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April 2019
1 8 Fun Games to Fill Your Dog With Delight

Munchkin Teddy Bear Kittens Being Adorable

Weekly Pet Quiz: Training Mistakes, Feuding Felines and Food Storage

2 Ignore This Well-Intentioned but Misguided Advice for Your Pet's Well-Being

Orphaned Foal Is Rescued and Her Personality Shines!

Dementia Symptoms Increasing in Older Dogs

3 What This 90,000-Dog Study Reveals About Purebred Versus Mixed Breed Health

Dog Family Sleeping in Their Own Beds

4 Studies Reveal a Stunning Treatment for Human Anxiety and Depression

Gizmo and Bentley, a Girl's Best Pigs!

Electric Shock Collars Banned in England

5 Your Dog's Top Treat Choices - Are They in Your Fridge?

Nervous Naked Guinea Pig Meets His Soulmate

6 One of the Most Frightening Disorders to Witness in Your Pet

Newborn Puppies Dream, Too!

7 This Fatal Disease Is No Longer the Death Sentence It Once Was

Special Needs Bulldog Becomes Leader of the Pack

8 Innocuous or Life-Threatening? How to Know the Difference

‘Street’ Dog’s Life Changes When He Chooses a Caring Human

Weekly Pet Quiz: Toxoplasmosis, Dog Ownership and Treat Consumption

9 Avoid Dreaded Litterbox Issues - 5 Simple Steps

Tiny Critters With Big Challenges Show What Love Can Do

‘Beaglelandia’ Dog-Walking Event Is a Guinness Record-Breaker

10 The Topic Nobody Wants to Discuss, but It Matters to Your Vet

Homeless but Friendly: Dogs Show Love Can Change Things

11 Soothes Sore Joints and Muscles, a Godsend for Injured or Obese Pets

Try to Keep Up With Turbo, a Two-Legged Chihuahua

Cat Stuck in a Tree — Call a Tree Professional

12 Dry Eye, Pink Eye, Cherry Eye, a Bluish Cornea — Eye Color Warning Signs

Baby Flying Foxes Are Rescued in the City

13 Pros and Cons to This New Trend in Veterinary Medicine

A Guy and His Dog Constantly Look for New Adventures

14 Be Aware, This Dangerous Conventional Veterinarian Practice Continues Today

Older Shelter Dog Never Lost Her Smile

15 The Many Ways Your Dog Talks to You That Leave You Clueless

Adorable Kitten in a Donut Pillow

Weekly Pet Quiz: Litterbox Training, Hydrotherapy and Red Eyes

16 The Strange Things Happening in 47 Million Households That Few Can Explain

Sweet Dog Saved by Sweet Family

Spelling Bees? Maybe Not, but They Can Do Math

17 CCL Injuries in Dogs Equivalent to a Torn ACL in Humans

Little Pig With a Big Heart Rescued From Wildfires

18 The Fascinating Way Your Dog's Personality Changes Over Time

Bicolor Kitty With Her Bicolor Bunny!

Stray Dogs Helping Veterans With PTSD

19 The Best Dogs for Allergy Sufferers

3-Minute Baby Animal Montage

20 5 Popular Indoor Plants to Avoid Like the Plague

Stray Dog Becomes a Celebrated Food Critic

21 What's That Foul Odor? 7 Reasons Your Dog Stinks - And How to Fix Them

A Special Horse Inspires At-Risk Kids

22 9 Lifesaving Ways to Help Calm an Anxious Dog

Hidden Camera Catches Cat Comforting Anxious Dog

Weekly Pet Quiz: Fearful Dogs, Pet Allergens and Indoor Plants

23 One of the Worst Pet Misreads That Robs You of Affection

Labrador Puppies Learn to Climb Steps

Zebra Stripes Protect Against Biting Flies, Scientists Say

24 Highly Contagious Disease Still Threatens These Pets

No Such Thing as 'Micro' Pigs

25 Does Your Pet Have the Superior Qualities Needed to Fill This Coveted Role?

Savannah Cat Massages German Shepherd Sibling

Why Dogs Need Time to Sniff

26 10 Signs Your Dog May Have a Headache

With Focused Rehab, Injured Puppy Is Back on His Feet

27 Fills Shelters at the Worst Possible Time, Avoid This Mistake to Save Your Pet

Who Says a Dog Can’t Be Friends With a Turkey?

28 This 'Harmless' Obsession Can Quickly Degrade to Infections, Even MRSA

Rescue Cats Treated to Piano Lullabies

29 Say Goodbye to Begging, Leash Pulling and Jumping

Blind and Deaf Australian Shepherd Learned a Special Language

Weekly Pet Quiz: Dog Symptoms, Cat Parent Mistakes and Disaster Plans

30 The Truth About Toxoplasmosis and Cats

Blind Orphan Monkey Thoroughly Enjoys Her Carrot

Animal Cruelty May Become a Federal Felony