet Do This?

Dog Loves His Body Massage

12 They Built a Better Mousetrap - One That Reduces Ticks

Cockatiel Tries Snitching Soup From His Human's Bowl

Large Predators Are Reclaiming Some of Their Old, and Unexpected, Territories

13 You May Be Lambasted Over This, but Hold Your Ground

Bulldog Reuben: When You've Got to Go

14 Classified as a Definite Carcinogen for Pets - Do You Feed This?

Mama Cat: My Tail Is Not a Toy!

15 Why I Don’t Recommend Alkaline Water for Dogs and Cats

Dog in Pool Caught and He Knows It

16 Careful, This Mistake Could Make Your Dog Aggressive

Oriental Shorthairs — Not Your Typical Cat

Weekly Pet Quiz: Sterilization, Antioxidants and GMOs

17 3 Words to Say to Your Cat

Local Koala Comes to Visit

Why Do Most Captive Great Apes Have Heart Disease?

18 The Worst Birth Month for Future Health Problems

Parakeet Recites His 12 Favorite Phrases

19 The Popular Pet That Can Make You Seriously Ill

Tiny Chihuahua Attacks Strawberry

New Initiative Pairs the Elderly With Dogs to Combat Loneliness

20 This Barbaric Fix May Please the Owner, but Devastates the Dog

D'Artagnan, the Staring Cat

21 Causes Your Pet's Cells to Starve, Even While Providing Certain Macronutrients

Wild Elephant Baby Rescue

22 If You Have a Pet, You'll Have This — Are You Prepared?

Lilly's Crazy 'Happy' Face

23 Blue Buffalo Gets Its Day in Court — And Then This Happened

Marmalade 'Saying' I Love You

Weekly Pet Quiz: Alkaline Water, Devocalization and Big Pet Food

24 Urgent Warning to Cat Owners in These Areas

Sleeping 'Kids' Are Therapy for Humans

Carnivorous Hammerhead Flatworms Discovered in France

25 Doggie Deafness Not as Rare as You Might Think - 30 Breeds at Risk

Parrot Is 'Making Bacon Pancakes'

26 The BBC Attempts to Answer the Impossible Question

Two Hungry Dogs and One That Can't Wait

Warning for Small Dog Owners: Coyote Attacks on the Rise

27 New Life-Saving Treatment Slashes Parvo Mortality Rate and Recovery Times

Hosico Focuses While Strolling

28 The Dreadful New Pet Adoption Scheme You'll Want to Avoid Like the Plague

Malamute Throws a Tantrum Under the Coffee Table

29 Leaves Your Pet Feeling Dizzy, Lame and Stir-Crazy

Ragdoll Cat Toby Doesn't Need Timo's Hammock Skills

30 Talking This Way to Your Dog Could Strengthen Your Bond

Shar-Pei Is Great at Tapping for Attention

Weekly Pet Quiz: Blue Buffalo Lawsuit, Parvo Deaths and Puppies-for-Profit Schemes

31 If These Pets Could Talk, They’d Beg You to Do This

Bear Cub Scampers to Catch Up With Mom

Why Are Some Mama Bears Caring for Cubs Longer?