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July 2019
1 Owners declare their No. 1 pet food issue — Can you guess?

Sweet pooch needs a little more cuddling today

Weekly pet quiz — Food regulations, the flu and flaky skin

2 Intense itching making kitty crazy? Check these 5 things

Cats can be dog people, too

Why do dogs get hiccups?

3 Giving your dog plenty of this might help prevent lymphoma

Boxer bounces for bubbles!

4 Shuttered racing tracks leave 6,000 Greyhounds homeless

Rescued and rehabilitated baby seal swims back home

Help your dog learn to love car rides

5 The key to your dog’s shiny coat and healthy skin

Shiba Inu sweetly cuddles his human baby

6 Why you shouldn’t bury your pet in your backyard

Tiny alpaca, raised in a house!

7 What’s causing your dog’s balance issues?

Dwarf pit bull grows into an adorable terror

8 3 big reasons why owners are switching to raw food

Baby girl snuggles with her puppy

Weekly pet quiz — Skin itch, T-zone lymphoma and coat health

9 10 signs your cat may be going into shock

How the puppy got the cat out of his bed

Dogs detect ‘cork taint’ and other wine-related odors

10 Simple new tool for eradicating resistant Lyme disease

Macaw gets his groove on

11 Do dogs hold grudges like people do?

Bobcat fever infects Midwest cat

12 How do lost dogs mysteriously find their way home?

Pup barks like a big dog, in his dreams

13 The stunning differences in how dogs and cats eat

Husky and kitten form a sweet friendship

14 This life-threatening injury can necessitate amputation

Tireless dog won’t let balloon touch the ground

15 Dogs’ bodies change as they age, so should their food

Pup named Norbert does cute stuff

Weekly pet quiz — Cat shock, Lyme bacteria and eating habits

16 Why frequent hairballs may be a red flag

Guy hits the trail with his blind dog

The many ways homes can go to the dogs

17 Is your puppy an underachiever on the growth scale?

Kissing parrots admire their reflections

18 Thank this gene mutation for this endearing feline feature

Pup throws his pal under the proverbial bus!

Brucellosis confirmed at Iowa dog breeder’s facility

19 Dos and don’ts for introducing a new housemate

‘Mature’ Jack Russell likes playing with new pup

20 Embracing your pet's senior years?

Rescue dog brings the ‘happy’ back to sad sibling

21 The solid science pet food makers want you to ignore

A little boy loves all 70 of his farm animals

22 Your dog’s teeth are not like yours, let me count the ways

Pug puppy plays on a baby mat

Weekly pet quiz — Aging dogs, hairballs and tuxedo cats

23 How to help a cat suffering from this painful oral condition

German shepherds with newly hatched chickens

The 25 most dog-friendly cities

24 Dogs love this ‘toy’ — But it’s very risky

English bulldog keeps a balloon in the air … indoors

25 4 rules that can help make rabbits wonderful, happy pets

Sister puppies adopted by woman and her best friend

Should you let your dog play with tennis balls?

26 The Yellow Dog Project — Giving dogs their much-needed space

Hairless 'alien' puppy grows up to be the cutest dog

27 Fiber your pet needs, and the fancy fibers to avoid

Puppy happy to participate in weightlifting routine

28 Why it’s so difficult to correctly identify a dog’s breed

Alpaca 'kid' not really into her play date

29 What makes a dog food ‘holistic’?

Sleepy golden retriever puppies

Weekly pet quiz — Dog teeth, feline stomatitis and fiber

30 Fill your home with greenery, just make sure it’s pet-safe

Spoiled 'only pig' gets siblings - cats!

Was your fondness for dogs genetically encoded?

31 Despite abundant health challenges, people love these breeds

Stubborn husky argues about everything!