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December 2019
1 How to Recognize Signs of Animal Cruelty

Great Dane Loves 92-Year-Old Nana

2 5 Reasons to Change What You're Feeding Your Pet

Cat Version of the 'Five-Finger Explosion'

Weekly Pet Quiz: Stressors, Mammary Tumor and Skin Problems

3 From Lap Cat to Wildcat - What to Do When Your Cat Bites

The Fascinating World of Snub-Nosed Monkeys

Pet Food From Wood: A ‘Novel Protein Source’

4 The Alarming Condition That Can Make Your Dog’s Eyes Cloudy

Double Dog Rescue Leads to Forever Homes

5 This Pet May Lower Your Risk for a Heart Attack by 31%

Cat Named Leonard Has Mad Sports Skills

Monkeys Beat Humans in Cognitive Flexibility

6 Should You Give Your Child a Pet? 10 Things to Consider

Tiny Bulldog Delivers 'Daily Cuteness'

7 The Little-Known Side Effects of Vaping on Pets

Loki's 'Deaf' Until He Hears the Right Word

8 How Bonding With Your Pet Protects You From a Chaotic World

Most Famous Cat on Instagram

9 10 Foods That Are Dangerous for Your Dog

Meet the Axolotl, the Cutest Water Monster Ever

Weekly Pet Quiz: Aggressive Cat, Dog Ownership and Poisoning

10 Sadly, 65% of These Popular Cats Suffer From Health Problems

200-Pound Pup Smitten With Kittens

Australians Face a Penalty for Not Walking Their Dogs

11 Forget the Shot, Help Protect Your Dog Now From the Flu

Great Dane Puppies Love Wrestling in the Grass

12 Avoid This Mistake When Adopting a Rescued Pet

Cat to Golden Retriever: 'Do I Have to Do Everything?'

Floppy-Eared Rabbits Suffer From Ear and Dental Problems

13 How Humans Have Changed Dogs' Brains — and Their Behaviors

Look at This Monkey's Funky Hairdo

14 New Urinary Tract Infection Test Yields Results in Minutes

Fateful Friends Become Furry Siblings

15 The Runaway Concept of an Emotional Support Animal

These Guys Rescue Cats From Trees

16 10 Ways to Take the Stress Out of Veterinary Visits

Pit Bull With Dwarfism Doesn't Let That Stop Her

Weekly Pet Quiz: Toxic Foods, Dog Flu and Selective Breeding

17 The Mysterious Feline Life Stages: When Is a Kitten a Cat?

Who Knew Rescuing Cows Could Be so Rewarding?

How Hibernating Squirrels Survive Eight Months Without Water

18 When Is Your Dog's Panting a Sign of Distress?

Severely Matted Dog Is Rescued in a Blizzard

19 A Pest to Some, Others Consider Them the Ideal Pet

Adventure Cat Is Living the Dream

Hotels and Animal Shelters Team Up to Find Dogs Homes

20 5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Dog Trainer

Deer With Magnificent Antlers Up Close and Personal

21 Is It a True Emergency? These 19 Conditions Shout 'Help!'

Itty Bitty Pup Runs on Wheels

22 The Little-Known Pharmaceutical Wizardry That Benefits Pets

Guy Goes to Drastic Measures to Find This Pittie a Home

23 What You Need to Know if Your Dog Starts Choking

A Cat Named Ernest Is the Barnyard Masseur

Weekly Pet Quiz: Cat Age, Panting and Dog Trainers

24 The Hidden Disease That Can Affect 80% of Cats by Age 3

A Glimpse of Wombats in the Snow

'Conceptualized' Flight Training for Guide Dogs and Owners

25 Every Day Is a Holiday When You Have a Pet

Shelter Kitten Celebrates Christmas

26 2018's Hottest Cultural Internet Trend – Your Perfect Pet?

Young Stag on a Misty Morning in a Forest

Keeping Pets Safe During Wildfires

27 How to Get a 'Furry Fix' Without Owning a Pet

What Divers Found Under an Antarctic Ice Shelf

28 Help for Homeless Owners to Care for Their Pets

Abandoned Dog Finds Home With a Veterinarian

29 Commit Now to Do This for Your Pet in 2020

Special Needs Cat Helps Her Med Student Human

30 Should You Give Your Dog Opioids for Pain?

Baby Mini Horse Overcomes Her Rough Start

Weekly Pet Quiz: Choking Pet, Gum Disease and Volunteer Work

31 Do Cats Love Their Owners as Much as Dogs Do?

Being Loved Changed a Dog Named Harold

How Trapping Can Hurt Wildlife and Even Pets