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January 2020
1 What Your Dog's Loose Stools Reveal About His Health

How a Kingfisher and a Platypus Helped Each Other

2 How Dogs Help Protect the Environment

Cats Can Be Great Playmates for Other Cats

Humpback Whale Populations Are Making a Comeback

3 Sudden Aggressive Behavior? Rule This Out First

This Unique Pup Has a Tail on His Forehead!

4 How Massage Can Restore Your Pet's Health and Well-Being

Nine Rescue Dogs Call His House Home

5 Hidden Ways Your Pet Can Suffer From Your Stress

Zebra Named City Boy Runs the House

6 5 Grooming Chores Every Dog Parent Should Be Doing

Dog Rescued From a Meat Truck

Weekly Pet Quiz: Obesity, Diarrhea and Aggressive Behavior

7 Suspect Feline Heart Disease? Ask for a 'Two-Minute Echo'

Maltipoo Fights Off a Terrifying Strawberry

Why Parrots Deliberately Waste so Much Food

8 Creating a Two-Pronged Approach for Your Dog's Arthritis

Manakin Birds Dance to Win the Females

9 7 Ways to Help Save Disappearing Songbirds

Rescue Cats Learn To Be Themselves

Enrichment Center Helps Shelter Dogs Find Homes

10 How to Thwart a Canine Escape Artist

Baby Brown Bears Being Their Cute Selves!

11 5 Questions to Ask Before Saying 'Yes' to Expensive Surgery

Tiny Chihuahua Shows 'Em All

12 Is There a More Accurate Assessment of Your Dog's Age?

'Getting to Hug a Cow Is an Incredible Feeling'

13 The Truth About the 'Special Food Needs' of Small Breeds

Happy Tail Gives Away Puppy's Hiding Place

Weekly Pet Quiz: Grooming, Arthritis and Escape Artists

14 Two Ways to Help Prevent the Feline Diabetes Epidemic

Abandoned Dog Adopts the Seafaring Life

Novel Treatment for Coastal Wildlife Ravaged by Red Tide

15 Artificial Intelligence Tool Helps Vets Spot Brain Condition

How Three Emaciated Kittens Survived

16 Pigs as Pets — What You're Not Being Told

Pit Bull Pals Wanted To Be Adopted Together

Connecticut Bat Populations Plummet

17 How Your Dog Creates Mental Pictures Through Scent

If There's an 'Adorable' Badger, Billie Is It!

18 Cold Weather Can Kill Your Pet — Follow These Tips

A Woman's Bali Vacation Changed This Pup's Life

19 What You Need to Know Before Adopting a Special Needs Pet

Dog and Horse 'Wouldn't Be Happy Without Each Other'

20 New Generic Med for Separation Anxiety — Should You Use It?

Big or Small, Cats Will Be Cats

Weekly Pet Quiz: Diabetic Cats, Pet Pigs and Dog Sniffers

21 How to Measure Your Cat's Pain Just by Looking at Her Face

She Was Told She Couldn't, but Now Look at Her

Mercury-Laced Marine Fog Threatening Mountain Lions

22 Are You the Cause of Your Dog's Bad Behaviors?

'We Have a Dwarf Horse, Can You Come Get Her?'

23 Why Pet Birds Need Species-Appropriate Fresh Food Diets

Tiny Rescued Bear Cubs Get Ready for the Wild

Therapy Dogs Help Children Learn to Read

24 The Hidden Factor That Influences Your Ability to 'Read' Dogs

Guy Has the Cutest Bond With a Little Bald Cockatoo

25 10 Ways You and Your Dog Can Give Back to Your Community

2-Year-Old Girl Changes Shelter Dog's Life

26 What's so Bad About Pet Store Puppies? Plenty

Goose and Mini Horse Are Adopted Together

27 Researchers Looking at CBD for Common, Hard-to-Treat Tumors

Obese Dog Gets a New Lease on Life

Weekly Pet Quiz: Cat Pain, Misbehavior and Bird Meal Plan

28 When Petting Your Kitty, Think Like a Cat

Herd of Zebras Adopt Orphaned Baby

Inuit Dogs’ DNA ‘Genetically Different’ Than Other Dogs

29 The Most Common Dog Health Issue – Are You Doing Your Part?

Abandoned Island Dog Is so Happy To Be Rescued

30 The Hidden Factor Threatening Koala Survival

Why Flamingos Are Pink

Why Beagles Are the Preferred Screening Dogs at Airports

31 5 Ways to Create a Lasting Bond With Your Newly Adopted Dog

Starving Pit Bull Finds Health and a Home