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December 2018
1 Don't Expect Your Pet to Weather This Choice of Pet Food Well

‘Naughtiest, Cheekiest’ Pet Is a Perfect Lamb at Home

2 This Traumatic Episode May Horrify You, but Not Your Dog

Rescue Dog Rescues His Favorite Human

3 Makes Your Dog a Troublesome Thug - Here's How to Beat It

‘All Grooming’ a Thing With Dobbikats

Weekly Pet Quiz: Domestication, Ear Cleaning and Sleeping With Your Dog

4 Can Be Fatal, Please Don't Ever Ignore These Red Flag Behaviors

Pets Say ‘Olive Juice’ in Different Ways

Parrots Are Smart, and Most Outlive Their Owners

5 Two Big, Common Mistakes Made With Rabies Vaccine

Sleeping Doggo

6 This Brave Young Brazilian Veterinarian Is a Trailblazer

Mrs. Eagle, Up Close and Personal

Dogs Achieving Astonishing Things With Their Sniffers

7 11 Loving Gestures To Make Your Dog's Last Chapter a Happy One

Electronic Mouse Teases Hosico Cat!

8 Triggers Lameness and Hurts Like Crazy, Do You Know the Signs?

Abandoned Puppy Now Happy and Healthy

9 Is Your Pet Thriving or Simply Surviving?

Faithful Dog Is a Great Motivator for Little Girl

10 Dogs Often Do This Just Before Snapping or Biting

Golden Retriever a Little Nervous Around Neighborhood Cat

Weekly Pet Quiz: Reverse Sneezing, Aging Dog and Arthritis

11 The Highly Toxic Pet Threat You Most Likely Ignore

Baby Goat Born Without Legs Is Still Spunky

New Breed of ‘Deadly’ Snake ‘Stumbled Upon’ in Australia

12 Hopelessly Irresistible, This Catch Poisons Dogs

Sherman: The Dog Who Sleeps ‘Every Which Way’

13 Why Dogs Do These 3 Common Oddball Behaviors

Dog and Duck Take Walks Together

More Pet Sitters Welcoming Specialty Pets

14 New Pet Food Recall, This One Is Critical

It’s a Cat’s World; Dogs Just Live in It

15 Tips for Pet-Proofing Your Christmas Tree

Foster Boy Gets His First, Best Dog

16 6 in 10 Cats Need This Intervention - Does Yours?

Sweet Pit Bull Has Challenges, but She’s Loved!

17 Freaks Out Your Dog, How to Ease the Distress

Aggressive Cat Becomes a Snugglebug

Weekly Pet Quiz: Feline Obesity, Toad Poisoning and Pet-Proofing Christmas Tree

18 How Old Is Old for Your Cat?

Frail Baby Goat Bounces Back!

Wild Turtles in Texas Are Declining; Here’s How Experts Are Responding

19 Dog Age Chart: Forget the 7 Years to 1 Myth

Woman Saves Parrot No One Else Would Take a Chance On

20 A Fun and Easy Way to Eliminate Common Bad Behaviors in Cats

Shy Shelter Dog and Human Mom Find Confidence Together

Are Cats Really Good at Catching Rats?

21 Triggers Death in Dogs, Is It Found in Your Area?

Guy Helps Swimming Squirrel

22 Red Alert: So Poisonous a Single Teaspoon Can Kill

Deer Finds Snowman Quite Tasty!

23 Please Heed This Poison Alert or You Could Live to Regret It

Cats Love Their Cardboard Gingerbread House

24 How to Calm Barking Dogs in Less Than 2 Minutes

Dogs Confused by Barking Christmas Music

Weekly Pet Quiz: Separation Anxiety, Valley Fever and Winter Hazards

25 For Pet Parents, Every Day Is a Holiday

Dog Opens His Favorite Christmas Gift

26 Triggers Lameness and a World of Hurt, Please Don't Ignore

Is This Bunny Sugar-Coated or Snow-Covered?

27 The 12 Most Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

Lil’ Bub Shows the World: ‘Different Is Beautiful’

What Small-Animal Pet Is Most Popular in Each State?

28 Advice From Most Veterinarians About This Stinks

Puppy Has Life-Changing, Life-Saving Skills

29 Heavy Metal Warning: Could Your Pet Be at Risk?

A Pig Who Thinks He’s a Cat?

30 This Self-Mutilating Behavior May Baffle, but It's Truly a Red Flag

Sweetheart St. Bernard: Adoption Day

31 You Can't Fool Your Pets, They Know When You're Late

Kitty Can’t Sleep Without His Cuddle Toy