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September 2018
1 Why Is This Potentially Deadly Item Found in 'Healthy' Pet Food?

Hyper Chocolate Lab Puppy Takes a ‘Spill Pill’

2 If Your Dog Makes This Frightening Sound, Here's What's Going On

German Shepherd Enjoying a Water Park

3 They Studied Multi-Dog Households — Guess What They Learned About Leadership?

Goofball Cat’s Awkward Outlook on Life

Weekly Pet Quiz: Histoplasmosis, Addison’s Disease and Osteoarthritis

4 Is This Why Kitty Annoys You or Vocalizes All Night?

Is She ‘the Pigeon Whisperer’ or Did She Just Bring Snacks?

How Research on Zebras May Improve Preservation Efforts

5 Adorable Dogs Are Off the Charts in Popularity, but Watch for This Caveat

Guilty Dog Knows How to Distract With Sweetness

6 This Pet Food Class Skews Crème de la Crème, but Be Aware of Cheap Copycats

Snoring Horse: When You Can’t Quiet ’Em, Join ’Em

Saltwater: A Hidden Risk to Your Dog at the Beach

7 One of the Best Canine Boredom-Busters Ever

Parrot Whistles the Famous Ballpark ‘Charge’ Tune

8 Should You Boycott These Pet Brands That Think You're Dimwitted?

Dog Crosses His Eyes to See the Butterfly on His Nose!

9 Serious Cause of Respiratory Distress, Do You Keep This No. 1 Trigger at Bay?

Dog Finds Mutual Comfort When Cat Snuggles on His Head

10 Controversial for You, but It's Downright Awful for Your Pet

How the Kitty and the Baby Wake Daddy in the Morning

Weekly Pet Quiz: Tracheal Collapse, Bored Cats and Salt Poisoning

11 Move Over, Catnip, This Is a Bigger Hit With Kitties

Rescue Duck Convinced She’s a Dog

Will Red Wolves — Once Declared Extinct — Make a Comeback?

12 Never Make Your Pup Endure This Cruel, Painful Process, No Matter What

Malamute Pouts Because He Doesn’t Like Mom’s ‘Dating’ Advice

13 Stuns Veterinarians, Relieves Pain Without Side Effects

Rabbit Experiences ‘Poop’ Dreams

Canada Moves Closer to Banning Cosmetics Testing on Animals

14 They Studied Street Dogs Versus Pet Dogs and These Were the Stunning Findings

Ginger Cat and Shiba Inu Love to Cuddle

15 This Invisible but Deadly Threat Requires Your Attention

Scottish Shorthair Teddy Is Quite Unique

16 This Impulsive Choice Can Stress Your Pet in Unexpected Ways

Two Cats React to a Robot Vacuum

17 The Most Food-Obsessed Breed, They're an Open Invitation for Obesity

Dog ‘Rescues’ Little Girl From the Ocean

Weekly Pet Quiz: Pyothorax, Tail Docking and Trendy Treatment Option

18 This Used To Be a Death Sentence, but No More — So Long as It's Caught Early

Little Dog Becomes Donkey’s Protector and Friend

Vampire Bats: Drinking Blood Is in Their Genes

19 Feeding Kibble? Do This Now to Protect Your Dog's Heart

Dog and Cat Hang Out When No One’s Looking

20 Move Over Cats and Dogs: This Is the New Smart Pet Craze Even in Big Cities

‘Potty Trained’ Rabbit Runs to the Litter Box

Kids With ADHD Benefit From Time With Therapy Dogs

21 This Alliance May Sound Simple, but It's Got a Stellar Life Saving Success Rate

Dog Is Sad After Digging Hole Too Close to the Ocean

22 Millions Fall for These Tactics, but They Can Leave Your Pet Needy and Sick

Golden Retriever Steals to Trade for Treats

23 Why You Should Skip Dental Cleaning Without Anesthesia

Cat Tries to Figure Out the Secret to Whack-a-Mole

24 The Dreadful New Feeding Scheme You'll Want to Avoid

Street Dog’s Accident Has a Happy Ending

Weekly Pet Quiz: Dogs Prone to Obesity, Feline Leukemia Virus and Shelter Dogs

25 Almost Like Starving Your Cat, This Is Harmful in so Many Ways

Rescue Beaver Builds Dams in a House

Mice May Self-Domesticate With Little Human Intervention

26 Nearly 3 in 4 Dogs' Mouths Contain Potentially Deadly Bacteria, Should You Be Concerned?

Cats Wonder What’s Behind the Bathroom Door

27 Detects Liver Disease in Humans, Coming Soon for Pets

Rabbit Will ‘Never Surrender, Never Give In’

Does Your Cat Recognize His or Her Own Name?

28 Don't Let Your Vet Convince You This Is Normal Behavior

Milo and Niko: Battle of the Fluff Balls

29 When Buying Pet Food, Watch Out for This Trick

Great Dane Doesn’t Like His New Dinner Schedule

30 Can Trigger Blindness, so Please Don't Ignore

‘Senior’ Cat Dives Into Newspapers