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February 2019
1 What Your Dog's Drooling May Be Telling You

Cat Gives Her Friend a Blissful Head Massage

2 How to Reduce Pet Shedding to Avoid a Fur-Lined Home

Dog Is Adopted by Family Who Trained Her

3 The Two Germiest Pet Items in Your Home

Dog Helps Take Care of Animals at Her Own Sanctuary

4 Why Your Dog Licks You: Should You Let Him?

Tiny Kitten Has a Full Milk Belly

Weekly Pet Quiz: Dog Training, Cat Chin Acne and Shedding

5 Signs Your Cat Is Bored Silly and You'd Better Do Something About It Fast

Dog Stalks His Owner From Every Window

What Are the Differences Between Wolves and Dogs?

6 The Sneaky Reason so Many Pet Businesses Require Bordetella Vaccine

Kitten Doesn't Want a Spit Bath!

7 The Chemical Bond Between Dogs and Their Humans

Furry Siblings Help Family Raise Two Babies

Dogs Detect Disease With Uncanny Accuracy

8 How Much Sleep Should Your Dog Get?

Dog Is Enthralled With Duck

9 Eye-Opening Study Confirms the Healthiest Pet Food

Rescued Lambs Dance When They're Happy!

10 From Anxiety to Arthritis, This Fast-Growing Pet Supplement Is a Godsend

Grandpa Mason's New Batch of Kittens

11 10 Mistakes Even Loving Pet Parents Make Way Too Often

Owl Rides Segway on the Street

Weekly Pet Quiz: Germy Pet Items, Pet Kisses and Processed Pet Food

12 Never Feed This to an Orphaned or Newborn Kitty — Very Dangerous

Rescue Pit Bull 'Rescues' Her New Human

Does Your Cat Have Whisker Stress?

13 This Human Food Could Kill Your Pet Before You Arrive Home

Dog Gone 19 Months Reunited With Her Family

14 You Won’t Believe What’s Happening at This Very Special Dog Rescue

'Get Your Paw Off the Table!'

Therapy Dogs Benefit Everyone From Seniors to Prison Inmates

15 Say Good Riddance to Nasty Pathogens That Riddle Pet Toys

'It Was Just a Friendly Grooming'

16 How to Make Your New Pet Feel Loved and Welcome

Tiny Pup Is Talking Already

17 A Strong Case for Having More Than One Pet

Woman Finds a Fancy Rooster Lost on Appalachian Trail

18 Not a Pet Toxin, but Just as Deadly

When His Car Broke Down, a Hungry Kitten Found Him

Weekly Pet Quiz: Supplements, Newborn Kittens and Toxic Sweetener

19 One of the Worst Vet Choices You Could Make for Your Cat

Guys Rush Onto Thin Ice to Save a Stranded Deer

Adopting a Pet Shown to Relieve Depression

20 Itchy Dog? You've Likely Missed This Culprit

Missing Cat Found in the Best Place Ever (Other Than Home)

21 How to Safely, Successfully Treat Your Pet Using Essential Oils

10 Signs You've Found Your BFF

Why Does Your Dog Follow You Around?

22 These Early Training Mistakes Can Emotionally Scar Your Pet

Stray Dog Changes This Couple's Minds About Dogs

23 When to Worry if Your Pet Refuses to Eat

Shy Pup Is Transformed in Her New Home

24 This Pet Delight Can Be Fatal, Please Don't Make This Tragic Mistake

Rescue Ducks Get Their Own Little House

25 The 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families With Kids

Crazy Husky Loves Somersaulting!

Weekly Pet Quiz: Pet Exposure, Nail Trimming and Appetite

26 Loving Gestures That Can Make Your Cat's Last Years Happy and Comfortable

Wild Turkey Intruder: Weirdest 911 Call Ever

Why a Cat Patio Is the Next Best Thing for Your Feline

27 They Tested Kibble – Guess What They Found This Time?

Scottish Fold Kitten Will Melt Your Heart!

28 Homeless Senior Dogs Get a New Leash on Life

Sweet Golden Retriever Puppy Waits for His Dinner

Women Sleep Better With a Dog in Their Bed