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February 2020
1 Get Ready for Seasonal Allergies – Take These Steps Now

Have Wheels, Tortoise Will Travel!

2 How a Family Pet Can Decrease Risk for Mental Disorders

4-Year-Old Girl Learns How to Love Cats

3 Five Clues to Your Dog's Itchy Skin and Stomach Issues

Pomeranian Pup and His Energetic Pep Talk

Weekly Pet Quiz: Cat Petting, Oral Disease and Allergies

4 This Popular Pet Toy Can Lead to Behavior Disorders

Dog Gently Greets Horse With His Version of a Hug

Camera Traps Capture Where the Wild Things Are

5 Reducing Surgical Infections — What You Need to Know

Raccoon Orphans Learn the Ropes!

6 Even Big Dogs Get Cold — Who Needs a Winter Coat?

Is the Cat Judging the Puppy in the Mirror?

Should Cows Be Fed Clay?

7 How Dogs Breathe and Detect Scents at the Same Time

Kitten Siblings: 'Happy Little Wobblers'

8 Why Processed Pet Food Can't Truly Be 'Clean'

Dog Loves Splashing to Get the Fish in His Dish!

9 The Parasitic Infection Hiding in Soft Stools

Opossum Siblings Are Rescued Together

10 8 Reasons Why Your Dog Suddenly Doesn't Want to Eat

80-Pound Dog Is a Big Baby

Weekly Pet Quiz: Pet Toys, Post-Operation and Dog Coats

11 10 Things You Might Do That Stress Your Cat Out

Cat and Cockatoo Exchange Some 'Love'

Human Heart Surgery Saves Dog’s Life

12 When Straining to Urinate Becomes a Medical Emergency

Sad Pup Is Now a 60-Pound Lap Dog

13 New 4-Legged Hope for Veterans With PTSD

Dog Tries in Vain to Impress the Cat

Dinosaur Horns May Have Been Lopsided

14 10 Telltale Signs of a Happy Dog, but This One Can Be Tricky

Orphaned Chimp Babies Learn Climbing Skills

15 How Using 'Green' Cleaners Might Create a Toxic Storm

Woman Never Stops Checking on Chained Dog

16 Should You Say 'Yes' to Steroid Therapy for Your Pet?

Insider View of an Owl's Nest

17 At Least 300 Dogs Harmed by Vitamins in Hill's Canned Food

Rescued Kitten Becomes the 'Baby'

Weekly Pet Quiz: Giardiasis, No Appetite and Safe Cleaners

18 When the Tiger Comes Out — How to Manage an Aggressive Cat

Dog Shows He Can Open Doors

What to Know About Amphibians, Reptiles and Salmonella

19 From Day One, Five Steps to Prevent Arthritis

Smallest Rhino Near Extinction

20 A Novel Way for Dogs to 'Speak' to Their Humans

Husky Wants to Sleep; German Shepherd Wants to Play

Sheep and Dog Bones Help Repair Fractured Bird Wings

21 A 6-Point Checklist for Socializing Your Puppy

Man Rescues Dog Chained in a Hut

22 A Nutritional Powerhouse for Humans, Green Tea for Your Pet?

Determination Reunites Dog With Her Puppies

23 No Pain, No Force, No Fear: An Interview With Niki Tudge

Koalas Saved From Devastating Fires

24 5 Good Reasons Why Your Dog Needs to Chew

This Dog Hogs the TV Remote

Weekly Pet Quiz: Toxic Food, Aggressive Cat and Arthritis

25 A Common Cause of Euthanasia of Cats — How to Help Yours

Oldest Known Bird Feeds Her 37th Chick

Cat Declawing Policy Revised to Discourage Its Routine Use

26 11 Ways to Help Soothe Your Noise-Phobic Dog

Inseparable Foster Dogs Find a Home Together

27 Why 80% of These Horses May Have Asthma

Sick Stray Cat Becomes Princess of the House

Despite Domestication, Dogs and Wolves Excel at Cooperation

28 One Fascinating Way Dogs Think Like Humans

Husky's First 'Call of the Wild' Is an Adorable Success!

29 Mixing Canned Food With Kibble? Here's Why It's Not Ideal

Marine Iguanas of the Galapagos Are Like Mini Dinosaurs