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November 2019
1 How to Create Quality Pet Time, Even if You're Crazy Busy

Neglected Horses Get a New Lease on Life

2 The 5 Things You Should Never Do With a Pet in the Car

Husky Is Sad the Vacation Is Over

3 The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make That Keep Your Dog Chubby

Baby Moose Adopts a Human

4 Who Do You Turn to for Pet Food Advice You Can Trust?

Special Pit Bull 'Fosters' a New Lifestyle

Weekly Pet Quiz: GI Disease, Ear Inflammation and Car Riding

5 Veterinary Technicians Want Better Training in Pet Nutrition

Human-Raised Bat 'Hangs Out' With His Peers

6 How Fresh Diets Are Reshaping the Pet Food Industry

Dog and Pig Are a Tag Team

7 Veterinary Students Deserve Better Training in Pet Nutrition

Two Cats Are Cuddle Buddies

8 We Are What We Eat and Our Pets Are What We Feed Them

Skittish Pittie Rescued and Transformed

9 Pet Parents Push Back Against Misguided Nutrition Advice

Tiny Rescued Black Bear Cub Grows Up

10 Why Where You Get Your Pet Nutrition Information Matters

Cop Rescues Freezing Pit Bull

11 Food, Petting or Praise: Which Does Your Pet Prefer?

'Disposable' Calves Get Back to the Barnyard

12 The Worst - and Best - Way to Feed a Chunky Kitty

Senior Dog's Owner Gets His Last Wish

What Do Wolves’ Broken Teeth Reveal?

13 How Spaying and Neutering Influences Cancer and Disease Risk

Cutest Ever Piglet Plays With His Favorite Pup

14 The Effects of Dog and Cat Distress Signals on Their Humans

Cat Is Obsessed With the Dog Next Door

Antibiotic-Resistant Disease Spreading Among Farm Animals

15 Is Your Dog a 'Senior' by This Definition? What to Do Next

Loyal Parrot Is Woman's Lifetime Companion

16 The New No-Grain Ingredient Coming to Your Pet Food Aisle

Puppy With a Cleft Palate Is so Cute When He Argues

17 Is a Full Body Sniff-Scan by a Trained Dog in Your Future?

Sneaky Pit Bull Tiptoes Everywhere

18 How Reactive Medicine Can Make a Bad Situation Worse

Sunrise Beach Run: 50 Sea Turtles Make a Dash for It

Weekly Pet Quiz: Training Treats, Obese Cat and Senior Dog

19 Heartworm Infections in Cats? It's a Very Different Disease

Scared Lab Dog Gets a Real Family

Couple Gets Creative to Recover Their Lost Dog

20 Human Antibody Test Gives New Hope for Canine Encephalitis

How to Rescue a Homeless Baby Bird

21 Why Buying Pets Online Is Asking for Trouble

Kitty Bliss: This Is the Life

Dogs Experience a 'Runner’s High' Too

22 Powerhouse Plants That Can Prevent and Heal Disease in Pets

The Right Care Helps a Mangy Little Pup

23 Everything Your Vet Should Look for During a Wellness Exam

Alpacas Love It When Guests Visit Their Farm

24 Canine Equivalent of Alzheimer's - Can You Spot the Signs?

Golden Retriever Meets Newborn Kittens

25 Stress Can Shorten Your Dog's Life: 8 Ways to Calm Him

Dog's Hysterical Grin Gets Her Out of Trouble

Weekly Pet Quiz: Heartworms, Encephalitis and Wellness Exam

26 The Best Way to Choose the Right Litter for Your Cat

Flamingos Give Cuddles for Food

Do Squirrels Eavesdrop on Birds?

27 A New Way to Treat the Most Common Tumor in Female Dogs

The Perfect Place for a Rescue Pig

28 What's Behind the Massive Decline in Pet Euthanasia Rates?

A Cute Pair of Slumbering Pug Puppies

Leopards, Cheetahs and Jaguars — What’s the Difference?


30 How to Know if Your Pet's Skin Issue Is Serious or Even Fatal

Copper and Penny Are Best Pals