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June 2019
1 The Truth About Natural and Clean Ingredients in Pet Food

'Guard Goat' and Senior Dog Are Buddies

2 From Rescue Dogs to Rescuers

Feral Dog Finds Friendship and an Adventurous Family

3 Foods That Invite This Epidemic of Nutrition-Related Disease

Kitten Smaller Than a Cellphone Grows Up

Weekly Pet Quiz: Food Recalls, Skin Disorders and Probiotics

4 Leaving Kitty Home Alone?

Goofy Pit Bull Thinks He's Human

Dog’s Encounter With Toad Toxin Proves Fatal

5 7 Reasons Why Dogs Bark and How to Make Them Stop

Adorable Foal Snoozes in the Sunshine

6 Canine Infertility — Is Food to Blame?

Young Goat Learns How to Walk

How Feeding Backyard Birds Influences Wild Bird Populations

7 Teach Your Dog to Come When Called

Adopted Senior 'Pittie' Can't Stop Smiling

8 Do You Have a Pet First-Aid Kit?

Rescued Flying Fox Baby: A Day in the Life

9 Are These Unsightly Bumps as Awful as They Look?

A Dog Named Mr. Breakfast Rescued From Dogfighting

10 Prescription pet food — Food as medicine or feed-grade scam?

Unlikely friendship — A guinea pig and a tortoise

Weekly pet quiz — Dog communication, life-saving commands and pet first aid kits

11 Persistent bladder infections? This may be the hidden cause

Puppy's tantrum when the car gets stuck in traffic

Mountain lion leftovers feed — and house — thousands

12 Has your pet suffered a concussion?

Beatboxing budgie is feeling the rhythm; his canine friend is not

13 Does your cat know her name when she hears it?

Sweet kisses animal compilation

Can foxes climb trees?

14 Why your dog may not like to cuddle (is it you?)

A bulldog and his baby girl

15 The soaring fresh food trend, is it worth the cost?

Top magical animal encounters

16 The telltale signs of seasonal allergies

Pit bull pets show what sweet babies they can be

17 Appetite in dogs — Too little or too much can spell trouble

A new take on a ‘bird’s eye view’

Weekly pet quiz — Vaccination, cat responses and pet food

18 Study compares the health of indoor versus outdoor cats

The things you do for love — for your pets

How Alzheimer’s patients respond to therapy dogs

19 Is pet insurance worth the cost of premiums?

5 things every golden retriever lover knows

20 These cantankerous animals should never be kept as pets

Cat harasses dog, but which one wins?

How dog names have changed over time

21 Age-related issues your dog may be hiding

These dogs carry stuff when they’re excited

22 Foxtails can be fatal — Keep your dog away

Fluffy guinea pig imprints on golden retriever

23 As the no-fly list grows, I don’t recommend flying Fido

Rescued separately, pups form an immediate bond

24 The riskiest myth you could believe about your pet’s food

Cody — An alpaca who lives like a princess

Weekly pet quiz – Allergies, parasites and dog age

25 Refuse this vaccine — It just doesn’t work

Arguing, shoe-pilfering husky is also a shoe retriever

What does it mean when your dog gives you the ‘side-eye’?

26 Telltale sign you’ve ignored your dog’s coat for too long

Adorable newborn calf sleeping, oddly

27 Street dogs survive without humans — Could yours?

Cat cracks whack-a-mole game the hard way

How long do these exotic pets live?

28 If your dog loves soft toys, this could break his heart

Cockatiel plays peek-a-boo every chance he gets

29 Insect-based pet food — The right choice for your pet?

Excited dogs welcome their soldiers home

30 Why you could regret bringing home a pair of littermates

Cross-country trip ends with sibling pups’ adoption