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October 2018
1 Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

Sweet Pit Bull Rescued From Dog Fighting

Weekly Pet Quiz: Gum Disease, Overweight Cats and Hairballs

2 Could Mean Euthanasia for Your Pet, Ignoring It Is Perilous

Snuggly Rescue Rooster Is Part of the Family

How Energy Efficiency and Other Factors Influence Bird Migration

3 They May Be Unadoptable, but Have the Right Stuff for This

Sassy Puppy Is Ordered Out of the Tub

4 Red Flags That You're Not Your Pet's Favorite Person

Little Bunny’s Apple Dreams

Adopting a Pet May Help Fight Depression

5 Small Dogs Use This Ploy to Exaggerate Their Size and Competitiveness

Don’t Teach Your Dog to Say This!

6 Pet Parents Give More Supplements, but Please Don't Make This Mistake

When You Just Can’t Get Comfy

7 Forget This Vaccine — Your Dog Has Better Ways to Fight This Bug

Trooper Shows Everyone: It’s Okay To Be Different

8 Omit This Single Word, and Your Odds of Quality Food Vanishes

Cole and Marmalade Get Sibling Sisters!

Weekly Pet Quiz: Eye Infections, Cat Bonding and Scent Marking

9 What All Cats Need Every Day, Without Fail

Cat Sneaks up on Unsuspecting Dog

Elephants’ Unusual Disease Resistance Could Help Humans

10 Avoid Tragedy: Be Alert to This Rising Poison Threat

Malamute and Husky Puppy's Cute Couch Fight

11 How Owning a Pet Can Benefit Your Immune System

This Bird Is Upset Because He’s Not Allowed to Chew on the Wall

Love To Be Active? These 15 Dog Breeds Are Just Right for You

12 New Dog Feeding Study — Can You Guess Their Crazy Conclusion?

Tiny Human Learns Gentleness While Loving on the Cat

13 Don't Put This Off, Do This Now for Your Pet's Security and Comfort

Naughty Niko Gets a ‘Talking To!’

14 10 Life Lessons Having a Pet Can Provide

Rigby: An Adventurous Nautical Cat

15 They Studied 80 Lab Retrievers for 12 Years, and This Is What They Found

Great Dane: One Tissue Is Never Enough

Weekly Pet Quiz: Canine Influenza, Marijuana Poisoning and Senior Pets

16 Surprisingly, Your Kitty Loves This More Than Just About Anything

Bunny ‘Sploots’ When You Scratch His Back

Lemur Extinction Looms Due to Multiple Threats

17 Never, Ever Scold Your Dog for This, It May Not Be Their Fault

Craigslist Kittens Learn to Walk by Compensating

18 Harmless to You, Deadly to Your Feathered Friend

A Very Agreeable Bird

Dogs Sniff Out Devastating Bee Disease Foulbrood

19 It's Like an Aging Pill for Your Pet, but Millions Overlook It

Husky Named Millie Just Loves Attention

20 The Most Dangerous 'Food' on the Market - Snuffs Out Key Nutrients

Ziggie, the Happiest Kitten Ever

21 Considering a Heartworm Preventive? Avoid This Serious Mistake

Malamute Not Thrilled After Bath

22 Pure Joy for Your Pup's Heart and Soul - Are You Handing It Out Like Candy?

Cats Get to Nap in the Dryer

Weekly Pet Quiz: Pet Ownership Life Lessons, Urinary Incontinence and Pet Food Extrusion

23 How to Help Avoid 5 of the Most Common Cat Diseases

Diver Meets a Baby Octopus and Names Him Egbert

After 140 Years, Bison Again Roaming in Banff

24 Estrogens Run Rampant in Dogs - Avoid These 20 Items Like the Plague

Tiny Kitten Loves Adventuring With Canine Sibling

25 Do You Let Your Pet Enjoy This Nighttime Luxury? Be Careful

Sleepy Conure (Cute, Colorful Parrot)

Goats Prefer Happy Human Faces

26 Urgent Infection Alert for Pet Owners

‘Newfies’ Are Big, but Their Hearts Are Bigger

27 For Your Pet's Sake, Avoid These Two Food Ingredients

33-Pound Shelter Cat Slims Down

28 Why Aren’t Our Pets Living Longer?

Catnip or Zombie Walk?

29 High Heat Processing Creates Higher Levels of Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs)

Dog Captivated by Toddler's Chat With Baby

Weekly Pet Quiz: Heartworm Infection and Common Cat Conditions

30 Our Independent Pet Food Study Results Will Be Available Soon

Trick or Treat With Cockatiels

31 Are Potentially Toxic Compounds in Cat Food Behind the Feline Diabetes Epidemic?

Marmalade Is E.T. for Halloween