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August 2018
1 Common Painkiller Proven Ineffective for Both Acute and Chronic Pain

Dalmatian's First Swim Lessons: 'Goofy and Cute'

2 The Stealth Threat Facing Dogs Around the World

A Parrot's Flirtatious Advances Decisively Rebuffed

Bogus ‘Service Animal Certifications’ Increasingly Being Sold Online

3 The Pet Longevity Marker Almost Everyone Ignores

Possibly the Most Polite German Shepherd There Is

4 Failure to Do This Now Could Make Your Pet Very Sick Later

Flamenco Bird

5 Left Untreated, This Wasting Disease Can Lead to Organ Failure and Death

'Meet Your New Human Sister, Dude'

6 Round-the-Globe Look at Native Dogs

Cat Is Feelin' the Love

Weekly Pet Quiz: Baby Talking to Your Dog, Mixed Breeds and Diabetes

7 Dogs Native to Europe

Doberman Meets Some Friendly Cows

In Spite of Mosquito Feasts, Bat Populations in Serious Decline

8 Hailing From Portugal, Greece and the Balkans, One-of-a-Kind Gems

Dog Loves Instrumental 'Can't Help Falling in Love'

9 Out of Africa: Great Dogs You’ve Never Heard Of

Newborn Goat Tries to Befriend Kittens

Acupuncture Breathes New Life Into Aging Penguin

10 The Unique Dogs of Russia, Korea and China

Cats' Reactions to Disappearing Act

11 One of the Most Neglected Aspects of Pet Ownership

German Shepherd Sad When 'Mom' Has to Leave

12 If Your Pet Could Talk, He'd Tell You About This Hidden Pain

Diva Husky Doesn’t Want to Ride in Back

13 This Can Be Harder on Your Pet Than You Realize

Cole and Marmalade Star in ‘Purrasic World’

Weekly Pet Quiz: Native Dogs, EPI and Pet Insurance

14 Your Pet Could Expose You to This Parasite, but There Are Much Bigger Threats

Insects Close Up: A Fascinating Compilation

Could Fecal Transplants Save Endangered Species?

15 Can Destroy the Pancreas, and Lead to Multiple Organ Failure and Death

Dog Slumbering All Over the Bed

16 Boredom Busters You'll Use Again and Again With These Unusual Pets

Sleeping Otters Can Float!

How to Prepare Your Dog for the Arrival of a New Little Human

17 Possibly the Worst Thing to Do if Your Pet Bolts

Who Needs Cat Toys When There’s Newspaper?

18 Be Aware: This Pet Food Contains a Stunning List of 40 'Clean' Ingredients

Human Cracks Up Over Dog Eating Watermelon

19 Equally Painful for You and Your Pet, This Seasonal Mishap Can Be Fatal

Husky Argues When Dachshund Has Her Toy

20 Your Dog Is Being Very Intentional When He Does This

Cutest British Shorthair Golden Kittens

Weekly Pet Quiz: Gum Disease, Toxoplasmosis and Pancreatitis

21 This Pet Feeding Mistake Can Lead to Obesity and Diabetes

Gigantic Alligator Strolls Across Walking Trail

What Will Happen to Wolverines Like Seamus?

22 Your Dog May Not Make a Good Running Partner, Consider This

Malamute Pouts After Bath Time

23 Love Avocados? Thank Man's Best Friend

Bunny Aces ‘What the Fluff Challenge’

Should You Look for a Vet Who Does House Calls?

24 Way Better Than Euthanasia, Prevent Death With This

Kitty Answers to ‘You Hungry?’

25 The Truth Behind the Growing Raw Pet Food Recalls

Huskies Reveal Their Love Languages

26 Potentially Deadly Airborne Spores Infect Pets in 31 Areas

Dogs Compete to Show How Excited They Are

27 10,000 People Guess Top 3 Breeds of 31 Mutts — The Results Were Comical

Sweetest Ginger Kitten Not Afraid to Show the Love

Weekly Pet Quiz: Insect Stings, Dog Gestures and Improving Mobility

28 Don't Wait Until Your Pet Collapses, Learn These 5 Signs Now

A Different Kind of Pet: ‘Bee’

‘Kissing Bugs’ Not the Only Hosts for Potentially Deadly Chagas Disease

29 Huge UK Study Reveals the Most Osteoarthritis-Prone Dog

A Deer and a Dog Are ‘Racing Buddies’

30 This Trendy Pain Relief Protocol Puts Pets on Equal Footing With Humans

Fluffy Cow and Baby Goat: Best Friends

The Emotional Burden of Caring for a Sick Pet

31 Causes Intense Suffering and Nerve Damage in Certain Dogs, Is Yours at Risk?

Little ‘Birb’ Chats It Up