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May 2019
1 Common Bait Brands Are Extremely Deadly

Guys Rescue Adorable but Often Mistreated Dwarf Horses

2 These Dogs Were Thrown Away - Guess What Happened Next?

Parrot Plays Peek-a-Boo With a Cat

Fascinating Facts About Squirrels

3 6 Ways to Fill Your Dog's Life With Joy

British Shorthair Kittens Watch a Bouncing Yo-Yo

4 They May Be Cute as Buttons, but They're Not Everyone's Perfect Pet

Good Pups, Guilty Pups

5 The New Deadly Threat to Dogs, Now Found in Many Homes

Half-Pound Pit Bull Grows Up With 90-Pound Sibling

6 Should You Use an Elevated Bowl to Feed Your Dog? The Answer May Surprise You

Animals Like Sharing Hugs, Too

Weekly Pet Quiz: Lick Granuloma, Parasites and Metaldehyde Poisoning

7 Can Trigger Sudden Blindness, yet Often Goes Unseen and Undetected

Pair of Pretty Parakeets Share a Special Language

What Makes Your Dog Get ‘the Zoomies’?

8 Why a Heartworm Preventive May Be Worse Than the Threat of Disease

Therapy Dogs Do Their Thing in a Busy Airport

9 Did You Know Your Pet Was This Incredible?

Dog Does Somersaults to Catch Water From a Hose

It's Official: Shelter Pets Are the State Pet of Ohio

10 Dogs That Should Avoid Going to a Dog Park

Watch a Kitten Grow Up With Her Best Bud, a Pit Bull

11 Don't Ever Do This, No Matter How Much You Think Your Pet Needs It

Alaskan Malamute Puppies Are Fluffy and Adorable

12 The Dangerous Shelter Dogs Who Make Wonderful Family Pets

Rescue Dog Goes Kayaking for the First Time

13 Still Feeding Kibble? Watch Out for This Fiber Landmine

Kitten Tucked in for Nap Time

Weekly Pet Quiz: Poisoning, High Blood Pressure and Dog Ownership

14 Up to 80% of Cats Suffer This Permanent Condition by Age 3, Does Yours?

Dwarf Pit Bull Loves Meeting People

How Did Australia Get so Many Marsupials?

15 Helps Vanquish Pet Anxiety and Pain, No Risky Pills Needed

Adorable Friendships Are 'A Dog's Way Home'

16 If You Want a Highly Interactive Fun Pet, This One's for You

Puppy on a Leash Takes Herself on a Walk

Human Food May Alter Hibernation, Aging in Black Bears

17 Please Don't Make This Dog Training Mistake

Arctic Fox Named Lulu Likes Getting a Belly Rub

18 Defamatory Pet Advice From Time Magazine

Malamute 'Oohs' Along With 'If You're Happy and You Know It'

19 The Hot CBD Trend for Pets - Risky or a Godsend?

Stray Kitten Joins Man’s Worldwide Bicycle Trek

20 Dished Out Like Candy by Veterinary Docs, but It's Horrible for Your Pet

Love Helped 1-Pound Bulldog Puppy Grow Up Fast

Weekly Pet Quiz: Fiber, Treatment Options and Exotic Pets

21 7 Pet-Friendly Herbs That Can Help Treat Ailments

Baby Chimpanzee Meets the Humans He Needs

Lead Exposure Makes Mockingbirds Aggressive

22 Be Observant: Your Dog's Poop Can Foretell Health Troubles

Small Girl Likes Walking Her 2 Huge Malamutes

23 How Your Dog Knows When You're Sick, Even Before You

Dogs Abandoned in Turkish Mountains Have Their Own ‘Santa Claus’

Should You Get a Pig as a Pet?

24 6 Dog Sleeping Positions and What Each Says About Your Dog's Mood

Parrot Follows Her Favorite Kid Everywhere

25 They're Bent on Banning This From Your Pet, but It's 'OK' for You to Eat?

Rescue Dog Learns to Ski

26 Refuse This Vaccine if at All Possible, It Doesn’t Work

A Fox Named Faith

27 More Recalls of Toxic Pet Food, Is Your Brand Implicated?

Bulldog Puppy Tries Waking Up His Mom

Weekly Pet Quiz: Herbs, Dog Senses and Raw Pet Food

28 Feline Distemper Is Roaring Back, Protect Your Cat Now

Cat and Dog Sibling Rivalry

How to Successfully ‘Parent’ Ducks

29 The 5 Most Common Dog Skin Problems and How to Treat Them

Awkward Little Foal Tries to Eat Like Mom

30 Introducing the New Addition to the Top 10 Dog Breeds

Pampered Parrot Shows You Have to Adapt

Baby Sharks Swim in Mom's Uterus

31 11 Must-Have Natural Home Pet Remedies

When There's a Camera in the Dog's Water Bowl