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August 2019
1 How well do dogs hear their name in the midst of chaos?

Caterpillar undergoes stunning transformation

Scientists uncover clues about how dinosaurs roamed Earth

2 How dogs respond to others in distress: Do they really care?

Timid 'pittie' blossoms with forever family

3 4 pet tumors, 10 symptoms and 5 risk reducers

A hat brim is a drowsy duckling hideaway!

4 Our guru is back to answer your cannabis questions

Boy and his puppy both have cleft palates

5 Canine heart disease has spiked - Here's why

A dog and a rat become the 'Trash Brothers'

Weekly pet quiz: Dog food, cat-friendly plants and empathy

6 Don't confuse this with a hairball, it's a breathing problem

Pup stalks squirrel all day, every day

The evolution of 'puppy dog' eyes

7 12 don't-miss signs your pet may be getting overheated

Orphaned baby elephant is taught to survive

8 One of the most endearing ways your dog shows you his trust

Golden retrievers (try to) learn how to share

Rare bush dogs spotted in Costa Rica

9 'Ancient ritual' ends the plight of bored misbehaving pets

Four kitties get to see the new screened porch

10 The surprising link between your dog's joints and anxiety

Cute Bernese puppy battles an orange slice

11 Using a crate to appease your dog's den-dwelling instincts

Kid's goal: A home for every shelter dog

12 Why does my dog eat grass? Canine mystery revealed

Tiny baby opossum grows up fast

Weekly pet quiz: DCM in dogs, cats with asthma and exercise

13 Your pet's risk for disease - Why the food you feed matters

Starving pup on a deserted island finds a home

After the fires: Dogs trained in forensic recovery

14 10 reasons to closely observe your dog's eyes

Sweet dog is saved from a dogfighting ring

15 Traumatic everyday procedure imposes severe everlasting harm

Pet alpaca, Cody, gets her own room

Animals may shrink over the next century

16 The truth about dog parks and why many dogs dislike them

Couple provides homes for baby joeys

17 Odd allergens that can make your pet downright miserable

Golden retriever 'adopts' the neighbor lady

18 Itchy skin and thinning hair? Could be this disease

Stray cat wanted to join couple's adventures

19 How fit is your dog - as measured by these 3 checkpoints?

Pair of German shepherds become 'chick sitters'

Weekly pet quiz: Grass eating, declawing ban and social dog

20 Which of these outdated kitty myths do you still believe?

Dogs hilariously convince stubborn husky to go for a walk

Taking Fido: Making vacations and road trips fun

21 Why breathing problems aren't always due to a flat face

Tiny lorikeet found in Australian woman's ceiling

22 Judging your adopted dog's age is tricky but crucial

Puppy teaches family to focus on the good stuff

How dogs are leading conservation fighters

23 The newest technology for locating a lost pet

Rescue kitten not quite ready to make friends

24 The special needs of three-legged dogs and cats

Girl hears of horses dying in drought, and helps

25 These lucky, doomed pets are reclaiming active, happy lives

Puppy found alone completes couple's home

26 The unexpected benefits of giving your pet this marine oil

Pregnant pit bull adopted, along with her puppies!

Weekly pet quiz: Obesity, dog age and three-legged pets

27 6,000 cat study shows breed plays a role in behavior

Wild dolphin trusted divers to help him

Trip-and-fall mishaps can be caused by pets

28 5 subtle clues your dog may be developing joint disease

Dog gets excited watching animated dog movies

29 Proof that dogs may be special, man-created animals

Snafu, a puppy 'rescued' by chimps

Bats cause most rabies deaths

30 Make your dog your biking buddy — Here's how

Pig and pug are snuggle buddies

31 Plan ahead: What will happen to your pet when you die?

Smitten cats separated only by screens