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November 2018
1 Caring for Your Cat From Kittenhood Through Old Age

Arnie Armadillo: A 'Funny Looking Toddler'

2 Two Brilliant Tips to Help Indoor Cats Get in Touch With Their Wild Side

Cat Is the ‘Ice Bomber’

3 Bridging the Gap Between What Our Pets Need From Us and What We’re Able to Offer Them

Dog on Wheels Loves Hiking Trails

4 Why Have Big Pet Food Manufacturers and Regulators Become so Terrified of Small, Local, Fresh Food Producers?

This Kitty Likes Her Food Fresh

5 Scientists Stunned - 90 Percent Success Calming Hyper Anxious Dogs

Protector Dogs for Sanctuary Farm

6 Create This Tranquil Utopia for Kitty — She'll Love You for It

Flying Fox Shows How Much His Cheeks Can Hold

Widely Used Herbicide Harms Honeybees’ Gut Bacteria

7 An Alarming New Lump or Bump on Your Pet? What to Do Next

Can This Cockatiel Really Play Peek-A-Boo?

8 They Studied These ‘Wise’ Animals and Found This Odd Link to ADHD

Bunny and Puppy Are Best Friends

Mountain Goat Relocation at Olympic National Park

9 Don't Outsource This, Your Pet Prefers This Home TLC Version Anyway

Kitty Bank for Maximum Happiness

10 This Is the New 'Gold Standard' Pet Food Protein? Seriously, Don't Be Conned

Malamute Has an Embarrassing Moment

11 Warning, Using This on Your Pet Could Cause Seizures and Tremors

Covert Cat Charms Two Generations

12 One of the Most Humane Ways to Help an Aggressive, Fearful Pet

Puppy Is Jealous of Mechanical Toy Dog

Weekly Pet Quiz: Stress Reducer, Lipomas and Nail Trimming

13 Be Sure Your Vet Screens for This, Especially if Your Pet Is Over 7 Years Old

Helen and Uma: Blind Buffalo's Bodyguard Is a Loyal Pig

How Rare Are White Squirrels?

14 Say No to Pet Foods Containing This Deadly 'Mash-Up'

Chatting Is Fine; Kisses Are Better!

15 Researchers Discover Two Astonishing Benefits of Dog Ownership

Cat Finds Dog To Be the Best Napping Spot

Millennials Say Pets Are Top Priority When Buying a Home

16 Help Your Storm-Phobic Dog, but Avoid This Dangerous Mistake

When Cats See Frogs

17 Telltale Signs Your Pet Feels Genuine Pain and Grief

Patient Great Dane and the Pesky New Puppy

18 Disables Your Poor Pup — Can Cause Her to Collapse in Pain

Cockatiel’s Version of a Dog

19 What Dogs Do When They Sense You're in Trouble

Sleepy Cat Must Have a Bedtime Story First

Weekly Pet Quiz: Effective Training, Feline Hyperthyroidism and Grieving Pet

20 10 Sure Signs Your Cat Is Madly in Love With You — Kitty Love Language Explained

Biscuit and Rose: Dog and Chicken Are Unlikely Buds

How Fast Do Newborn Giraffes Learn to Stand and Run?

21 Resist This Temptation, They Could Infect You With Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Feral Cat Becomes ‘Grandpa Mason’ to Rescue Kittens

22 This Disease Kills Countless Dogs, but It Doesn’t Have To

Wheelchair Brings ‘Life’ Back to Adventurous Dog

Why Your Dog Is Thankful, Too

23 An End-of-Life Decision You Probably Haven't Considered

Timo Kitty Looks for a Playmate

24 Urgent: Seasonal Poison Alert for All Pet Owners

Bored Dog Experiences ‘Touchless’ Car Wash

25 A Major Heads Up, This May Be Harming Your Indoor Pet

Hosico Cat Now Has Kittens!

26 These Animals Are Not Pets, Please Don't Be Conned by Cuteness

Dog Shows That if You Feel Sad, Having a Friend Can Help

Weekly Pet Quiz: Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture, Cat Safety and Aquamation

27 This Can Mean Hidden Pain for Kitty - Please Don't Ignore

Backyard Bird Rescue Becomes Sweet Friendship

Should Rhinos Be Introduced in Australia?

28 Put This in Your Dog's Ears to Nix Nasty Infections

Little Girl Sings Kitty to Sleep

29 A Game-Changing Treatment for Pets With Tummy Trouble

Singing Donkey Serenades All Who Pass By

Why Pet Owners Seek Cannabis for Their Pets

30 7 Reasons Why You Should Sleep With Your Dog

Challenged Rescue Dog Becomes a Goofy Love Bug