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January 2019
1 One of the Best Ways to Ensure Your Cat's Forever Home

When Your Dog Decides His Walk Is Over

‘A Very Scary Thing’: New Study Shows Massive Insect Decline

2 5 Red Flag Triggers for Nasal Discharge That Scream, 'Get Help Now'

People Rescue Animals Both Big and Small

3 The Two Most Popular Pets, Are You in the 38 or 25 Percent Group?

Dog, Lincoln, Adopts Cute Calf, Calvin

Three States Now Recognize Pets as More Than Property During Divorce

4 Guard the Fatty Foods, They Can Kill Certain Breeds

Cat Seems Attached to Firefighter Who Saved Him

5 Why I'm Super Excited About This New Pet Store Announcement

Giant Dog Is Really a Big-Hearted Softy

6 10 Disease Warning Signs in Your Pet — Could They Point to a Tumor?

Pilots on a ‘Rescue Dog’ Mission

7 4 Words That Can Mean the Difference Between Life and Death

Tiniest Kitten Becomes a Mini Cat

Weekly Pet Quiz: Psychogenic Alopecia, Kitten Training and Canine Pancreatitis

8 Why Is This Potentially Deadly Heart Disease Overlooked Until It’s Too Late

Senior Dog’s Family Finds the Perfect Ride: A Stroller

How Did We Get so Many Pigeons?

9 Alert Issued About Doggy Bad Breath: Never, Ever Do This

Baby Squirrel Becomes Queen of the House

10 Is Your Vet Offering A1C Diabetes Testing to Monitor Your Pet's Health?

Wartime Soldier Saves a Puppy — and the Puppy Saves Him

How to Bond With Your Cat: Nine Top Tips

11 Pet Adoption Mistakes Too Many People Make, to Their Great Regret

Paralyzed Kitten Is Thankful and Happy

12 Starves Your Pet's Cells to Death, No Matter How Well They're Fed

Lost Dogs, a Fortunate Find and a Miraculous Rescue

13 Avoid This ‘Patented Food System’ if You Love Your Pet, It’s a Trap

Sunday Naps, Pet Style

14 Ignore This Go-To Rule if You Want a Bouncy, Playful Pet

Dogs Have to Sleep With Their Faces Touching

Weekly Pet Quiz: Verbal Commands, Heart Disease and Diabetes

15 What Your Pet Is Trying to Tell You, if You're Paying Attention

Puppy's New 'Sister' Is Special Just Like Him

Do Squirrels Remember Where They Stored Their Food?

16 They Studied Dogs' Awareness of Human Words, and Guess What They Found?

Rescued Cockatoo Now Finds Fun in Everything!

17 Hope for Dogs With Mitral Valve Disease

Little Bulldog ‘Play Fights’ With Her Mom

Transitional Dog Shelter Helps Pups Get Adopted

18 Six Top Toys to Fulfill Your Pet's Desire to Hunt

Senior Dog’s Whole Family Carts Her Around

19 Don’t Cast Your Pets’ Dietary Needs Into This Human Mold

Dog’s Friendship Helps Prove: Love Always Wins

20 This Growing Threat Can Kill Your Pet From the Inside Out

Smiling Fish Loves Being Petted

21 The Surprising Truth About Socializing and Dog Parks

Tiny Elliot: Once Neglected, Now Adopted

Weekly Pet Quiz: Water Consumption, Cat Communication and Behavioral Problems

22 These Animals Make Lousy Pets However Cute, Don't Be Fooled

Ocelot Steals the Socks

Hazards to Avoid While Baking Homemade Dog Treats

23 Telltale Signs Your Dog Is Too Cold and Needs a Winter Wardrobe

Baby Goose Teaches Himself to Walk

24 Dogs in Vests: Owner-Raised and Trained Service Dogs

Cat Purring May Be the Most Relaxing Sound Ever

Does Your Local Fire Department Have Oxygen Masks for Pets?

25 The Most Common Non-Food Things Your Dog May Eat, but Shouldn't

Guy Makes Friends With a Butterfly

26 Taking Fido or Fluffy Along? Don't Leave Home Without This

Westie Hilariously Plays Hide-and-Seek With a Goat

27 5 Bad Habits Guaranteed to Shorten Your Pet's Life

Baby Owl Comes Running When His Owner Whistles

28 Are You Making Your Dog Sad? If You're Doing This, You May Be

Golden Retriever Jumps in the Tub

Weekly Pet Quiz: Lungworm Infection, Cold Dogs and Travel Safety

29 This Disorder Looks Like Dirt, but Can Feel Intensely Painful

Guinea Pigs Rescued From the Street

Turtles as Pets: What You Need to Know to Keep Them Healthy

30 This Is What's Causing Your Dog's Hair to Fall Out

Golden Retriever Snuggles With Baby Girl

31 How to Get Smart About the Pet Food You Buy

Kitten ‘Grooms’ German Shepherd

How Old Is the World’s Oldest Wild Bird?