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March 2019
1 How to Get Your Dog to Sleep All Night

Rescued Chipmunk 'Brings a Nice Atmosphere to the House'

2 Ask Yourself These 9 Questions to Define Your Pet's Security and Love

Thomas the Duck, Bold Pig Protector!

3 Confused About Cat Litter? Join the Club!

Family Has Rescued Orphaned Bear Cubs for 30 Years

4 How Often Should Your Dog Get a Potty Break?

Cat Comforts Canine Friend's Newborn Puppies

Weekly Pet Quiz: Tainted Treats, Senior Cats and Sleeping Dogs

5 Can Mean Death Within Days so Please Don't Ignore

Baby Giraffe Takes His First Steps Just Minutes After His Birth

Does Dog Litter Really Work?

6 Engulfs Your Dog Slowly, Know the Signs to Fight Back

Tiny Foster Kitten Grooms Doggo's Face!

7 These Dogs Live a Quiet Life of Torture, Don't Perpetuate This Evil Practice

Police Officer Helps Swan Family Get Home Safely

Dogs Who Overdose Need More Than Reversal Medication

8 What's Up With This Dog Choice Change at the TSA?

Howling Malamute Calms Crying Baby

9 The Anxiety-Producing Activity You Likely Think Your Pet Takes in Stride

Goats Try to Master a Playground Slide

10 This Can Emotionally and Physically Scar Your Pet for Life, Please Avoid

This Kitten Will Instantly Make Your Day

11 Watch for a Quirky Disorder if You Have One of These Breeds

Stray Pug Is Transformed by Love

Weekly Pet Quiz: Cat Litter, Arthritic Dogs and TSA Canines

12 This Special Training Could Save Your Cat's Life

Iridescent Hummingbird Can Change Colors

Finally — Use of Wild Circus Animals Banned

13 How Your Dog Tells You He's in Pain

Golden Retriever Meets a Potential Fish Friend

14 They Scanned Dogs’ Brains, Made an Intriguing Discovery About Our Talk

Orphaned Baby Otter Rescued

Now You Can Test Your Cat’s DNA

15 Should You Stay Away From Your Pets if You Have the Flu?

Chihuahua Naps on His Own Personal Great Dane!

16 Bad Advice for Pet Hair, Almost Never Recommended

Kitten With a Challenge Shows She's a Survivor

17 You Can't Predict This Medical Emergency, but These Dogs Sure Can

Precious Puppy Is so Sleepy

18 Are You Bored by This Daily Dog Routine?

Rescue Squirrel Asks To Be Adopted

Weekly Pet Quiz: Arthritis, Flu Transmission and Dog Shedding

19 Simple Boredom Busters You May Never Have Considered

Hot Dog Hogs the Water Fountain!

New Animal Overpass Is Saving Wildlife

20 Key Reason for Doggie Vet Visits but Largely Preventable

Duck Rides Dog's Back to Go Swimming

21 Something New and Stunning About Kitties' Love Language

Baby Beagle's 'Ferocious' Bark Makes You Smile!

Can a Coyote Vest Save Your Dog in a Coyote Attack?

22 Never Feed Your Dog These Fruits and Veggies

Spiky Baby Hedgehogs Are Fascinating to Watch!

23 The Best Ways to Introduce Cats and Dogs

Puppy Rings Bell for a Treat

24 The New Breed of Veterinary Clinic, a Godsend for Fearful Pets

Beans Finds a Place to Call Home

25 One of the Biggest Mistakes Humans Make When Training Dogs

Golden Retriever Puppy Sleeps in PJs!

Weekly Pet Quiz: Dog Walkers, Negative Behaviors and Ear Problems

26 Telltale Symptom Foretells a Serious Problem, Don’t Delay Medical Help

Blind Kitten Grows Up To Be an Explorer

Service Dog Earns Honorary University Degree

27 This Pet Crisis Needs Urgent Action, but Don’t Ignore These Other 13 Signs

German Shepherds Are Gentle Chick Protectors

28 Cats Love This More Than Just About Anything — Makes Them Giddy With Joy

An Odd Trio of Furry Friends Nap Peacefully Together

How to Keep Your Aquatic Turtle’s Tank Clean

29 Are Two Dogs Better Than One? It All Depends

Baby Rhino Has No Mom, but a House Cat Takes Over

30 Still Feeding Kibble? At Least Choose This Less Revulsive Brand

Teacup Pomeranian Is a Happy Puppy Ball!

31 Don’t Shame Your Dog for This Odd Behavior, This Is Far More Effective

Smart Parrot Shows Off His Tricks