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October 2019
1 Welcoming a New Cat? 12 Must-Dos for the First 30 Days

Bears Enjoy a Spectacular Sunrise on the Water

Preparing for Your Pets When Calamity Calls

2 Should You Give Bones to Your Dog? Depends on Your Dog

There's Always That One Kitten

3 7 Reasons to Sleep With Your Dog Tonight

Shaggy Dog Gets a Makeover

More Space for Shelter Cats Reduces Respiratory Disease

4 Your Dog's Potty Habits: What’s Normal and What's Not

Parrot Plays With Sleepy Kitty's Bell

5 The Diagnosis No Large Breed Dog Owner Wants to Receive

This Guy Bought 14 Acres to Rescue Pit Bulls

6 CBD Oil Significantly Reduces Seizures in 89% of Study Dogs

A Duck and His Boy

7 4 Things Your Dog Needs to Ace Before Going Off-Leash

Abandoned Kittens Find a Home

Weekly Pet Quiz: New Cat, Raw Bones and Osteosarcoma

8 These Viruses May Be Incurable, but They're Not Death Sentences

Puppy Found Dumped With Her Doghouse

Airline’s Ban on Pit Bulls as Service Animals Vetoed by DOT

9 The New Reality: Marijuana Poisoning Calls Jump 765%

Tiny Fawn Rescued by Boat

10 Some Pets Find Them Irresistible, but They Can Be Deadly

Service Dog Joyfully Reunited With His Mom

Creating a Dog-Friendly Yard

11 Maintain Your Sanity While Meeting Your Dog’s Chewing Needs

Guinea Pigs Unfazed by Dog's Crazy Antics

12 Can You Decipher This Pet Food Insider Double-Talk?

Puppy With Swimmer's Syndrome Can Run Now

13 7 Tell-Tale Signs of an Animal Hoarder

Golden Retriever Smitten by Newborn Kittens

14 Are You Contributing to Food Poisoning in Your Pet?

Divers Experience Whales Face to Face

Weekly Pet Quiz: CBD Treatment, Poisonous Items and Chewing

15 Is Your Cat Happy? How She'd Answer if She Could Speak

French Bulldog Puppy Says 'I Love You'

Your Dog's Awkward 'Mounting' Problem

16 6 Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Depressed and 5 Ways to Help

Dog and Pig Are Best Buddies

17 What You Likely Don't Know About Service Animals, but Should

Cockatiel Sings to His Own Beat

Do Fish Need to See a Vet?

18 How to Help a Shy, Fearful Dog Build Confidence

Little Pit Bull's Favorite Friend Is a Shark

19 10 Telltale Signs of Pet Tumors You Should Never Ignore

Family Cares for Orphaned Twin Moose Babies

20 The Deadly Threat Lurking in Lakes, Streams and Ponds

Stray Pit Bull Finds His Feet and a Home

21 What to Do When Your Dog's Appetite Suddenly Changes

Kitten Finds Herself in the Mirror

Weekly Pet Quiz: Hoarders, Depressed Dog and Service Animals

22 The Best Way to Detect Your Cat's Pain Level

‘Little Pink Blob’ Is a Heart Stealer

How Northern White Rhino Egg Extraction May Save the Species

23 What You Need to Know Before Using Any Flea and Tick Product

Fox Kits Caught Frolicking in the Woods

24 Dog Owners Are More Likely to Reach This Health Goal

Little Dogs Beating Big Odds

Does Your Dog Need Glasses?

25 The Mistakes Dog Owners Make About Separation Anxiety

Couple Rescues Cat Stranded on Mountaintop

26 Should You Feed Your Pet Table Scraps? You May Be Surprised

Abandoned Puppy Rescued Just in Time

27 How to Minimize Adverse Vaccine Reactions in Your Pet

Did You Know Dogs Can Smell Time?

28 Gut Issues? Many Vets Miss the Mark for Effective Treatment

This Galah Bird Copies His Human Constantly

Weekly Pet Quiz: Dog Appetite, Cat Pain and Ticks

29 The Exotic Hairless Cat That Can Act More Canine Than Feline

Pit Bull Gives Cows Loving Licks

What Happens After Injured Raptors Are Rescued?

30 How to Prevent the Most Common Ear Problems in Dogs

Rescue Dogs Adopted by Veterans

31 The Incredible Ability of Pets to Relieve Loneliness

Rehabbed Sea Turtle Returned to Her Home

Parasite From Cats Killing Sea Otters