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September 2019
1 The health-harming view that many vets cling to

Pittie named Handsome Rob rescued from flood

2 How your dog's personality changes with age

Tiny wombats are rescued, nurtured and released

Weekly pet quiz: Cat behavior, arthritis and dog barks

3 How to give your indoor cat the best of both worlds

Pup's first wheelchair made from LEGOs

Wolves found to be more prosocial than dogs

4 10 signs that shout 'get me to the vet now'

Parrot feeds dog his own dinner

5 The dog-swimming myth: It's not as easy as it looks

Is Mimo a flying cat?

Caffeine-laced treats may have poisoned dogs

6 How your dog's size and shape influence her behavior

Tiniest pit bull becomes his human's 'soul dog'

7 5 questions to ask yourself before getting a second dog

Worried pug sees her toys in the washer

8 One of the best decisions to make for your large breed dog

'Wobbly' puppy can run now

9 Ignore Their Advice to Feed This Toxic, Contaminated Food

Little Pigeon Gives Kisses

Weekly Pet Quiz: Dog Personalities, Outdoor Cat and Swimming

10 What the Most Unnecessary 19 Million Cat Study Reveals

A Dog, a Cat and a Squeaky Toy

Wild Animals May Be Friendly, but Don't Engage, Experts Say

11 If a Snake Bites Your Pet, Never Do This

A Day in the Life of the Piglet-Puppy Show!

12 Humans Aren’t the Only Ones Who Can Dance

PAWS NY Helps People by Helping Pets

Pig Ear Dog Treats Linked to Salmonella Outbreak

13 5 Ways to Help Your Puppy Grow Into a Well-Adjusted Dog

Baby Gorilla Learns Gorilla Basics

14 12 Reasons to Call Your Veterinarian Within 24 Hours

Sweet Kitten's Health Problem Required Innovation

15 The Goal: No More Pets Made Sick by Over-Vaccination

Dog With No Fur Is Transformed by Love

16 Which Side of This Salmonella Scare Are You On?

These Pit Bulls Are Friends With Everybody!

Weekly Pet Quiz: Cat Changes, Snake Bites and Illness Signs

17 Is This in Your Home? May Make Kitty Suffer

Bear Rescued From Cage Likes His Freedom

Humane Society Names Its 'Horrible Hundred' Offenders

18 What Happens When This Invisible Eye Part Goes Bad?

Cats and Dogs Like Hikes, Too

19 What Your Dog Reveals About Your Stress, Health and Behavior

Baby Elephants: Adorably Awkward

Scientists Investigating Ear Tumors in Catalina Island Foxes

20 Strategies to Help Your Senior Dog Stay Strong and Mobile

Vet Eats Lunch in Rescue Dog's Cage so She Won't Be Scared

21 These Animal Specialists Do Work Most Could Never Do

Frisky Pup Is Determined to Get His Friend to Play

22 Can You See the 900-Pound Gorilla in Your Pet’s Food Bowl?

Owning a Pet Benefits Your Mental Health

23 Vets Often Gloss Over Telltale Sign of This Awful Disease

Pit Bull 'Fosters' Baby Raccoons

Weekly Pet Quiz: Feline Hyperthyroidism, Dog Eyes and Aging

24 How to Tell if Your Cat Is a Normal or Compulsive Groomer

Look How Far This Pug Can Tilt His Head!

Unique Pet Names With International Flair

25 Lessons Learned From Wildfires for Healing Painful Burns

Arctic Fox Cubs Emerge From Their Den

26 Can Dogs Really Detect Malignancy? This Study Proves It

Rescue Pit Bull Visits Rescue Farm Animals

Noninvasive Urine Test Detects Serious Bladder Disease

27 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hitting the Trail With Fido

Orphaned Opossums, Raised To Be Wild

28 Protecting Your Pet From Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

Quirky, Adorable Pit Bull

29 Injured or Disabled Pet? Design the Perfect Rehab Program

Mangy Puppy Is Transformed by Kindness

30 Humans Aren't the Only Ones Who Can Suffer With Asthma

Feisty Week-Old Calf Loves Springtime

Weekly Pet Quiz: Cushing's Disease, Burn Wounds and Hiking